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v/a “Malcolm X” EP

I haven’t posted any random US stuff in a while, so here’s a Belgian single with some US oldskool tracks on it. The first side is taken up by several mixes of the track “the truth”, which is OK but nothing mindblowing. If I remember it right, it has a bunch of Malcolm X samples, which explains the title of this comp record. The B side is a bit better/more varied in my opinion. It starts with Xpando’s “Technorasta”, a tune which may be familiar to US blog readers from the old Ravin’ USA comp on Moonshine. This was the comp which preceded the “Speed Limit 140bpm” series – it might not have had as insane of a tracklisting as those comps, but it still had a couple of great tunes on it (“Never Lost his Hardcore”,”Never Felt This Way”, etc). The vocals in this track are so craptacular they will absolutely worm their way into your head no matter how dumb you think they are. Sorry, but that’s just the way it is. 🙁

In addition to “Techno rasta”, there’s two other tracks on the B side. the second tune (also posted here) is “Fuel – Ride”b -a solid hoovery number. No idea who did this, though it’s interesting to note that there’s a house single with the same name from a couple years after this release, but it seems unlikely that the two releases are connected.

Xpando – Techno Rasta

Ride – Fuel

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