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Goldseal Tribe – Goldrush 160

Here’s another track from The Easygroove NYE 92-93 Fantazia Set… Realistically I’m not sure if I’d like this track very much were it not for listening to that mix over and over. But, I did, and so it’s definitely grown on me (even though I still expect to hear parts of “hardcore piano” kicking in when listening to it). The best portion of the track has got to be the two sections sampling the line “So I’m taking your heart under arrest”, from the “Love’s Gonna Get You” acapella by Jocelyn Brown. This acapella is one of the most instantly-identifiable acapellas out there, due to the line “I got the power!” which was used by Chill Rob G and Snap!. It was also used in a few hardcore tunes like Twin Bass “Atmosfear”.

Goldseal Tribe – Goldrush 160

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  1. Oh yes, had this on a totally mental mixtape done by some local DJ back in 93. Awesome tune, lovely those little crazy stabs!!! They *really* don’t make them like this any more…

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