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Mixrace & Proton Iso-Space – Kings

Here’s an underrated EP written some of my all-time favorite jungle producers: Mixrace (Dev Paradox & DJ Trax) and Hyper-on Experience . With that kind of talent you can guess the quality of the beats, and this single doesn’t dissapoint. This track is a bit more recent (96), so the music is a bit more stripped down than earlier productions by these acts, but the beats more than make up for it. Mixrace + Proton Iso-space also collaborated on The Endless Skies EP, which I like maybe even more than this EP and may post a track from some time in the future. Also, Dave Trax used to scratch as part of the Hyper-on Experience live PA.

Also, this is another bare cheap EP… I nabbed a second copy for 1 GBP last time I was in the UK.

Mixrace And Proton Iso Space – Kings

6 Replies to “Mixrace & Proton Iso-Space – Kings”

  1. Interesting track… didn’t know about this. Reminds me a bit of the SS I posted a couple of weeks back (only with much better production of course).

  2. could you post clips from “The Endless Skies EP”. I’ve been after a tune Kenny Ken use to cane back in the AWOL days. I’ve been told it may be from this EP.

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