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Youtube videos vs Downloads vs Both?

I’ve noticed that a number of other oldskool related blogs have popped up since this one started and most of them embed youtube videos in lieu of posting actual downloadable mp3s.
I’ve posted links to youtube tracks on rare occasions in the past, but am wondering if I should be doing that more often. Either in addition to, or instead of full mp3 posts….what do you all think?

The way I see it, here are the pros + cons of youtube posting:

  • Way faster and easier to post… I could be posting several tracks a day instead of taking time to rip every single track from vinyl.
  • Wouldn’t be constrained by the records I actually own (this hasn’t been a problem so far, but eventually may be… only so many records in my collection)
  • Legal fears assuaged a bit … i try to keep a certain level of obscurity in the releases I choose to post so that nothing will be for sale digitally, but you never know who might pop up annoyed…
  • Easier for other people to contribute / guest posts.
  • Makes it tougher for people to spin out or use the content posted for self-promotional purposes… obviously I’m happy when people download and enjoy the tracks here, but the notion of giving away tracks which people could put in a mix or spin at a club is a bit of a mixed blessing in my eyes since I’m such a vinyl purist when it comes to oldskool. Not saying everyone has to care about that, but I do and I’m the one posting all this content 🙂 Youtube posts sidestep this issue altogether and let me live in my weird hypocritical state of being a vinyl nerd who shares mp3s but secretly hopes people will still track down the records like he does.
  • Might prompt me to share some top top secret favorites (I already post lots of favorites but, you know.. my “secret stash”) if I knew I wasn’t giving away a high quality spinnable rip every time.


  • People seem to like the download option.
  • Less Committal… anyone can get into a “youtube hole” sitting there digging through tons of obscure tracks without actually owning a single oldskool record, without having ever dug for tunes in a grimey uk record store basement, without having even gone to a real rave.
  • Youtube hosting the videos – youtube cancels accounts all the time, people close their own accounts all the time, and when that happens all videos uploaded by that user get removed. So I could end up with pages full of dead links, articles with no music. Right now I host everything myself, rip everything straight from vinyl so short of a global website takedown notice this content isn’t gong anywhere.
  • Quality on youtube can sometimes be crap. This is better now with higher quality video modes + I think they got rid of the forced audio normalization, but still..
  • Linking to other people’s content – when people host tunes, they can choose to disable embedding, or change it at any time.
  • Having to rip the tunes gets me more “in touch” with my collection and makes me dig for b sides of records I already have, instead of just grabbing endless new obscure record a-sides on youtube.

So I guess the options are:

  1. Keep it the way it is now – almost always just mp3s
  2. Keep posting mp3s but also post youtube clips every day or so… put a different tag or category on them so people can choose what content they want
  3. Switch primarily to youtube posts
  4. Keep only mp3s on this site, create a twitter account to post youtube links regularly

IF you care about this at all, leave a comment below with your vote 1-4 and a quick explanation if anything you say isn’t captured above.

52 Replies to “Youtube videos vs Downloads vs Both?”

  1. First of, really thankful for the good work you´re doing- great site, loads of unknown choonage and special dedication for those who know…
    …and it goes also for the dloads. As a confessed mp3-head, i started way back before YT ever existed (back then 32 kbps ruled, but it was all about the love of choones i could never get in my homeland), and yet still no compressed file ever beats the real thing, be it CD, cassete or our beloved DUBPLATE!!! Mp3 is good till you come across the original and as a backup, so i think thats an atenuant circumstance…other than that, well, everyone is judged according to his/her intention.
    I find it honorable that you post mp3s, please don´t stop…as for YT, everybody knows how to get there, so i really think you should stick to your posts without redirecting, thats what makes this site different from the others.
    PEACE & LOVE!!

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