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DJ Skie – Whistlin’ In the Jungle

My DJ set on Thursday was tons of fun. Elements has been the main DNB night in Boston for years now, and the only one running consistently for 11 years (I’ve been going there off and on since the beginning). I got to play an hour of 92-93 and then drop some crazy 94-95 stuff later, got a bit too drunk but that made it even more fun! Pioneer mixers are still a mystery to me (at least when clubs have them with the master volume is at like “1” so you can’t effectively toggle back and fourth between cue and pgm signal in headphones without risking blasting your ears), but that’s because I almost never spin out except at a club which happens to have a RANE TTM like mine.

Anyway, back with a killer track which I had pulled but didn’t manage to play that night… DJ Skie “Whistlin’ In the Jungle”. I’ve already posted a couple of tracks on Goldseal, really solid hardcore/jungle label. This track uses the Runs House break and vocals from the Captain Rapp – “Bad Times (I can’t stand it)” acapella and Peter Gabriel “Games Without Frontiers”. It’s a shame Goldseal didn’t continue to release stuff through 95 as their sound would have been perfect for it, unfortunately (according to a comment on discogs) DJ Skie of Goldseal Tribe passed away. I know there’s another “DJ Skie” still around playing oldskool but I don’t think it’s the same person.

DJ Skie – Whistlin in the Jungle

3 Replies to “DJ Skie – Whistlin’ In the Jungle”

  1. Big tune ! haven’t heard this one before but love it. your knowledge of oldskool hardcore / jungle is frankly quite awe inspiring 🙂

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