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GBH – Reach The Sky

Here’s a single I bought years ago and forgot about until recently. In all that time, I don’t think I’ve ever really listened to the B side. Instead I stuck to the (admittedly strong) A side tune “Back to the Grave”, which combines an MC Duke vocal line, an assortment of heavy breakbeats (including the “give it up + turn it loose” and the “apache”), and a nice skank part.
Recently, someone suggested I check out the B side, and they were right – it’s an equally good tune. which starts full-force and doesn’t let up until the end of hte track. Sample-wise, “Reach the Sky” features the Tongue N Cheek “Nobody” acapella as used in Acen Trip 2 the Moon (“take me higher”), plus the oft-used (in tracks by DJ Junk, Search + Destroy and many others) “we’ll keep climbing, till we reach the sky!” acapella line. There’s also a bit that sounds like more MC Duke in there as well.

As for who did this EP, I’ve got no idea – discogs claims it was released on a Boogie Times sublabel, and DJ Odi confirmed that he has a very similar looking sublabel release on Boogie Times, so it may indeed be from them. That still leaves the question open which artist produced the track though.

GBH – Reach the Sky

2 Replies to “GBH – Reach The Sky”

  1. while the music is of a very different nature, i though you might appreciate this old skool vinyl rip blog. it’s far less educational than blog to the old skool, but i did find a sweet rip of strafe’s “set it off” plus the instrumental on there…

  2. This track is super brilliant. Many thanks for posting this and for your blog in general! Looking forward to some updates!

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