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Hope & Dave – Rushing (aka Masquerade “Rushin”)

Here’s a tune that’s pretty much the opposite of what I posted on Wednesday, and not my typical favorite type of tune. However, this track has wormed itself into my head and just won’t leave! It’s a straightforward housey hardcore track from late 91/early 92, male vocals and all.. nothing crazy going on but solid music, big bass, and there’s been at least few times this week where the “Rushinnnnnn!!!!” or “the music changed” lines have popped into my head.

I’m not sure about the artist behind this – Discogs says “Masquerade”, and backs it up with a separate EP with a similarly named track (indicating this might be a 92 remix of the original on that EP).. I can’t find sound for that EP to verify that, just nabbed a copy for a few euros on discogs though so I’ll find out in a week or two. My copy of the EP has a sticker on it which says “hope & dave – rushing (HD001)”. It looks like a pretty old sticker, so it could be the actual record info from BITD…. OR it could be a sticker put on by a previous record shop based on them guessing what record it is. Either way, it’s a great catchy & obscure hardcore tune.

Hope & Dave – Rushing

3 Replies to “Hope & Dave – Rushing (aka Masquerade “Rushin”)”

  1. the vocals from this are from the Masqurade Elevation EP.

    Where is my love that I can’t find in my room,
    & where is my love that I can’t find nowhere,
    You say you just dont care & so I grow my hair,
    now i’m wearing freaky clothes & everybody stares,
    But I didnt change oh no the music change me,
    now I keep on rushin’ yeah yeah
    now I keep on rushin’ yeah yeah
    now I keep on rushin’ yeah yeah

  2. cool, thanks for the info… still waiting for my Masquerade “Elation EP” to show up, heard good things about it though.

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