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Hyper-On Experience – “Consciousness” (unreleased)

Someone was asking about this never-released Hyper-On / Bukem collab tune, so I decided to rip it today from the one set I believe it was featured in – an LTJ Bukem Yaman mix from 94 or so. Props to Hardscore for hosting the original mix. I’m pretty sure Bukem plays almost the entire track in this mix, all 8 minutes of it or so. Despite being a huge Hyper-On fan, I’m not as into this track as their earlier stuff. It’s a good tune and very “of the time” (that 94-96 Good Looking sound) but not as manic as their earlier releases. Still, it’s nice to hear some Hyper-on drum work alongside Good Looking melodies. I asked Bukem about this track a couple of years ago and he said it would eventually be released on another one of those “producers” comps of his old tunes, so maybe it will eventually come out… at the rate Good Looking releases new stuff, you can expect to see it hit stores right around the time the sun burns out 🙁
Hyper-On Experience & LTJ Bukem – Consciousness (set rip)

6 Replies to “Hyper-On Experience – “Consciousness” (unreleased)”

  1. Nice one, I’ve definitely heard this tune on other LTJ sets. Think maybe on a Dance Planet tape pack. Quality tune though. Thanks for the audio :O)

  2. I always wondered what this one was, makes sense as it has that Hyper On Experience sound to it. Shame it never came out. Lots of wicked material back in 93/94 didn’t get released for whatever reason(s).

  3. I really liked this tune for years, the Yaman tape is quite legendary as from what I believe most people pressed this to dub from the tape rip – dedication!!! It should have come out although I agree it’s not nearly got enough of Hyper’s influence in it, and if they weren’t credited for it I’d never have known. Big tune though, it’ll probably never get released so someone should do the honourable thing and make a revamped version. Needs to be in the collection!

  4. I remember where I heard this now, it was on a tape of Fabio at Amnesia House, New Years Eve 1993(into 94). Then I never heard it again until now. Never realised that Bukem was involved in it.

  5. Not sure were the samples from but Sequel – Upsolid, uses parts from this. You can find that on Truby trios Dj Kicks mix album

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