Blog to the Oldskool Radio Tonight on Jungletrain

April 20th, 2014 by Pete

The Blog to the Oldskool Radio show is tonight on jungletrain. This weeks show will likely featurethe full spectrum of 92-95. From faster 92 stuff through darkside and other 93s up through full on jungle. Come join the chat to make a request, get an ID, etc.

Blog to the Oldskool Radio Airs tonight 5-9pm EST/10pm-midnight UK/11pm-1am CET on

Overdog – Fuck You Up

April 17th, 2014 by Pete

I’ve played this track a few times on the radio show, but here it is in full form: a classic German hardcore tune showing the nice intersection of techno, acid and stompy hardcore with a slight breakbeat / uk nod. Not too removed from what Space Cube was doing at the time, stuff on Labworks, some early Biochip C, etc. I think I first heard this track in an Easygroove set, though searching around now I can’t seem to find the exact one. It sounds like something he’d play though, that’s for certain. The main selling points for me here are the crowd sample as also used in Disorder “Panic”, and a beyond classic NWA sample. There’s also a choice melodic breakdown partway through, building back to the more agressive main section. Definitely a strong tune and one I find myself reaching for a lot, though the single measure “fuck you up!” vocal breaks throw the measure count off and make drawn out mixes not an easy option.

Overdug – Fuck You Up

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Big News: 8205 Recordings / Mixrace – Unreleased 1993/1994 Tracks

April 16th, 2014 by Pete

After six years of running this site, I’m breaking out of the strictly digital realm and starting a label called 8205 Recordings. The goal of 8205 is to unearth select hardcore/jungle tunes from 1991-1995 that never made it off dubplate or DAT, and press them to vinyl. Each release will be limited to between 100 and 300 copies, aimed at serious oldskool enthusiasts who are still trying to track down those last few elusive tunes from back in the day.

First up: Mixrace – Unreleased 1993/1994 Tracks, featuring two never before released tracks by Mixrace (aka Paradox and DJ Trax). “Dirty Amen” is the deeper of the two tunes, with a sombre female vocal breakdown dropping into classic 93 style amens. On the flip, “Express Yourself RMX” ups the dancefloor ante, combining classic diva vocals with hard hitting stuttered breakbeats. You may have heard me play “Express Yourself” RMX on my radio shows a number of times over the past year, and Trax has been playing “Dirty Amen” to positive response the past few months as well.

Mixrace – Unreleased 1993/1994 Tracks will be released on vinyl limited to 125 copies, and available for order starting in the beginning of May. UK/Europe mailorders will be handled by Simon at Seventh Storey Projects. Big thanks to Simon as well as Will (Sublogic) and Dave (92Retro) who were big influences in my deciding to start this. A select few copies will also be sold by me in the US via this site.

For more information, and to keep up to date with the release, you can add the label’s page here:

Full 8205 page on this site coming soon. If anyone wants a more thorough promo blurb / extra info, please hit me up at the contact email to the right.

Subject 13 – Hip Hop Gangster

April 14th, 2014 by Pete

Here’s an excellent recent nab of mine which I’d never heard prior to buying. This EP might have eluded me until now since it’s from 1996 rather than 95. Even though 96/97 happens to be around when I started buying dnb/jungle, I’ve often steered clear of tracks from 96 when digging for oldskool since that’s also around when much of the most chopped and crazy breakwork (eg my favorite part) faded away in favor of more repetitive, stripped down and steppy beats. However, that’s obviously a gross oversimplification, and there was still plenty of interesting breakwork being released into 96 – this tune being a good example.

Subject 13 – Hip Hop Gangster

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To me, this track straddles the 95-97 timeline perfectly – more bludgeoning and hard hitting than a lot of stuff around 95 (with a prominent hip hop sample that screams 96), but with a choppy, layered amen. The closest thing I could compare it to might be some of the T.I.C. material of the time, though this has its own sound. Like most 96 stuff (when compared to 94-95 anyway), this EP is also super cheap and easy to find: I think my copy was about $1.00 or thereabouts. It’s is a bit worn out, and I’m definitely planning to upgrade my copy soon, but this seemed like a tune people would be interested in so I’ve gone ahead and ripped it as-is. I’ve also left in the crackles (more noticable starting around the breakdown two and a half minutes in) to motivate some of you to track down a copy like I did :) As another incentive, the track following this on the EP (“Just For You”) is similarly wicked: an unassuming laid back jungle tune which somewhat unexpectedly breaks out into heavy amens partway through.

As for the producer himself, Subject 13 is high up on the short list of choice underrated producers who have been there, done that since day one. Starting with early breakbeat EPs on Vinyl Solution around 90/91 before hardcore was even really fully formed, leading through some wicked early hardcore EPs on ULR like Mash It Up DJ and the darkside classic “Armageddon Countdown” EP, through to great later stuff which tended more towards the laid back, tasteful side of things (with some notable exceptions, like my personal fav back in 98, “Resevoir Dogs”). Aside from producing, Subject 13 also ran a number of quality labels: Subject 13 Records, 13 Music, and Vibez Recordings being the main three. Checking their back catalogs now, I’d forgotten how much quality tunage came out on his labels back then. A lot of that output was actually during the supposedly “dark years” of DNB, when there was still plenty of choice tunage around but it was more underground and largely ignored by some of the biggest DNB DJs in favor of more populist oompa loompa jump-up stuff. Quality artists like Paradox/Alaska, Blu Mar Ten, ASC, Fanu, Macc, Big Bud, and Physix (of Physix n Tricks) all released on his labels back then.

Checking what he’s up to now, it looks like he’s renamed himself Mr. LeftEye and is doing more varied stuff across a variety of genres… definitely check his soundcloud page below and follow him on twitter.

Blog to the Oldskool Radio – April 6th 2014 (pt 2)

April 14th, 2014 by Pete

I meant to post this last week, but finally got around to cutting out a needle scratch and skip in it. This was the second set I played last Sunday on Jungletrain, more varied 94-95 selection but a bit laid back by and large. Thanks to GeorgeOfTheJungle in chat for recording it and sending me the raw rip.


Aquarius – Wave Forms
Phantasy – Yeah, Roll the Beats
Blinded By Science – Future Science
Edge of Darkness – Angel Dust (Deep Blue Remix)
DJ Infinity – Eternal
Sub Sequence – Silver
Cool Breeze + Digital Audio – the Steppa
Special Red – Together Forever
DJ Demo – Extreme EP #2
Omni Trio – Vol 7
Hopa + Bones – Ali Baba
Liftin Spirits – State of Mind
½ Pint – Greetings Jungle
Tonic – King Shit
Love Dove Jay – Disillusioned
Vorte-X – Tribal Warfare
Fuze – Fluctuations
Peanut + Riot – Herb (Easy Now Mix)
Dillinja – Art of Control
3 Range – High Rolling 001
Underdog – My God – Phaze III and Klass A Remix
Kemet – Stop Pushing
Concrete Junglist – Indian Posie Pon De Map
Sy-Us – Tribal Instinct (Justice’s Remix)
Rugged Professor – Shut Up Bwoy EP
DMS + Boneman X – Sweet vibrations
Spatts – Rollin Voodoo (Boshcorps Serenade)
Fokus – Wired
Da Dogz – Cool Operator
Jekill Hide – Showcase
Donovan Badboy Smith – Universal
Spice – Feel Free
Sound Station – Sound Station
Urban Shakedown – Some Justice 95
Law + Order – My time
Formation Records – Green
Crown Jewels – Dillinga Mix
Subject 13 – Hip Hop Gangster
Splash – Babylon (Trace Mix 2)

The Feedback Principle – Tear Down The Place

April 11th, 2014 by Pete

Here’s a nice unknown-but-not-hard-to-find 92 tune I can’t recall seeing in many/any large mixes… mixmeisters, feel free to correct me on that. I discovered it recently while rooting around in my collection for overlooked 92-93 tracks to play on last Sunday’s show. The label it was released on, Rumour Records, is better known for compilations such as the “Bass, Breaks and Bleeps” series, as well as more techno/house type recording (though there’s some hardcore in their catalog). In fact, this record is listed on discogs as a “breakbeat techno” record, and there’s definitely some more techno-y cuts on it. Still, at least in my mind, this particular track is hardcore through and through: heavy amen, familiar catchy ragga and female vocal snippets, hiphop cuts, and bleepy synths parts which change up in a classic hardcore fashion. No shocking samples or previously unexplored territory being charted, just nice melodies flipped together in a familiar but ever-enjoyable manner.

As for the artists behind it, it seems like this was their only hardcore related release together. One of them, (Dominic Glynn), actually wrote music for Doctor Who in the 80s(!), and still seems active in music running the No Bones Record Label and producing under a variety of monikers. All three people behind this release also featured in some form on the quite nice Avantgardism comp on Law + Auder a few years later. All in all, a nice one to check out and track down a copy of if you’re feeling it, especially given how cheap and easy to find it is now.

Feedback Priniciple – Tear Down The Place

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Blog to the Oldskool April 6th 2014 pt 1 (92-93)

April 7th, 2014 by Pete

Here’s part one of my two part set from Sunday, with this played on Radio Frontline. Big thanks to everyone who tuned in live and joined the chat, from regulars like Eddie Timewarp, Havoc, Tim, and Nick DJ FX, to friends I hadn’t seen in a while like Rike (Yell-o-Phase/KHK Records). It really makes it way more fun when people are locked live and chatting the whole time, hint hint podcast posse ;) (really though any support or checking the sets is appreciated). This version is slightly edited to remove my awful voice-overs and a few dodgy moments, plus the last track which was just “Drowning in Her” from start to end. There’s some nerdy obscurities in there but focused on ones which have been featured n the blog over the past 6 years or so, without being a strictly “blog special”. I also spun some more familiar fun stuff towards the end too.
Hope everyone enjoys! A couple of the “??” tunes will be posted over the next 2 weeks or so here, so check back if you’re curious or add the facebook group/twitter to get notifications on new posts.


Bass Boy – Let the Bass BE Louder
Ellis Dee Project – Dance Factor
Investigator Base – Too Much
Chemical – Heaven
Unknown Artist – KJAM003
Pierre Point – Major’s Last Post
Sub Bass – Burnout
DJ Phantasy + Gemini – Switch to 33
Smartee – Vibes EP
Flex – Bassrush
One Timez Bass – Everybody Say
Macka Brown – White Label
Alien and Monster – Ruff House
Killerhertz – Acid Mind
Stooge – We Clarks Can’t Bend
Overdog – Fuck You Up
4 Mega – Higher (soon to be reissued digitally by a friend’s label.. more info on this soon!)
Funky Junky 002
Rave Doctor – Lost in Bass EP (B1)
Bizzy B – This one is Computerized
Code 4 – Code 4
More Bass Than Fingers – Murderous
DJ Dextrous – Ruffneck Biznezz (midifusion mix)
Citadel of Kaos – Earthquake
Sunset Regime – Voices of Syn
Seduction – Technoid
Progression – On a Rubbish Tip
Unknown Artist – Can I Share My House With You
Sonz of a Loop Da Loop Era – Calm Downizm
Kaotic Chemistry – Drum Trip II
Narc – Equatorial Bass
Rush Till Dawn – Hedgehog Affair pt V
Nasty V + Ezee D – Chill and Destroy
Hyper-On Experience – Thunder Grip
Ecology – Vicious House
Bay B Kane – Bubble For Me
EPS + Sir Lecta – M Seez Dream
DJ Trax- One Man One DJ
DJ Massive – The Scarface Tune II
LTJ White Label
Hard Drive – My Melody

Dub Culture – Herb

April 4th, 2014 by Tim Reaper

I’ll admit that I have been neglecting my role on here a bit, with the lack of posts & that, but I should be more active in contributing content on here from now on. So let’s start off with a bit of background on this tune: it features on a wicked little CD compilation release called Snare Pressure, which contained exclusive tracks by producers you might know like Dextrous, Missing and Phaze III & Klass A. There’s also some lesser known producers featured like Dub Culture, who made this tune here. The comp came out on a label called Pterodactyl, a sublabel of the NINEBARecords label. Quite an obscure label, but they had some solid jungle tracks on there such as the Phaze III and Klass A “Fearful Dimensions” EP.

As for the track itself, it’s a moody 94-95 number blending ragga toasting and female vocals with nice sesame street and amen chopping.

Dub Culture – Herb

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Fuze – Fluctuations

April 3rd, 2014 by Pete

Here’s a 95 jungle tune for fans of GLR / atmospheric / intelligent stuff. Nothing crazy or extreme going on here, just pleasant melodic pads, rolling breaks and female vocals. The label this is on (On-Line Recordings) put out a handful of other similar style tracks 95-97, all quite cheap and easy to find these days. Somehow I ended up getting the bulk of the discography without even realizing it. I won’t say they’re my absolute favorite tunes of the genre, but there’s undoubtedly some nice overlooked tunes in here: well worth digging for given how cheap and easy they are to find these days! This one is one of my favorites from the label, pretty memorable and easily holding its own against similar more well known intelligent tunes of the time. Nab it while it’s cheap!

Fuze – Fluctuations

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Hyper-On Experience Interview Series

April 2nd, 2014 by Pete

The final clip from Tim Cant’s Hyper-On Experience interview series was posted today. All in all, it’s been one of the most interesting and engaging interviews I’ve seen related to oldskool in a long while. As Tim Reaper pointed out, this period happened so long ago and so quickly (a few short years 20 years ago) that it’s a challenge for some artists to even remember all the tunes they were making back then, let alone nitty gritty details of each one. But somehow Alex from Hyper-On remembers it all: from the sample sources, to what people were saying and doing in the studio at the time, to what they were thinking when programming a particular beat. For those bits he doesn’t remember, there’s a nice part where he listens back to one of the later Hyper-On tunes and re-evaluates it / says what he’d do differently now. It’s hard for me to be objective since Hyper-On were/are my favorite oldskool act by far, but I’d like to think these interviews would be quite interesting even to a non-fan. Wicked interview, Tim and Alex!