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Radio Show Archive 20.01.19

Sunday, 20th January we had another edition of the BTTO Radio Show, blessings to everybody who tuned in and participated in chat. This one was a bit crazy as both Tim and Pete went in super hard. I even managed to get a reload out of Pete, so you know things went off.

  Pete DevNull had the first hour and played like he was possessed. My picks from the set are “Missing – A Stitch in Time” and “Vivid Dreams – Volume One (Horizon Mix)”.

  Tim Reaper had the second hour and went kept the hard and heavy tunes flowing, especially his own tune that blew my headtop clean off. My picks are “Tim Reaper – ??” and “Champa B – Cookin’ Up Ya Brain”.

Pete DevNull 20th Jan 2019:

Lorenzo Senni – Angel
Roni Size – Fashion (Mask Remix)
Coco Bryce – ??
Foul Play – Beats Track
Unknown – Black Cat EP
Sully – X Plus Y (sorry for the clipping/bad sound!)
?? – ??
Vivid Dreams – Volume One (Horizon Mix)
Sonar’s Ghost – Ol Blue Eyes
Missing – A Stitch in Time
Unknown Artist – Untitled (POWPOW4)
Bizzy B & DJ Ruffkut – Mashup
Forme – New Element
Dwarde & Tim Reaper – Globex 008 A1
Klute – Leo 9
?? – ??
Devnull – ??
Nutty Jim & Mad Axe – Circuit 68
Kid Twist – Live & Direct
?? – ??
DJ Y – My Bizz
?? – ??
FFF – ??

Tim Reaper 20th Jan 2019:

Cold Mission – Dreamers
Marvellous Cain – Killer
Tim Reaper – ??
The Source – The Chase
Phineus II – ??
E.P.S. Man – Shockout
The Groove Gangster – Let The Drummer Go
Jim Polo – Champion Sound
Phineus II & Tim Reaper – ??
Heavyweight – Another World
Macka Brown & Robbie Craig – Slow Down (VIP Mix)
Mark Caro – Gang Star
Soundman & Bruckwild – I Will Always Love You
DJ Phantasy – The Nu Groove (DJ Hype Remix)
Champa B – Cookin’ Up Ya Brain
?? – ??
Ravers Choice – Vol. 1B
Coco Bryce – Fools Gold
Kid Lib – Sound Move
Remarc & Lewi Cifer – Da Vibes (Remix)
Rev-P – Rhythm Process
Tim Reaper – ??

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