LV – Speed (Bomb On The Bus) (Le Remix)

October 24th, 2014 by Pete

Here’s a fun track, the original of which was released on two different white labels. The first is a bit harder to find and pricier, and features the original of this tune along with a wicked unrelated tune. That original is still probably my favorite of the two, but rather than posting the obvious in-demand track, I figured I’d post this remix since I’d never heard it before and it was a more interesting recent acquisition. It’s also a bit more solid sounding and a bit streamlined for mixing. According to a comment on discogs, these tunes were written “by a guy called Cookie based in Palmers Green in North London.”. Never heard anything else by him but both these releases are worth grabbing for sure! Classic jungle through and through.

LV – Speed (Bomb On the Bus) (Le remix)

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DJ Exodus 95 Hart FM Mix on Hardscore

October 20th, 2014 by Pete

DJ Extreme recently posted this absolutely wicked mix by DJ Exodus from Hart FM. The tracklisting is wicked – lots of slightly lesser known tunes alongside some huge classics, including my personal faovrite, Trace’s part 2nd remix of “Babylon”.

01 Barrington Levy ‎– Here I Come (Jungle) – Greensleeves (x2)
02 Jonny L – I Won’t Let You Go – XL
03 Darkman – Brand New Day (New Blood Jungle Mix 2) – Wildcard
04 Princess – Good To U (Dream Team Mix) – Urban Gorilla
05 Terrorist – Sing Time – Dread
06 Splash – Babylon (DJ Trace Mix pII) – Dee Jay
07 DJ Zinc – Super Sharp Shooter – Ganja
08 Rude & Deadly – Mash Dem Down (Smokey Joe VIP) – Labello Blanco
09 Cutty Ranks – The Return (Bizzi B & Ruffkut Remix) – Suburban Base
10 E.P.S Man – Shockout – Spotlight
11 DJ Hype & Ganja Max – Pum Pum Mus Smoke Ganja – Ganja
12 Da Intalex – Mercy (Remix) – Intalex Productions
13 Johnny Jungle – Killa Sound (Krome & Time Remix) – Suburban Base
14 D. Styles ‘N’ Hopkirk ‎- Sensi (2nd Coming) – Fluid Vinyl
15 Lionist – Loving You (Original Mix) – Fist 2 Fist
16 Roni Size – Fashion – V Recordings
17 Armagedon – Nina’s Rinse – Dread
18 Jonny L – Wa-oh – XL
19 Drumdriver – Sing Together (Hardstep Mix) – Unity

Grab the mix here:
DJ Exodus – Hart FM 90.4 [November 1995]

Also, (spam spam spam) don’t forget to preorder Exodus’s upcoming EP w/ Head Pressure, “The Dreadkiller EP”.

Blog to the Oldskool Radio on Jungletrain tonight

October 19th, 2014 by Pete

Yup, it’s that day-of-the-fortnight again. You know the score:

  • Blog to the Oldskool Radio
  • 5pm EST/10pm UK/11pm CET
  • 94-96 selection
  • Not much time to really pick tracks (had work this weekend). That being said…
  • New Supertouch EP on KVA! Finally on vinyl and sounding great
  • 2 new nerdy jungle acquisitions which nobody knows about but me, that guy and maybe that other guy
  • Some rare and underplayed tunes by a few big producers
  • Said producers’ names may rhyme with “coat check” and/or be shared with a 1920’s us gangster
  • Usual fun chatroom banter here
  • Co-host? who knows, tune in to find out!!

A few NICE new EPs to

QDT – The Cool Tip B1

October 18th, 2014 by Pete

Here’s a SERIOUS personal fav dark hardcore gem which is somewhat overlooked in my view. The EP this tune is featured on is a bit hard to find, as is the Rhythm Rebel EP I posted on this label a while back. luckily this tune was also featured on a cheap and easy to find Kickin CD comp, Techno Nations (listed there under the EP name). The track itself is a 4/4 stomper with crunchy 8 bit breaks, ominous pads, choir vocals and that classic “power of darkness” sample – all elements which would fit comfortably in a 92 darkside tune, but supposedly this one was released one year earlier. It’s also at a nice tempo range (high 140’s) which means it’s good for mixing with faster harder techno as well. Actually, I kind of wish I had thought to put this in my Jungle/Techno mix a few months back. Either way, def one to track down!

QDT – The Cool Tip EP B1

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8205-002 update (artwork, etc)

October 10th, 2014 by Pete

Just a quick update on 8205-002. We’ve gotten the artwork back and it is looking quite nice!

The art for this release was done by Schmee, who for years ran the website for Planet Mu. Schmee was actually one of the very first people to contact me when I started blogtotheoldskool 6-7 years ago, so I thought it’d be cool if he was down to do the art after all this time. Even though he was doing web design back then, it’s cool to see he can still knock out a wicked record design in practically no time flat :) I’m thinking this design will look nice alongside the green opaque vinyl, at least based on my quick crappy mock-up:

Big thanks to Schmee for doing the art!
As for the record pressing itself: the mastering and cut has been completed, lacquer was received by the pressing agency and it has been sent off to the plant. We’re waiting for test presses now, will update when those happen. For more info about the release, you can Check this article.

Also, thanks to everyone who has grabbed copies so far… quite a large chunk of the press has already sold. For anyone who has’t nabbed it yet, there’s still some preorder copies available via the Seventh Storey Projects site:

DJ Exodus + Head Pressure – Dreadkiller EP

Fallout – Lullaby

October 10th, 2014 by Pete

Here’s a fun tune that pops up for cheap fairly often, which I finally nabbed recently. It’s produced by DJ Fallout, of “Storm Warning” and many excellent collab tunes with Tango fame. In fact, this track features the same ominous pads used in Tango & Fallout – Positive Chaos, a quite well known and in demand darkside track. However, while that tune goes in at a brisk somewhat stompy pace, this one holds back a bit and instead layers in a nice piano line, giving it a bit more of a stripped down feel. I can’t say I remember hearing this in any particular sets, but admittedly my mix knowledge isn’t up to snuff. Feel free to leave a comment if you remember it from any particularly notable ones!

Fair warning: there’s a lot of noise on these intros due to my copy not being in the best condition (and despite looking scratch free). I tried giving the record a good cleaning before recording it in but it seems to be fairly embedded in dust or dirt? Oh well, more motivation to track down your own copy at the link below….

Fallout – Lullaby

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Radio Frontline Darkside set 10/4/2014

October 6th, 2014 by Pete

Here’s one of two netradio sets I did this weekend. This first one was on Radio Frontline, and was the first darkside set I’ve played in a while. I tried to alternate between really obscure unknown tracks and well known classic stuff, so hopefully just when it’s getting too anorak a familiar tune pops in (if you’re familiar with darkside anyway). To be honest I haven’t even listened back yet, mixing was ropey at times but the tunes more than make up for it! Some serious “wtf is THAT?” type selections (at least to my taste), alongside big well known darkside tunes like Bloodclat Artattack, Liquid Aliens , etc.

Blog to the Oldskool Radio – September 21st (Chicago / Detroit / UK House & Techno special)

October 3rd, 2014 by Pete

Here’s my set of mine from a week and a half ago on jungletrain. Instead of playing any hardcore/jungle, I decided to bust out a bunch of my best Chicago, Detroit and UK house and Techno vinyl… labels like Trax & KMS, some UK bleep stuff, etc. Lots of moderately rare and hard-to-find records, though there’s some unknown bargain bin tracks as well. I also threw in a newer track off an old friend’s label near the end, along with an edit/remix of a classic Belgian tune I made last year… everything else is 80’s-early 90’s range though.

The live recording got messed up so I rerecorded it, meant to wait to try one more time instead I just chopped a few bits out and think it’s pretty good this way. Since this stuff isn’t my primary forte, I have no idea how this mix stacks up against other classic house+ techno mixes, but regardless it’s nice for me to finally have so many of my favorite tunes in one mix.

Bay B Kane – new Digital Reissues

October 1st, 2014 by Pete

I recently got pointed to these Bay B Kane reissues which have come out digitally. As much as I love and am focused on collecting vinyl, the fact is plenty of people prefer digital now, so it’s great that both classic Bay B Kane tracks and some unreleased tunes are making it to official digi-release. Even for people who already have the records, it’s great to get crystal clear copies of some of these tunes, as well as the never-before-released ones.

Check the releases below, each of which has a “buy” link contained within (click the “shopping cart” button, and check other digital shops since some of these are for sale in a few places). Also, check all previous Bay B Kane posts on this site, including a lengthy interview!

8205-002 Release Info: DJ Exodus & Head Pressure – “Dreadkiller” EP

September 30th, 2014 by Pete

After what seems like ages waiting for the right moment to release info, it’s finally time for the next 8205 release info to come to light: DJ Exodus + Head Pressure – The Dreadkiller EP. This release, done in collaboration with 7th Storey Projects, contains four absolutely wicked tracks by DJ Exodus + Head Pressure (of Tearin Vinyl/Skeleton fame), written back in the mid-90s which sadly never saw release on EP until now. The A side features two extremely dark tracks, one which comes across as a rawer and more frantic mix of “fury”, the other which is a bit deeper and an extremely moody jungle tune I’ve gotten several ID request for in mixes. The B side of the EP is in a more laid back style, one ragga tune and one more slow-jam style track, still featuring frantic beatwork to match the A side. All in all there’s something for every jungle fan on this release, whether you prefer moody tracks, upfront ragga tracks, or (like most) are into anything as long as it’s good.

Audio snippets of the 4 tracks on the EP (still premastered):

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Both Exodus and Head Pressure (along with Crazy J, who collaborated on two of the tracks on this EP) are well known veterans in the jungle/hardcore scene going back to its very inception. Exodus with Dubkore Records and A BoogieNight’s Night, Head Pressure and Crazy J with The Disco Hustler Sound System. Aside from their collab EP on Tearin’ Vinyl, some of you might recognize Head Pressure from the Narcosis EP, a ridiculously bass heavy 92 small label release which is always a personal favorite tune to draw for 92 sets. For his part, DJ Exodus released several absolutely essential 92 tunes on Skeleton including “A Classic Skank”. As good as those tunes were, I’ve been playing these 4 tracks pretty much since the last 8205 release came out and can comfortably say they stand up to the release ones – it’s beyond me why they never saw release back then!

Since the tunes are so wicked, Seventh Storey and I are pulling out “all the stops” with this release – cut and mastered by a highly respected engineer (Beau Thomas of the classic jungle/dnb group Intense), pressing on quality opaque green vinyl, limited to 250 copies for sale. Anticipated release date is towards the end of November, however preorders before October 26th are entered in a raffle to win one of two test press copies. Given how quickly 8205-001 sold out, I’d definitely recommend a preorder of this as well… I’d like to avoid having to tell friends there’s no copies left this time around!

Preorder and sound snippets available via Seventh Story Projects:

Preorder DJ Exodus + Head Pressure – Dreadkiller EP