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Unknown Artist (Zulu Records) – Hold Me

To contrast the essential but very early track I posted by Leo Anibaldi yesterday, here’s a slick 94 jungle tune on a not-so-well known label. After years of digging for tunes, I’ve definitely grown to like labels like Zulu Records – labels that got in and got out with just a handful of releases to their name. Not just a single one-off, but also not 20+ releases where half of them are disposable.

On to the track itself: it features vocals as used in Cloud 9 “hold me in your arms” (though a smaller vocal sample than in that tune, where the 2nd vocal line resolves the melody of the first), and the Chuck’s Beats amen which is aka the Bizzy B amen, the Demons Theme Amen, or whatever else you want to call that wicked combo of “amen brother” and isaac hayes – “breakthrough” breakbeats. The main music is just 808 State “Pacific State” pitched way up… simple but effective.
If anyone happens to know who this tune is by, please leave a comment here.

Unknown Artist (Zulu Records 1) – Hold Me

8 Replies to “Unknown Artist (Zulu Records) – Hold Me”

  1. played this on the first smoothie show..wicked tune..

    it sounds like it could be those Mind Therapy E3 guys.



  2. no one?

    also, how can this be latest choppage?? cmon son leave that breakbeat hardcore in the bins and rip some chops for the cats!!! <3

    peas n mash ma brethren

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