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Nasty Habits – Street Knowledge

I just posted my rip of this up for someone, and was reminded how much I like this tune… a 91 track that actually sounds the part. Slow-and-steady beats without tons of edits, 4/4 hardcore backing kicks, mainly just a nice pad and apocalyptic buzzy rave synth dominating the track… oh yeah, and that NWA sample!
Doc Scott is unquestionably one of the masters of dnb when it comes to deeper vibey stuff. He’s one of my favorite current DNB DJs, despite the fact that the style he plays isn’t what I normally listen to in dnb (he seems to steer clear of the crazier left field edity stuff in favor of more deep rollers). It’s pretty much the definition of a good DJ when they can get you to enjoy a bunch of tunes which you probably wouldn’t bother listening to on their own.

Back to “Street Knowledge” though…. this track was originally released on Scott’s own NHS label, then re-released in updated form (faster and with crazier beats) on the ENFORCERS 5 comp EP on Reinforced… that version is great too and absolutely worth tracking down!

Nasty Habits – Street Knowledge

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  1. doc scott is an awesome dj. magda and i were lucky enough to catch him play a set of old hiphop and 80s was really amazing.

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