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Mysteron (The Invisible Man) – You Don’t Know

Here’s a great deep number by Graham Mew aka The Invisible Man aka Mysteron. Aside from producing some of the most memorable jungle tunes ever (“The Bell tune”, “The Beginning”, “The End”, etc), he also engineered tracks for Legend Records for quite a while, including a track called “Champion Sound” that some of you have probably heard of.
“You Don’t Know” is featured on multiple jungle CD comps, and in my opinion is perfect early intelligent jungle. It balances melodic atmospheric elements and female vocals with some eerie bell sounds, resulting in a track that even a most ardent “dolphin jungle”-hater would have difficulty finding issue with. As a test of this, I played the tune for a friend who is decidedly NOT a fan of even early Good Looking stuff (which I love), and he thought this track was great.

Recently, Sublogic has unearthed several of Graham’s unreleased gems and has been releasing them alongside represses of some of his rarest and best tracks – these can be bought direct from The Sublogic Records site here. Mega-props to Will Sublogic for doing such a great job on these represses, not to mention Graham for actually keeping track of the dats and doing a bang-up job remastering the tunes.

The Invisible Man – You Don’t Know

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  1. This track is so amazing. I remember first hearing it dropped by Top Buzz in an old Phoenix Studio Line mixtape from 1994. Definitely a timeless track! Thanks for bringing back the memories and giving me the opportunity to hear this in its full length. Cheers! 🙂

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