BTTO Radio Sets for November 13th 2016

November 26th, 2016 by Pete

Here’s the sets from 2 weeks ago… be sure to tune in tomorrow evening for another episode of BTTO Radio!
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CIS Production – Grave Digger

November 17th, 2016 by Pete

Here’s a slept-on 94 track I meant to play for the past two radio shows, but didn’t get around to – might as well post it here!! I’m not sure if it really counts as “darkside” since it’s a bit late for that. Instead, it’s more gloriously gross, moody and odd choppy low-fi jungle. “Grave Digger” is packed to the brim with 8 bit sounding samples (soundtrack pads, movie vocals, dog barks, etc) all mashed together for 6 minutes of nonstop craziness.

I certainly can’t see this tune winning over any novices to the genre, but this is exactly the type of craziness I love finding hidden on the B2 side of some otherwise nondescript bargain bin jungle EP. One for the anoraks and those whose taste runs to the dark and moody side of jungle!!

CIS Production – Grave Digger

Globex + Halloween Darkside Mixes

November 14th, 2016 by Pete

Sorry it took so long to post these, here’s some mixes from the past few weeks from Tim Reaper and me.
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BTTO Radio Tonight

November 13th, 2016 by Pete

BTTO Radio is back tonight… sorry I never got around to posting the last sets here, they’re on soundcloud though. Tonight’s show will be assorted stuff from me and Tim, classic 93-95 styles. 5pm est/10pm uk/11pm CET on

BTTO Halloween Darkside Special tonight!

October 30th, 2016 by Pete

It’s that time of the year again: tonight Tim Reaper and I will be doing a 2 hour BTTO Halloween Darkside Special tonight. Tim will be going first with some stone cold classic darkside jams, plus a few crazy exclusives/obscurities. I’ll follow up with more beardy and challenging stuff to scare even the most die-hard fan.

It’s getting to be a fun challenge keeping these darkside sets fresh, as I’ve already done about 15-17 hours of them on JT and RF over the past few years, and (at least for now) try to repeat very few tunes between each one. But I spent a few hours rooting around my crates last night, and found a number of great tracks I’ve somehow never played on BTTO before (or not for years), plus a bunch of obscure stuff even those most jaded darkcore fan will hopefully be surprised with. If that sounds good, lock in tonight – should be a fun (and spooky) one 😈

The shows air at 6pm EST/ 10 PM UK / 11pm (notice the different time because of Daylight Savings) on, with live video second hour on the facebook page. Lock in then!

BTTO Radio Tonight (October 16th 2016)

October 16th, 2016 by Pete

Blog to the Oldskool Radio is back tonight on, 5pm est / 10pm uk time. I’ve got first hour with the exact opposite of last show – 60 minutes of super laid back vibey, classic atmospheric type tunes. Lots of more well known GLR classics with just a few unknown surprises. Tim will be following up with 60 minutes of choice shoe-on-head jungle. I’ll also be trying to do a FB video stream for the first hour via the facebook jungletrain page.

BTTO Radio Sets October 2nd 2016

October 13th, 2016 by Pete

Here’s the radio sets from the Sunday before last. Tim played some nice vibey stuff to start, then got a bit weirder as it went on. I played a set of darkside, IDM, reversed acidcore, bleep records at 33, house records at 45, etc. Big thanks to FACT Magazine for mentioning my mix!

By the way, in case anyone hasn’t noticed, I’m starting to hide soundcloud + mixcloud embeds behind a “click here for more” button. This is so the front page (which typically contains 5 or more of these) doesn’t take 800 pages to load / break browsers on smartphones etc. I also standardized the audio player to be a non-flash based option. Hopefully more small improvements coming soon for the blog! (if anyone specializes in wordpress design and has some thoughts, feel free to drop me a line).
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Plutone – The Damned II

October 11th, 2016 by Pete

Here’s a fun 92 tune I’ve been waiting to play in a mix, but since there hasn’t been a good opportunity and no tracks have been posted in a while, I’ll force myself to post it up in full.

I first came across this tune in a mix by the brilliant Chris DJ Sav (RIP). A lot of Chris’ later mixes focused in on super oddball, off kilter tunes with a strong “so wrong it’s right” feel (eg my personal favorite stuff). Plutone’s tunes highlights this well. Despite being released on some slightly more established labels, and seeming to be a relatively big german techno/rave act (I think they were on a big loveparade comp if my memory serves me right), a number of their tunes were super mental sounding, with buzzsaw synths and interesting change-ups. This one in particular goes from a more standard (but harsh) ravey melody, to a sort of brutal atonal pattern that sounds way harsher to me than most 92 stuff of the time… almost more in-line with some dark PCP type thing. Definitely NOT for everyone, but a cool track for those into darker more “out there” hardcore stuff.

Oh yeah, normally I try not to mess with the sound of posted tunes, but I’ve applied some compression to this one since the dynamics always felt a bit off to me…certain parts sounding way louder than others. Hope it doesn’t ruin it for anyone, but it definitely makes it a bit of a smoother listen for me.

Plutone – The Damned II

BTTO Radio Sets – September 19th 2016

September 30th, 2016 by Pete

Here’s the sets from last BTTO Radio shows. No special theme, just lots of nice jungle!
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Dev/Null – BTTO Radio Sept 5 2016 – Easygroove Tribute Set

September 10th, 2016 by Pete

Here’s my Easygroove tribute from last Sunday.. I wanted to wait a few more days to post it, but a couple people were asking for a download on facebook. This was the first time I’ve tried streaming video of the set live on Facebook, and while response was a let down while it was going on (maybe 1-3 people tuned in max at any given time?), the archived video has gone on to get a decent response… so maybe I’ll try it again next show 🙂

Speaking of which, Here’s the video stream archived if anyone wants to watch boring footage of my hands pitching records up and down for an hour.

As with Tim’s set, this was a tribute to a favorite DJ, featuring all tracks he used to play and a lot of “signature” tracks. For this Easygroove set, I mainly focused on tracks he played a few times OR personal favorites he played which not many other (if any) djs played. You can tell it’s a bit biased towards the Fantazia NYE 92-93 set since that’s my favorite set of all time, but there’s plenty of other great tunes in there.

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