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Zero B – Lock Up (DJ Crystl Counterforce remix)

Here’s a somewhat unexpected track… I originally got this as part of “The Ultimate Jungle Collection” comp LP, one of those “80 tracks per side” jungle comps from back when jungle was really kicking off and thus every evil shifty compilation company wanted a piece of the action…. Despite this, this comp in particular ended up with a pretty wicked lineup, with any number of sick tunes taken from a real variety of labels (from big labels like Moving Shadow and Sub Base, to obscurities like “Da Maytrix – Loverman” . However, the track that caught my attention most was a remix by DJ Crystl of the huge rave classic Zero B – Lock Up, which has been sampled and remixed countless times.

This remix was never released on a real record by DJ Crystl, instead it was previously exclusive to a compilation called “Counterforce: a collection of deep beats”. Thankfully, this compilation isn’t one of those “8000 tracks a side” comps, and instead features both a 100% great lineup of tracks (culled from Lucky Spin, Whitehouse and the like) with only 1-2 tracks per side on the vinyl – meaning that you can mix tunes on this comp without breaking the gain knob off on your mixer trying to get it to “14”. The Crystl track posted here is actually given a complete side of the record, so it’s just as good as if it had come out on one of those Lucky Spin whitelabels.

As for the remix itself, it’s a suprisingly restrained reworking of the track, which doesn’t even utilize the main “hands in the air” part which is most frequently sampled. This makes sense given the producer… Crystl was never one for hands-in-the-air super melodic stuff.

Zero B – Lock Up (Dj Crystl Counterforce Remix)
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Also, here’s two other favorite tunes which sample “Lock Up”:
JDS – Classified is a choice mashup of the melody from “Lock Up” with vocals from Baby D (the ones which were also used in Manix “Head in the Clouds”). I’ve never managed to nab this as it’s always a bit out of my price range, hoping to grab a copy sometime though.

Next, one of my favorite oldskool tracks:Release’s “Inner Dream”, which was reissued a few years ago by 92Retro records and needs to be owned by any serious oldskool heads:

To nab a copy of this one, head over to Sublogic Records

11 Replies to “Zero B – Lock Up (DJ Crystl Counterforce remix)”

  1. looking for an early 90’s track, had the lyrics,come back from the grave, thats the one selecta, this one out is the boss.

    any help please


  2. Absolute wicked, thanks for the Crystl tune it is much appreciated. Been trying to get a copy of that vinyl but I just cant pay those prices!
    I might re-blog this on if thats ok?

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