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Radio Show Archive 31.03.19

Sunday, March 31st we had another edition of the BTTO Radio Show, blessings to everybody who tuned in and participated in chat.

  Tim Reaper had the first hour and played a Ragga Jungle Special to make up for the fact that the 20 minute mix is not being released. My picks from the mix are “Mad Cobra – Tek Him (B Line Remix)” and “Babylon Cru – Press Up (Unreleased Amen Mix)”.

  Pete DevNull had the second hour with a lot of purchases from his UK trip, a few freshers in there as well. My picks from the mix are “Tim Reaper & Devnull – Control” and “Buju Banton – Champion (Hot Off De Press Mix)”.

Tim Reaper 31st March 2019:

Bizzy B – Fool Bwoy
DMS & The Boneman X – Sweet Vibrations
?? – ??
Josey Wales, Beenie Man & Ini Kamoze – Jungle & Western Cowboy Style (New Blood Crew Remix)
Mad Cobra – Tek Him (B Line Remix)
?? – ??
Cutty Ranks – Armed & Dangerous (Beef Base Mix)
Conquering Lion – Code Black (ft. Beenie Man)
DJ Massive – Dancehall Massive (Smokey Joe Remix #2)
Prizna & Demolition Man – Fire (Splash Remix)
The Dubster – Retreat
Brainkillers & Schwarznegger – For Real (Remarc Remix)
Lloydie Crucial – A We Rule (ft. Frankie Paul)
Lickwood Syndicate – Harder They Fall (ft. Asher Senator)
Babylon Cru – Press Up (Unreleased Amen Mix)
?? – ??
Double R – Relieve The Tension (ft. Hyper Man)
Chatter B – In To Sound
Krome & Time – Studio One Lik
Jack Horner – After Midnight
?? – ??
Tenor Senior & Garnett Silk – Flip Flop
Hard Drive – Original Rude Boy Tune
Selectors Roll VIP

Pete DevNull 31st March 2019:

?? – ?? (please id if you know this one!)
Coco Bryce – Knock Out
Vinyl Groove – The Weed
Blast Master – X Rated (Mix 1)
4 The Floor – Vol 1 A
Hannibal Lecter – Darkman
Dwarde – What Must I Do?
Tim Reaper & Devnull – Control
Aphrodite – Sea Mortar
Spirits of an Urban Jungle – Inhabitants of Pandemonium
Buju Banton – Champion (Hot Off De Press Mix)
Hackney Hardcore – Rudie (Champion Mix)
Unknown Artist – ??
?? – ??
2 Sinister- As We Enter
?? – ?? (please ID if you know this one!)
DJ Solo & DJ Rossie – Sureshot
Sel19 – The Chuck
Mind 21 – Mindz (Amen Mix)
Doctor S Gachet – It’s All Gone Sideways
?? – ??
?? – ??
Chris Energy – Music Is….

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