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Easygroove @ Fantazia, New Year’s Eve 92-93

This mix is one of my top 3 or 4 favorite oldschool mixes ever. Technique-wise it’s far from perfect, but the track listing is absolutely insane… so many top notch lesser known or rarely played tracks! I got it a long time ago, was into it for a while, then completely forgot about it… years later I rediscovered it and found that practically the first half of the mix I had since bought, having no idea I probably first heard those tracks in the mix (I didn’t have a track listing for it at first).

Easygroove – Fantazia New Year’s Eve 1992-93

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  1. yeah man totally agree, one of my fav mixes ever. Was at this event too, my first big rave age 16.

  2. fair play for doing the tracklisting – I’d always wondered what half of them tunes were! Totally agree with your comments – this is still one of my top rave mixes, although I had to convert it to CD before the tape wore out

  3. Glad other people are into this one, to be honest I’ve heard more praise for his summer 92 mix (the one with kaotic chemistry takes you into fire’s burning), which is a great mix too. but the tracks in here are exactly my style – a little strange and grimey, pitched way up. I think I’ll post one or two of these tunes up tomorow…

  4. is that definatly Demo & Poet – Welcome to My Nightmare after the DJ Crystl – Drop XTC trak? its a flippin killer tune!

  5. confirmed the demo & poet from goodol youtube

    did anyone ever find out the trak after Sly T & Ollie J ??

  6. it’s Bay B Kane – “Mystro “track B1, it’s also mixed in 10 mins into side A.

  7. awsome , 1 of the 1st raves i heard ,, the end of side 2 is awsome ,last 2 tracks and at 30 mins is awsome .good work

  8. Many many thanks for coming up with the track list and well done. I own the tape of this too and it’s bugged me for the past 17 years what my favourite track on it was called -Sly T & Ollie J – Help Me, which still has a good old blast out annoying the neighbours every now and then,lol.

    Thers a fair few others I love too especially F Project 13 – The Storm and Audio Illusion – Submission, so it’s been great to finally add them to my youtube fav’s aswell.

    You have made me very happy!

  9. i was there bloody cold until i danced my greens all the way there on the m4 from reading b4 we realised my mates car had no breaks.then the peace of shit died in the carpark in the morning and we all got a lift back 2q reaDING IN THE MORNING BY A TOTAL nut job.i want a time machine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. My mate was the one at the top of the speakers when the music stopped because we were all dancing on the speakers, and everyone was telling him to get of but he was to fucked realise what was going on

  11. Haha, cool you know that guy who was getting yelled at!! Think there’s a few favorite mixtapes of mine where the MC is constantly shouting for people to get off the speakers.

  12. Ahh this mixtape was one of my first tapes I’d actually bought and not got passed around school, was only 12 years old at the time! Legendary set by Easygroove, like most of his sets they just keep building up and up until you’re stomping silly, his other legendary set is from Dreamscape VII although that set’s a lot more harder on the techno side. I have the majority of the old tapes from this Fantazia but still on the lookout for more of them, looked like a wicked event from the Fantazia Vid’s. (DJ Seduction & Ellis Dee’s sets are the ones with all the shouting from memory!)

  13. Track number 8 on the listing Goldseal Records #004 sounds like Alex Lee – Take it… but on Speed. Its a wicked track just wondered if it readily available to buy. Any ideas???
    By the way what a superb set this is I still love it to this day, despite the rough arse mixing at times, but to be honest those tracks sound like a nightmare to put together. Easygroove just must have been in a zone and banged them all together for our enjoyment!

  14. One of the best sets ever this in my opinion….. here’s a tracklist if it helps anyone.

    Freestyle & DJR – Madness [Awesome]
    DJ Crystl – Drop XTC [Lucky Spin]
    Demo & Poet – Welcome to My Nightmare [Boom Toon]
    Oz Beat – Untitled (A) [F-Project]
    Bay B Kane – Mystro EP (B1) [Jack In The Box]
    DJ Nasty V & DJ Ezee D – Chill and Destroy [Big Giant Music]
    NRG – I Need Your Lovin’ [Chill]
    Goldseal Tribe – Goldrush 160 [Goldseal]
    Tight Control – Hardcore Piano [Bear Necessities]
    Brainstorm Crew – Reach Up [F-Project]
    Nicky Mac – Feel My Love [Fantazia]
    Ellis Dee Project – Dance Factor [Ellis Dee Project]
    Audio Illusion – Submission [Boogie Beat]
    Sly T & Ollie J – Help Me [Black Market International]
    Bay B Kane – Mystro EP (B1) [Jack In The Box]
    Tight Control – Reggae Reggae Reggae [Bear Necessities]
    DJ Holligan – B.O.T.T.R.O.P [React]
    Force Mass Motion – Sub Sonix [Rabbit City]
    Skyflyer – Flying Deeper [Sapho]
    Members Of Overdrive – Acid Heartcore [Overdrive]
    Easygroove – Wicked One’s [3-Way Split]
    Noise Factory – Futuroid [3rd Party]

  15. One of dennis’s greatest sets he was by far the greatest rave dj the man was everywhere.

  16. I was on the speakers with a guy called Hayden and some random from brim,,a bouncer through us off… Fuckin mint mate…. Hardcore will never die!

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