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DJ Massive – Massive Overload (last post for a week)

I’m about to move, won’t have internet for most of the week and might not be set up to rip tracks for a while after that.. In the meantime, here’s an awesome track to tide you over. It’s by one of my favorite prolific-yet-underrated producers, DJ Massive. Slick production (especially for 91), choice vocal snippets and synths, tasty bass, just a solid, well rounded hardcore tune. It was put out on a big label so it’s super cheap and easy to find, everyone should nab this one… enjoy, and see you in a week.

DJ Massive – Massive Overload (55 Massive Mix)

7 Replies to “DJ Massive – Massive Overload (last post for a week)”

  1. ah yeah I know that tune, never gave it much thought but I remember seeing it all over London shops usually for fairly cheap..

  2. Yes mate choice track this one, reminds me of the Eclipse in Coventry. I still play this quite a bit these days on my oldskool radio show.

    Do you have globe and the hardcore massive Gone?

    would love to see that one up here

    good luck with the site move


  3. pete, you moving house? i have just sent you those coin ops will you still get them okay?

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