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Corky & Yaka – Subaqua

This is probably the only track in my whole collection I actually listen to pitched DOWN instead of UP (not counting records I pitch down -8 because I’m playing them on 45 instead of 33). It’s on another solid EP that goes for practically nothing, which mostly features 92 choppy amen tracks. However, this track is a kind of interesting half steppy tune with some nice synthetic drum hits. Pitched down -8% here

Corky & Yaka – Subaqua

4 Replies to “Corky & Yaka – Subaqua”

  1. Actually done back end off the late 80’s beginnjng of 1990 but not fully formatted and produced till early 1992. Had a lot of influences to be fair but at the time I think we could all honestly say we all used bits of each other.

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