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Blog to the Oldskool Radio March 10th, 2013

Here’s a re-recorded version of last Sunday’s Blog to the Oldskool Radio show on It was originally 2 hours long, but due to some server issues, the stream cut out a bunch of times. Rather than trying to stitch together a bunch of partial sets including random spinbacks / track startovers, I decided to take the records I had left over from the stream and rerecord a set with them. I ended up leaving out a few tracks I had originally played (mostly jungle stuff that didn’t really fit, plus that weird Icons “stop-go-celebrate” track below), but the best tunes are still there in basically the same order.
Overall I’m happy with this mix – 35 tracks / 73 minutes, continuing with the lots of house, electro (and even early hardcore) at 45 alongside a decently varied selection of 93-94 tunes… mostly centered around a Basement Records kind of sound, without having many obvious tunes from that label and with some definite diversions.

?? - ??
Delusions of Grandeur - Touch Me in the Night (@45)
Static Substance - Ghetto People (Remix)
Orca - Back to the Jungle
Musto + Bones - Dangerous on the Dancefloor (@45)
Ramos & Supreme - The Journey Pt 1
Awesome 3 - Possessed (Pin Down) (@45)
Foul Play - Open Your Mind
DJ Phantasy - Yeah, Roll Da Beats
EZE OZO - How to Stay Alive (@45)
Jack N’ Phil - Don’t Beg For Love
Eddie - Intelligent Drummer (Steve Gurley Remix)
Micky Finn - Reality
KCC - Future III (@45)
Safari Sounds - The Change
Aux 88 - Exile (@45)
Jumpin Jack Frost - Osmosis
FX - Twilight (Part 1)
Smooth But Hazardous - Help Me
Corky & Yaka - Living Love
Urban Shakedown - Take Me Up (A-Zone Remix)
The Frank Denato EP - … Why? (@45)
Van Cleef - Life Began Changing
?? - ??
Parallel World - Tear Into I
Aeon Flux - Reality
Love Dove Jay - Nitro
?? - ??
?? - ?? (@45)
Doughboy SLB + Flatliner - Visions of Darkness
Hedgehog Affair 5 - The Pipe
Ionosphere - Hypertension EP
The Brother’s Grimm - Sign of the Times
Edge of Darkness - Fantastic Voyage
FX - Terrible Things (@33)

Dev/Null – Blog to the Oldskool Radio March 10th, 2013 Download: [128kbps] [320kbps]

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