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Under D-Influence – Brand New 49T2

Look here, another great early single by DJ Spice…. the original from Soapbar, not the dnb one on Fokuz. DJ Spice is not credited on the EP, but his Soapbar release shared a title with the artist name on this (Under D-Influence). Hardcore Vinyl has a pretty excellent track record, and this EP does not dissapoint – two tracks, the one featured here plus a ragga hardcore tune on the other side. Both tunes are solid, and it was hard to pick one to upload since they’re both good… this one wins for me in the end due to the massive vocal breakdown. A fair number of parts, nothing too mental sounding but well written and executed 92 hardcore for you to dl and hopefully track down on wax!

Under D Influence – Brand New 49T2.mp3

2 Replies to “Under D-Influence – Brand New 49T2”

  1. no problem, I’ll try to record one soon with all the stuff i’ve had in the 2 crates nearest my decks for the past month or two. Sort of a preview of stuff I’m most likely to rip over the new month or two.

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