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8 Replies to “Bizzy B & Mr Woosh on TV in Toronto, 1996”

  1. city tv used to be so cool, especially its music station much. lots of great rave djs got booked on their electric circus dance music show. but it went through changes in management and is the worst shit now. watered down canadian versions of mtv reality shows, etc etc etc. the announcers used to make jokes about klingons before the commercial breaks when star trek was on.. now its just aggressive promos. so sad.

  2. hey petey do u know of any bizzy b interviews? iv had a little scan and cant find any surely there must be one or two floating about out there?

  3. yeah that’s the only one I know of… thought of asking him for an interview at some point but he’s so present on the net I figure it’s easy enough for people to get whatever questions they have answered… got 2 good interviews coming up though, one in a few weeks one in ?? (writing the questions tonight)

  4. Haha – Canadian version of Dance Energy (UK, BBC 2 1990-92), except the Canadian presenter is a lot fitter than Normski 🙂

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