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Sonz of a Loop Da Loop Era – Far Out (Mike Wertheim’s “Even Further Out” remix)

Here’s a remix that I remember was discussed a lot on B2VOS years back, it was some white label remix of Sonz of a Loop Da Loop Era’s “Far Out” which mashed up the original with Zero B’s “lock up”. As it turns out, the original source of this tune is one of those US re-edit comps which were released in the early 90’s. I’ve posted a few of these type of edits before, [here] and [here] While most of these compilations are a bit of a crapshoot given the variety of the tunes, this “Twitch Volume 6” is quality – tons of classics ever-so-slightly revamped, including “Flatliners”, “Fires Burning” “Nightmare Walking”, etc. Re-edits like this might not be so interesting to newer fans, but for people who have listened to these tunes hundreds and hundreds of times, they sometimes can breathe new life into well-worn tracks.

Sonz of a Loop DA Loop Era – Far Out (Mike Wertheim’s Even Further Out remix)

Also, if I haven’t mentioned it recently, GO BUY SOME SUBURBAN BASE MP3s or original vinyl… Because their releases were pressed in huge quanities, most of their EPs can be found for bare cheap these days barring a few classics (which have cheap vinyl represses available anyway).

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  1. I was Mike’s roommate when he was working on this edition of Twitch. I’ve forwarded him this post, maybe he’ll comment. All done on a Mac II in Sound Designer, which was a very simple two-track editing program that came with the Digidesign Sound Tools (precursor to ProTools) system. If he wanted to mix two pieces of music together he’d work it all out on paper with a calculator in order to get the time stretch just right then wait for a few minutes while the system created the mixed piece of audio.

    As far as I’m aware, the white label was done without Mike’s knowledge or consent.

    Good times!

  2. Cool, thanks for the heads up and info on this tune. If Mike sees this and is down to comment on this track or any other edits he did / the whole “us promo-only release” phenomenon (Twitch/Metropolis/Razormaid/etc), I’d definitely like to know more about these records. I wonder if any of the original remixed acts got copies of these EPs, or if he / the other remixes ever ended up in contact with the orignal artists. Also if any of these edit records ever made it to the UK, even though they were clearly meant as domestic edits.

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