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Potential Bad Boy feat MC Det – Rollin’

If you read this blog, chances are you’re at least somewhat amenable to 94/95 choppy ragga jungle tracks… in which case, you’ll probably be happy with today’s post. It’s a one-off release by Potential Badboy on his own label Jekyll & Hyde , which he relaunched more recently as a Ganja Records sublabel. Vocals in this tune are handled by MC Det (of “Out of Det” fame), though there’s also some samples from the movie ‘high plains drifter” sampled throughout – a vocal snippet early on and some gunshots and horse sounds which I assume are from the same movie. There’s also a quality secondary layered break in this track – no idea what it’s from, if anybody knows please leave a comment below.

Potential Bad Boy With MC Det – Rollin

5 Replies to “Potential Bad Boy feat MC Det – Rollin’”

  1. Hell yes. I remember this. I think the tune is actually called “Whats your name?” and it was on that Moonshine law of the jungle compilation.

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  3. The Western samples are from that movie, no doubt, but I strongly suspect they were actually pulled from Depth Charge – Bounty Killer rather than directly from the film.

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