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Radio Show Archive 17.03.19

Sunday, March 17th we had another edition of the BTTO Radio Show, blessings to everyone who stayed with us on the most tech problem filled 2 hours in the history of BTTO Shows. First half an hour Double O kindly stayed on and played as Tim was having all kinds of trouble with his PC. Then Pete managed to fill an hour with his LA set. Finally at the end of the show we got 20 mins of full fat +40 life from Tim who managed to reinstall Tractor from scratch and mash it down for the people who stayed with us until the end.

  Pete DevNull played his set that was recorded in LA, while being in London and it is a very lovely mix indeed.

  Tim Reapers 20 minute mix will not be uploaded due to Tim vetoing the thing, but he promised to make it up to you very soon, so hold him accountable for that.

Pete DevNull 17th March 2019:

N joi – Drumstruck
EOA – Spiral
Sulfurex – Point Break
Aurora – Firin to the Core
The Advent – Ice Planet
FBD Project – The Core
D Jarvis – Altered States
Devnull – ?? (PO-33 live track)
Undercover Elephant – Realm of the Cougar
Devnull – ?? (PO-33 live track)
Kloke – Artifical Memories
Fugitive – Substance
System Ex – Mindgames (Dub Mix)
?? – ??
Eternal Bass – Militarist
Chuck E – Smoking a Blunt
DJ Nut Nut – You Can Do It
Trigger Happy – 2A
VIP Crew – Special Request
JB & Asend – Let it Go
Sully – X Plus Y
?? – Brandy Jungle
Helen T – Oh La La Jungle
Jon B – Formation Green

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