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Radio Show Archive 03.03.19

Sunday, March 3rd we had another edition of the BTTO Radio Show, blessings to everyone who tuned in and participated in chat. This one was special as this was the first show where Tim had his mic settings tweaked just right and was sounding crisp. In addition, this was the first BTTO Show where we heard Pete bring out the pocket operator, so that is a treat and I for one hope he keeps doing it.

  Pete “The Pocket Operator” DevNull was first on the decks with fresh tunes that are out now or soon to be released, so pree any tune you like. My picks from the mix are “FFF – 24 Hour Soundkiller” and “Tim Reaper – Untitled”

  Tim “Shockingly Clear” Reaper had the second hour and as we all know Tim is living the +20 life to the fullest, but this mix has some calmer tunes as well. My picks from the mix are “DJ Seduction – Really Dark (But Not Too Dark Mix)” and “Intelligent Minds – Control”.

Pete DevNull 3rd March 2019:

Nebula – Dance Musik [forthcoming Scientific Wax] DJ Nut Nut – You Can Do It [Deep Jungle/ 8205] International Rude Boyz – Paragone(V.I.P. 1996 Mix) [Formation] Phineus II – Celery Farm [forthcoming GBWLP01] Necrotype – Produce and Control [Forthcoming MUJ] Just Jungle – My Sound [Trouble on Vinyl] Ronan – Wind Power [forthcoming FTP] FFF – 24 Hour Soundkiller [forthcoming] Justice – Edge Of Space [forthcoming MUJ] ??
Simon Bassline Smith – Oh Yeah [forthcoming Deep Jungle] C-Biz – Come On [Junglist Download] Tim Reaper – Untitled [forthcoming] Coco Bryce – Trillion Shekel Man [forthcoming] ?? [forthcoming ??] Bizzy B & D Lux – Take a Deep Breath Remix [Junglist Download] Dub & Wheel – Teachings [Unreleased] DJ Pooch – Come Down [Bandcamp] Coco Bryce -Killing Me [forthcoming Fresh 86] Dwarde – Static [unreleased] Steve Dread – Fling Down the Bass [Junglist Download] ?? – ??
Nebula – Artcore [Forthcoming Scientific Wax] Murlo – Evaporate [Bandcamp] plus pocket operator beats played live underneath in a failed attempt at a “live jungle remix” :/
?? – ?? [Forthcoming 8205]

Tim Reaper 3rd March 2019:

Peshay – Warning
DJ Infinity & The Basics – Return To Paradise
Studio Pressure – First Sequence
After Dark – Reincarnation
DJ Seduction – Really Dark (But Not Too Dark Mix)
Alex Reece & Wax Doctor – You Got Me
Gappa G & Hypa Hypa – Information Centre (DJ Ron Mix)
L Double – The Mad Phunk
Tim Reaper – ??
Sounds Of Life – Hidden Rooms
Family Of Intelligence, Mark X & David Thomas – Lend Me
Bizzy B & Dexterous D – Look Good (Remix)
Unknown Artist – Unknown
Studio II – Who Jah Bless
DJ Rap – Switch
Aladdin – Geni (Lost In Zanzibar)
?? – ??
Coco Bryce – U Can C In There
Circa96 – Cave Dweller (Dwarde Remix)
Chaos & Julia Set – Atmosphere (Sub-Base Field Mix)
Intelligent Minds – Control
Jonny L – Sam

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