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Doctor In the Tardis

Here’s a few Doctor Who related tunes. First up is a track by Kay 9 aka Blame of “Music Takes You” fame. While most early Blame tracks were anthemy melodic endeavors, Kay 9 was sort of Blame’s more raw jungle/hardcore alias. Aside from the Doctor Who theme, “Who’s in the House?” also samples the intro to the Outer Limits, plus the melody from Coldcut “Doctor In the House”.

Kay 9 – Who’s In The House?

This second track is a 786/Deja Vu Records take on the same theme song. Not much to say about it, I was a bit let down that it doesn’t have much of that 786/Deja Vu grit to it, but it’s still a decent tune.

Boomtown – Doctor

Not oldskool hardcore/jungle, but here’s two other Dr. Who related tracks which popped in my mind. First, this KLF-related track which I’ll admit I’m not much of a fan of:

Second, Abelcain aka Davros’s concept album about Doctor Who’s “Key to Time” series of episodes.

Davros – The Ribos Operation
This breakcore album is almost “oldschool” by now since it was released in 2001 but some of the songs were written quite a while before that if I remember right (probably the late 90’s). Either way, this is great stuff and the (unfortunately CD-only) album is limited to 100 copies.

6 Replies to “Doctor In the Tardis”

  1. Great kay 9 track but i still prefer the flip side 🙂

    I think you might have used the wrong trackname though, i have an unstamped promo of this so its hard to tell the names of each track, but the lyrics on the flip side say “music in my mind” and the side you uploaded have lyrics saying “doctor in the house”.

  2. ah, that totally makes sense, my copy is the stamped promo so I think I was just going off of which side had the kay 9 stamp, you’re right though this is probably “who’s in the house”.

  3. my favorite has always been when orbital plays it live.

    this one’s ok, but iIve always like the circa 99 version better, the one that starts with “what are all these knobs” usually together with chime.. more barren, crowd goes madder, can’t find the bleedin thing on youtube though.

  4. Do any of the big online libraries stock any of this stuff!?
    I remember hearing that second track on kiss fm back in the day…the house that Jack built I think the show was? Brilliant stuff.

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