Tykal – В Россию с любовью (To Russia with Love) Mix

August 26th, 2016 by Pete

It’s been a while since I posted something focused on International Jungle. Luckily, Ricky / Tykal recently sent me this mix he did of all early Jungle/DNB from Russia. For those of you who don’t know Tykal, he’s been a source of knowledge in jungle forums (mainly but not exclusively ragga jungle-centric) for 15 years now, as well as running the ragga jungle label Trinity Don Recordings and busy trading tunes online on soulseek etc. Ricky was one of the early people I remember packing 2000 era mixes full of seriously obscure 90’s jungle stuff, lots of which wasn’t a big deal at the time but has since gone on to be very pricey and hard to find. Also, he ran a nice blog for a while giving away tons of record rips… most of the links are probably dead by now but there’s still some very nice write ups and killer mixes on there.

I’ll admit, I wasn’t 100% sure at first whether to post this mix. While it’s interesting to hear and there’s some really cool tunes in it, some of the tracks earlier in the mix sound later than most of the music I post on BTTO, almost more like pop music with dnb backing beats. Still, when was the last time you listened to a bunch of 90’s jungle meets Russian pop music? You’re certainly not going to her another mix this week like this one!! Big respect to Tykal for digging all these up, also big respect to Gorn and all Russian Junglists / VK Jungle Crew. I’d be happy to post a part 2 sometime if one of you wants to do it.

tracklisting / песню заказать

01 (0:00:00) Transdriver - Spy (Soundtrack) - ТАУ Продукт (1995)
02 (0:02:04) Cosmofonika - Beliya, Bledniya - Citadel Records (2003)
03 (0:04:47) Иосиф Кобзон - Spy-2 - Extraphone (1998)
04 (0:07:11) Линда - Дождь - Real Records (1999)
05 (0:10:12) Hi-Fi - Нить (Remix) - Real Records (1999)
06 (0:13:11) Чугунный Скороход - флора 3001 - Electric Records (1997)
07 (0:16:15) Чугунный скороход - Bocho!! - Electric Records (1997)
08 (0:20:04) Гости из Будущего - Jazz It Up (Part Two) - Classic Company (1998)
09 (0:24:40) J.M.D. - In Quest of Mystics - Unreleased (200X)
10 (0:28:27) Детский Панадолл - Гrека - Citadel Records (1998)
11 (0:31:14) Шао? Бао! - Купыла Мама Коныка - ОРТ-Рекордс (1998)
12 (0:33:22) Борис Гребенщиков и Deadушки - Прекрасный дилетант - Feelee (1998)
13 (0:38:46) DJ Дэн - Лирика - Classic Company (2000)
14 (0:39:59) Мальчишник и Ди-Джей Грув - Я Не Буду С Тобой (Anticapella Jungle Mix) - Элиас Records (1996)
15 (0:42:53) Hi-Fi - Нить - Real Records (1999)
16 (0:46:08) Ди-Джей Кефир и Евгений Арсентьев - Зенит победит! - Zvezda Records (1999)
17 (0:48:25) DJ Дэн - Сила Оружия - Extraphone/DanJet Records (1997)
18 (0:51:05) Storm Crew - Step Off - Extraphone/Ptюch (1997)
19 (0:54:12) The Crude Project - Terrorist - Classic Company (1997)
20 (0:56:14) The Crude Project - Base Problems - Extraphone/DanJet Records (1997)
21 (0:58:26) Неба Жители и 303 Project - Крылья (часть 2) - Мистерия Звука (2007)
22 (1:00:27) Евгений Арсентьев - Вакуум - Respect Records (1999)

Some notes from the man himself:

Due to a hearing problem, I haven’t been able to listen to jungle for a year and a half. It doesn’t look like that situation’s changing, so if it remains the case, this is quite probably my last mix. It was meant to be the first in a series of international jungle mixes focusing on non-UK jungle released between ’94-’99, which generally translates to ’93-’97 in the UK style (and I mean the jungle that kept going into ‘96/’97). I spent years on the research for this, and can tell you there’s some great mid-late ‘90s jungle out there from other countries; I had plans for mixes from Russia, Sweden, Germany, Japan, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Estonia, Australia, the Stars and Stripes, and a couple mixed-country mixes featuring tunes from Canada, Spain, Poland, Greece, Austria, Switzerland, Romania, Brazil, Belgium, and more. Jungle may be British by birth, but it has always been an international phenomenon in my mind, whether we’re talking about the influences that led to its formation, the varied backgrounds of the major and minor players who turned it into a genre in its own right, or the way that this infectious genre caught fire in the ears and hearts of generations of people the world over. Even one of my cats, who’s not particularly fond of noise, liked to sit in front of the speaker and soak herself in jungle’s aural majesty whenever I’d pump it through the house.
Back to the mix, it features a lot of different styles, and includes less amens than you might expect from yours truly, but don’t think for a second that I didn’t splice several tearout sections in for you fiends (my mental black crack track marks are always fresh). I’d ask, however, the average amen addict to go into this with a mind perhaps more open than usual. When these other countries were developing jungle, they weren’t necessarily sticking to the molds and modes prevalent in the UK, so there’s often some mixture of elements that I don’t think most jungle DJs would feel comfortable dropping, including junglesque pop tunes (which I personally LOVE and hereby dub junglepop), jazzgle (cf. my jazzgle series), and siren-crooning affairs from Siberian maidens who happened to poke their heads into the genre from a bygone Atlantis. And, as usual, there were really good amen tunes I intended to put in there, but they didn’t fit the flow when it was coming together (e.g., Mindlab’s “Big Bad Clap”). On the whole, though, I think you’ll agree that the Ruskies put together some stellar oldskool vibes way back when (to say nothing of what they’ve done to new skool and retro jungle), that they even pushed the envelope in places, and that a good Russian imperial stout or Baltic porter, along with what may be my final toast to the Jungle Gods, might be just what the Friday-night doctor ordered.
Thanks to all junglists and junglettes for all the love throughout the years; I see the torches burning and passing from hand to hand.
Good grief, good blood, goodnight.

P.S. Thanks to Mr. Sensi and Tim Reaper for the mix request that led to me making this, and to Dev/Null for posting it up on his phenomenal Blog to the Oldskool.

P.P.S. Thanks to Joshua Decker aka the Artbreaker for hosting my mixography, which, if you ever find yourself hankering for some Tykal, is open for the taking:

P.P.P.S. Here are links to the jazzgle series
and “Big Bad Clap” tune mentioned above:

Drumatix – Crank Dis

August 23rd, 2016 by Pete

Thanks to everyone who locked in on Sunday! As much as I want to post the sets up ASAP, I’ll give you a couple of nice tunes first, starting with this wicked 92 track by Rennie Pilgrim and (I assume) his brother. For me, this tune is all about the main breakbeat. It seems like, just a few years after this (94), everyone was mainly focusing on think, amen, sesame street and maybe 2-3 more “acceptable” breakbeats in various combinations. But in earlier tunes like this, you often had a wider variety of breaks present, including the main one which comes in 14 seconds in and ends up being layered with a classic amen variant. Perhaps this is because some of those earlier breaks might not scale up or sound as good when pitched to 165-170 bpm. Regardless, it’s certainly nice hearing them in this context. Aside from the breakbeat, this tune is chock full of classic rave stabs and samples that sort of careen from part to part. There’s not much in the way of subtle flow and delicate songwriting, just banging (and cheap!) 92 hardcore that is well worth checkingt.

Drumatix – Crank Dis

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BTTO Radio Sets August 7th 2016

August 20th, 2016 by Pete

BTTO Radio is back tomorrow, August 21st at 5pm EST / 10pm UK on jungletrain.net. Both Tim and I are playing stuff more on the darkside of things. In the meantime, here’s the sets from the last show. I really dug Tim’s set and it’s got a fair bit of play (from me and others). I also really dug my own set (which is a bit unusual), it hasn’t got a big response but it’s nice to play back a set of my own and have few if any cringe moments 🙂 Hope I can keep that momentum going with tomorrow night’s sets!

By the way, I might live stream the second hour of the Jungletrain show tomorrow, so if you’re going to be around and want to see awful footage of my turntables with records being put on them and cued up over and over, check out the Blog to the Oldskool Facebook Page which I’ll be streaming from.


  1. Phyzix & Tricks – Meridan [Not on Label]
  2. Concept 2 – Lifeline [Liftin’ Spirit]
  3. Richie Covers – Jungle Rush 94 [Blue Ocean]
  4. Melodious – Bongo [Syrous]
  5. Dennis Brown – Jungle Deb [Ghetto Rock Records]
  6. Tom & Jerry – Maximum Style [Tom & Jerry]
  7. Jones Girls – Getting on With Jungle (Mix 3) [Jet Star]
  8. Kemet – Learning From My Brother [Kemet]
  9. Smokey Joe – Echo Chamber [No Smoking]
  10. DJ SS – Tribal Gathering [Formation]
  11. Jonny L – Tychonic Cycle [XL]
  12. Suburban Knights – State of Art [Intelligent Music Company]
  13. Unknown Artist – Champion
  14. Just Jungle – Rolling Gats [Trouble On Vinyl]
  15. Ellis Dee & Tera – Can’t Believe It’s Real [Silent Justice]
  16. Electronic Experienced – More IQ [Basement]
  17. Sub Zero – Hardcore Shit [Starseed Communications]
  18. Darkman – Escape from the Planet of the Zombie Droids [Sapho]
  19. R-Type – Love Is Blind [Hyper]
  20. Unknown Artist – Message From Jah
  21. Skool of Hard Knocks – Bommer [Sonic Recordings]
  22. Funky T – Drive the Bass [Saigon]
  23. Skool of Hard Knocks – What U Got [Area 51 Recordings]
  24. Marvellous Caine – Hitman [IQ]
  25. 😉


  1. Jacob’s Optical Stairway – Harsh Realities [Reinforced]
  2. Trax & Brown – Battle Of The Soul Drums (Trax Mix) [Moving Shadow]
  3. DJ Crystl – Untitled (Live EP) [Lucky Spin]
  4. Code Of Practice – Infiltrate [Certificate 18]
  5. G-Force, Ils & Juice – Give Me More [Mistermen]
  6. DJ Mowgly – Take A Pull Upon Me Spliff… [Digital Hardcore]
  7. DJ Matt & Dr P – Legend [King Of The Jungle]
  8. DJ Pulse – Warning [Creative Wax]
  9. Innervisions – Southern Comfort [Basement]
  10. Peshay & Roger Johnson – In My Soul [2000 AD]
  11. Sonar’s Ghost – ??
  12. DJ Gunshot – Black Magic [No U-Turn]
  13. Skanna – The Greatest Thing [Skanna]
  14. Digital – Niagra [Metalheadz]
  15. Adam F & Slipmaster J – Sea Of Destiny (Remix) [Higher Limits]
  16. Dem 2 Ruff – Nice Tune [Not On Label]
  17. DJ Fallout – Major Respect [Bitch]
  18. Boogie Times Tribe – My Soul (Roni Size & Krust Remix) [Suburban Base]
  19. DJ Spinback – In Effect (Remix) [Legend]
  20. Tim Reaper – Ecospheres
  21. Bass Influence – All Massive [Impact]
  22. Universal Love – Killer Whale [Strictly Hardcore]
  23. Souljah – Fade 2 Black [Hardleaders]
  24. DJ Ham & Poosie – Thinkin About U [Kniteforce]

Back in the Daze, Pt 1 (Boston Jungle Article)

August 19th, 2016 by Pete

My buddy Geoff / G-White just posted the first part in a series on the Jungle/Drum & Bass scene here in Boston. Really nice stuff so far, short and to the point with excellent flyers and photos from parties. Of particular interest to me since I’m from here, but some of you might also be a bit interested in what was brewing across the pond back then 🙂


Poetiq Mindz – Good Loving

August 18th, 2016 by Pete

Here’s a nice one-off jungle EP that’s reasonably cheap and slept on. All four tracks are extra vibey uplifting stuff, no crazy amens in sight (which is probably why it hasn’t jumped up in price a lot), just lots of laid back think break, pianos and pads. No info at all on the artists unfortunately…if anyone finds any info, post it here!

Poetiq Mindz – Good Loving

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Original DJ Vibes – Skin Up

August 9th, 2016 by Pete

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been motivated to post a tune on here. Last night I was rooting around a bit and found this tune, and couldn’t wait to play it in a DJ set.

Original DJ Vibes is a really underrated producer in my opinion, from earlier hardcore days through to jungle stuff (and even some early dnb if I remember right). He just cranked out tons of tunes (mostly on his own labels) during that time, and the hit/miss ratio is pretty damn good! This EP is no exception, with this tune in particular showcasing elements I like the most about 92-93 hc/jungle (the rugged experimentalism / “anything goes” nature) before things got a bit more stripped down and stabilized in the 94-95 era. Here, you get some good but standard elements like the ragga vocal and some of the pads and background sounds. But there’s also a weird water drip sound integrated in with the breakbeat, and the break itself sounds extra crunchy, leading this tune to sound maybe even a bit more 92 than 93. Finally, though it’s a minor detail, there’s a nice edit about 24 seconds in which reminds me of a rugged BRAIN RECORDINGS b2 side tune: one of those “so wrong it’s right’ type parts where an entire sequence is pitched up and down without regard to tempo, making everything go intentionally off-kilter for just a second. Love it!

Original DJ Vibes – Skin Up

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BTTO Radio Sets July 24th 2016

August 2nd, 2016 by Pete

Here’s the sets from last Sunday, thanks to everyone who locked in live for these!


  1. Swan-E – Emotions [Collusion]
  2. Fokus – Wired [Lucky Spin]
  3. EQ – Vital Essence [Not On Label]
  4. System X – Feel it [3rd Eye]
  5. Slipmatt – Break The Bell [Slammin Vinyl]
  6. Orca – What Kind of World (Remix) [Lucky Spin]
  7. Unknown Artist – Dreadie [Jungle]
  8. Unknown Artist – Claim Respect
  9. DJ Kane – The Enemy [Renegade Recordings]
  10. Cool Hand Flex – Feel It [De Underground]
  11. The Undergraduates – Bass Face [forthcoming KVA, preorder now: keepingvinylalive.bigcartel.com ]
  12. DJ Dextrous & HP – Hot Flame [Subversive]
  13. Life – Life EP [Not On Label]
  14. L Double & Liccle D – Runnin For Years (Rasta Sound) [Re-Animate]
  15. Anthony Nathan – Life Goes On [Pure White]
  16. New Decade – No Worries [Out of Romford]
  17. M&N – Can’t Get Enough (Dark Mix) [Not on Label]
  18. Unknown Artist – Here Comes
  19. Johnny Jungle – Flammable (Tango Remix) [Suburban Base]
  20. Missing – Back to Consciousness [3rd Party]
  21. Eternal Bass – Infinity [Eternal Bass]
  22. In-Side – Soul Boy (Original Mix) [Fluid Test Press]
  23. DJ Hood – NRG [Pro-Plus]
  24. Unknown Artist – So Afraid [Burning Bush Communications]
  25. Jim Turbs, LRC and the Q – 162 (Hydro-Electric Mix) [Left Right Centre]
  26. John B – Green [Formation]

  1. Studio II – Who Jah Bless?
  2. Foul Play – Open Your Mind (Tango Remix) [Moving Shadow]
  3. Ellis Dee – Big Up Ya Chest (Remix) [Cat Records]
  4. DJ Monk & Manluke – Deal Wid It
  5. Dr. S. Gachet & Audio Maze – Touch My Toes (Dream Team VIP) [Ministry Of Sound]
  6. Shimon – Within Reason [RAM]
  7. Ed Rush – I Wanna Stay In The Jungle
  8. Jay Parkes & Tone-E-G – Soundboy (Remix) [Pin High]
  9. D’Cruze – World Within A World ’94 [Suburban Base]
  10. Noise Factory – Come Inside [3rd Party]
  11. Sub Sequence – Let It Down [Too’z Up]
  12. DJ Lee – A Touch Of Darkness [Impact]
  13. The Regulators – Top Gun (Dubplate Mix) [Stone Villager]
  14. Peter Andre – Flava (Jungle Mix) [Mushroom]
  15. Trinity – I Selassie I (Artical Mix) [Philly Blunt]
  16. Omni Trio – Feel (Feel Good) [Candidate Records]
  17. Family Of Intelligence – Exidus [Kemet]
  18. Chris Jay – Champion Sound (Devious D Remix) [Dubwise Productions]
  19. Eternal Bass – A Piece Of Drum & Bass [Mistermen]
  20. Total Science – Algebra [Good Looking]
  21. Higher Sense – Cold Fresh Air [Liftin’ Spirit]
  22. Tom & Jerry – Maxi(mun) Booty Style [Tom & Jerry]
  23. Equinox – ??
  24. Unknown – VDL 5 (Side AA) [Street Beats]
  25. After Dark – Come Together (Sign From Space Mix) [After Dark]
  26. Sunshine Productions – Above The Clouds (Vibes & Wishdokta Remix) [Just Another Label]
  27. Ryder Project II – Love Talk [Strictly Underground]
  28. Project A-KO – The Afterglow Part 1&2 [Reinforced]

Dev/Null – BTTO Radio July 10th 2016

July 18th, 2016 by Pete

Here’s my set I forgot to post from last week, will post up Tim’s if someone sends it to me but my recording was messed up. Big thanks to to everyone who tuned in live! It was a fun chatroom that weekend.


  1. Dr S Gachet Meets Funky Junky – Logan’s Run [Funky Junky]
  2. Missing Channel – Onslaught (Decision 1) [Hardwax]
  3. Smooth But Hazardous – Make U Dance [Basement]
  4. Chaos & Julia Set – Atmosphere (Sub Base Field Mix) [Recoil]
  5. Nookie – Devotion [Reinforced]
  6. First Prodject – Interference [Underground Level]
  7. ??
  8. Dillinja – Untitled [Heavyweight]
  9. DJ Easy M – Jungle Odyssey [Global Syndicut]
  10. DJ Fokus – Vexxed [Blueprint]
  11. Bronx Massive – Baby Faced Ragga (Q Bass Remix) [Labello Blanco]
  12. ?? big big respect if anyone can ID this!!!!
  13. Ellis Dee, DJ Krome & Mr Time – Drum Thunder [New Dimension Records]
  14. China White – Feel It [Strictly Underground]
  15. Luna C – Curve [Not on Label]
  16. ??
  17. ?? – Forthcoming 8205-004
  18. Sully – Helios [Astrophonica]
  19. DJ Redoo – Crusher (Pt 1) [Smokin’ Drum]
  20. A-Sides & MC Fats – Teardown [East Sides]
  21. Sponge – Shabbutz [Suburban Base]
  22. ??
  23. ??

DJextreme & Tim Reaper – BTTO Radio Sets June 27th 2016

July 2nd, 2016 by Pete

Here are last Sunday’s sets – a ripping set from Tim Reaper, and an extra-special guest mix by Phil from hardscore.com. As mentioned in a previous post, I don’t post many guest mixes here since there’s lots of other websites which are good for that sort of thing. What I didn’t mention though is that, whenever I make that statement, I’m usually referring to 2 websites in particular, one of which is Phil’s site 🙂 True to form, Phil really delivered the goods here, packing the mix full of excellent but obscure tunes that have “BTTO Radio” written all over them. A couple of these are well known and played regularly on the BTTO Radio (AKA – Farside), but there’s more which I’ve slept on or didn’t even realize I owned (the first two tracks in particular). Others I’ve played a few times but have hidden from tracklists as “??”. And a few are awesome exclusive unreleased 93 tines from the likes of Roni Size and Krust (!!!), which you likely won’t be hearing in any other mixes anytime soon. Finally, Phil even chucked a track from my label’s latest, 8205-003, in there for good measure!

I say it a lot but, it can’t be said enough… big respect to Phil and JJ/deepinside for all their work posting and tracklisting sets as well as giving countless IDs. I hope everyone enjoys these two sets as much as I do, and if so, then please share them around and help spread the word!


  1. Freestyle & DJR – R.A.W. [Awesome]
  2. Smokey Joe – Friday Night [Labello Blanco]
  3. DJ AKA – Farside [Soapbar]
  4. DJ Krust – Mystic Shadow Vibes
  5. Tom & Jerry – Luv & Run [Tom & Jerry]
  6. Bay B Kane – Me’A Bad Man [Kikman]
  7. Tomba – Pipers Revenge [Pufa]
  8. Twisted Krew – 37 Chamber Of Shoalin [Klokwork]
  9. Dillinja – Deepa [Species]
  10. More Rockers – The Rain (Rob Smith Mix) [More Rockers]
  11. Roni Size – Warm & Easy (Ragga Mix)
  12. Ed Rush – Selecta [Jet Star]
  13. Citadel Of Kaos – Earthquake (Remix) [Stage One]
  14. DJ Junk – Reach Out [Junk]
  15. Syuss & Reality – Missing Link [8205]
  16. Rahboy – Untitled (B1) [Rahboy Dub]


  1. Dillinja – Warrior
  2. DJ Spatts – Rock Me Slowly
  3. Lemon D – Jah Love
  4. Nookie – Tribal Dance
  5. DJ Dextrous – Subliminal Boogie
  6. Noise Factory – 1 2 3 O Clock
  7. Aladdin – We Enter (Heavenly Mix)
  8. Advantage – The Connection
  9. After Dark – Side Effect
  10. New Blood – Who’s There
  11. Hopa & Bones – Ali Baba
  12. Darkers – From-Time
  13. Subreption – Listen Up
  14. Krave – Fear (Foreign Entities)
  15. Randall & Andy C – Sound Control (Remix)
  16. Edge Of Darkness – Hell Raiser
  17. ?? – ??
  18. DJ Hype – Roll The Beats
  19. Trinity – Gangsta
  20. Timmi Magic & Lee Strange – Original Danger
  21. Marvellous Cain – Hitman
  22. Stakka & K.Tee – Dream World
  23. Funky Technicians – Fever
  24. F.X. – The Sound of FX (Steve Gurley Remix)
  25. Atomic Dog – Future Now
  26. Bagga Worries & Jooxie Nice – Legalise (Remarc Remix)

BTTO Radio June 12th 2016 (“Other Side of Anthems” Special)

June 15th, 2016 by Pete

Here’s the set from Sunday, rerecorded as I wasn’t happy with the nonstop chatter on top. I kept everything tracklist-wise 100% identical, including the few at the end which were chatroom suggestions from JJ, Postman and a few more people.

The theme of this show was: records containing huge anthems, except the tunes played here are the non-anthem tracks. As such, some tracks are still reasonably well known (personal favorites even), but a lot are underplayed and underappreciated due to being eclipsed by their anthem counterparts. Definitely a fun concept since, unlike the shows where we try to play beardy stuff no one has, these are records that a lot of people have, just tunes which might get a bit overlooked.

Tracklisting (Corresponding Anthem on the record listed in Parenthesis)

  1. Edge – Fl It [Edge] (“Compnded”)
  2. Top Buzz – Viola’s Delight (Instrumental) [Basement] (“Living in Darkness”)
  3. Neuromancer – An Unforgettable Feeling (“Pennywise”)
  4. Bukem – Enchanted [Good Looking] (“Music”)
  5. Pulse – Warning [Creative Wax] (“Stay Calm”)
  6. Johnny Jungle – I Like to Cry [Face] (“Johnny”)
  7. Krust – Resistor [Full Cycle] (“Music Box”)
  8. Cloud 9 – Call My Name [AAS Mix] (“You Got Me Burnin”)
  9. Metalheads – Knowledge [Synthetic] (“Terminator” or “Kemistry”)
  10. Jo – Imagine the Future [Awesome] (“R-Type”)
  11. 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse – We are the Future [Tone Def] (“Drowning in Her”)
  12. Mega City 2 – London to Essex [Extra Terrestrial] (“Darker Side of Evil”)
  13. Pure White – Jungle Rush [Lucky Spin] (“4 AM”)
  14. Original Unknown – The Touch [Ram] (“Valley of the Shadows”)
  15. Q Project – Night Moves (Alliance Remix) [Legend] (“Champion Sound Alliance Remix”)
  16. DJ Hype – Dreams [Suburban Base] (“Roll The Beats”)
  17. Pascal – Red Face [Face] (“Raw Basics Tango Remix”)
  18. Enforcer – Hellbound [Awesome] (“Dam Tuff”)
  19. Hyper-on Experience – Thunder Grip (Kaotic Chemistry Remix) [Moving Shadow] (“Lords of the Null Lines Foul Play Remix”)
  20. Tom & Jerry – Thriller [Tom + Jerry] (“Maxi(Mun) Style”)
  21. Bukem – Rain Fall [GLR] (“Horizons”)
  22. House Crew – Untitled [Production House] (“Superhero”)
  23. Engineers Without Fears – Rhythm [Production House] (“Spiritual Aura”)
  24. Deep Blue – Fantasy #3 [Moving Shadow] (“Helicopter Tune”)
  25. Skool of Hard Knocks – Don’t You Feel It [Grand Larceny] (“Kan U Feel It”)
  26. DJ Taktix – Deadly Pursuit [Back 2 Basics] (“The Way VIP”)
  27. DJ Gunshot – Black Magic [No U Turn] (“Wheel N Deal”)
  28. Remarc – Ice Cream & Syrup (Hard Mix) [Suburban Base] (“RIP”)
  29. DMS & Boneman X – Catch 22 [FX] (“Sweet Vibrations”)
  30. Cool Hand Flex – Rhythm Flow [In Touch] (“Melody Madness”)
  31. Krome + Time – Studio One Lik [Tearin Vinyl] (“Ganja Man”)
  32. DJ Hype + Ganja Max – Pum Pum Must Smoke Ganja [Ganga Recordings] (“Rinse out”)
  33. Subnation – Golden Hen [Mercyless] (“Scottie”)
  34. Capone – Soldier [Hardleaders] (“Massive”)
  35. Shimon – Within Reason [Liftin Spirits] (“Predator”)
  36. Renegade – Something I Feel [Moving Shadow] (“Terrorist”)
  37. Dillinja – Perfect Match [Deadly Vinyl] (“Deep Deadly Subs Remix”)
  38. DJ Nut Nut – Bloodclart Hour [Hard Step] (“Press Up”)
  39. Fallen Angels – Oh Yeah [IQ] (“Hello Lover”)
  40. Asylum – Desire [Metalheadz] (“Bass II Dark”)
  41. Krome + Time – Ruffneck Scouts [Tearin Vinyl] (“The License”)
  42. DJ Crystl – Paradise [Dee Jay] (“Let It Roll”)
  43. Urban Shakedown – Burning Passion [Urban Shakedown] (“Some Justice 95”)
  44. Babylon Timewarp – Changing [KVA / Mistermen] (“Durban Poison 95”)