Funky Technicians – Day By Day

April 17th, 2015

Here’s a nice EP I nabbed on my recent UK trip in a 20p bargain bin. As with the other Funky Technicians (aka Total Science) EPs of the time, it’s very much in the intelligent / good looking / smooth and vibey jungle style, though still a little bit rougher around the edges than their other tunes of the time. Nice pitched down think break leading into the choppy amen, with some nice pads, oohs and ahhs and a subtle bleepy background bit which reminds me a bit of “Palamino”.

The label this was released on (“Delta Wave”) never did anything else, and shares a name with another one of their tunes of the time. This makes me wonder if it was in fact run by the Total Science guys as a quick one-off alternative to Legend, or maybe a friend released it as a hasty one-off thing. Either way, it’s definitely a fun little EP to grab.

Funky Technicians – Day By Day

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Blog to the Oldskool Radio – April 14th 2015 (UK Trip Special)

April 14th, 2015

At long last, here’s a recording of the last jungletrain radio show, featuring all records I bought while I was on a 2 week trip to the UK. I did a lot of blabbering during the show which I wasn’t crazy about (ID’ing tracks etc) so I did a hasty rerecord last week, and cut that down a bit more, chopping out a few sections so you get 49 tracks in 97 minutes.

Big thanks to everyone tuned in live and in the chat for this set!
As for the records: this was my first UK trip in 4 years, and unlike previous trips where I’ve had a ton of luck scrouging in stores, it seems like most stores either have wised up to online prices or a lot more people are out hunting for those records. So the bulk of what I bought was just cheap good records I’ve been meaning to buy for many years but never wanted to pay postage on before (1 pound record + 10 pounds postage, hrmmm). As a nice side effect of that, most of the tunes in this mix are quite easy to pick up if you dig them – it’s not a pure bargain bin selection, but definitely strongly tending towards that. Starts with a few 93 bits, quickly moves to 94-95, and I closed it out with a few 97/98 bits. One of the bets scores of the trip was the final track “Tripping On Technology” by The Invisible Man, which I Grabbed for 50p in an MVE bargain bin. Those bins are horribly picked through and reduced in size these days, so finding that one took some luck + effort!

Inta-Warriors – Aqua Pure
Black Eye – Grasshopper
Sacred – Kall Da Kops Remix
Revival – Root of All Evil
Stakka + K Tee – Serious Intention
Asend + Ultravibe – Real Love
Aladdin – Geni (of the Lamp Mix)
Mark X (Exidus EP) – Time
? (to be posted this week.. check back in a day or 2!)
Kid Twist – Live & Direct
DJ Rap – Roughest
DJ Solo & Aura- Justice
Slim Linton – Come On
Sacred – Come On
Sub Sequence – Release
Stix – Mild Insight
Ils & Solo – In the Area
Blame + Justice – Anthemia
Funky Technicians – Day By Day
Soundcraft – Ruff Ride
D’Styles & Hopkirk – Sensi (Second Coming)
Ultravibe – The Guardian Angel
Liquid Wax LW95001 – Relax
System Ex – Mindgames (Dub Mix)
Jazz Juice – Jazz Juice
Ruff Element – Make It Alright
MC Jay-J – Feelin (Jay-J Remix)
Elizabeth Troy – Greater Love (Grooverider Hardstep Mix)
Missing – Flex & Relax
Aphrodite – Basslights (Addict Mix)
Nemeton – Transam (LTJ Bukem Remix)
Sounds of Life – Release The Bells (Wax doctor Remix)
Pigbag & DJ Vibes – Can You Reach
Future Bound – Sorrow
Elementz of Noise – Astral
2G’s – Big Up Ya Chest
Outlaws – OG Call Remix
Beats R Us – Clear & Present Danger
The X – Boomin (Intalex Rmx)
Embee – Rude Dog
ST Files – ST Files Pt 1
Doc Scott – Drumz ‘95 (Nasty Habits Remix(
Decoder – Vapour Dub
Future Forces – Flash Gordon
CyberChotic – Wraith
DJ Trax – Distant Relative (@ 45)
The Invisible Man – Tripping on Technology

Blog to the Oldskool Radio on Jungletrain Tomorrow

April 4th, 2015

Blog to the Oldskool Radio is back tomorrow evening on Jungletrain, I’ll be doing it solo this week and featuring the metric fuckton of vinyl I just bought in the UK on my trip the past 2 weeks. Lots of mostly 93-95 goodness, maybe some classic uk hiphop at the end or something else. By the way, big thanks to everyone I hung out with on that trip.

The show airs tomorrow (Sunday April 5th) at 5pm EST/10pm on Lock in then!

Scratch C & Shaka Black – Dread Ah Star

March 15th, 2015

I’m actually in the UK right now, checking Bangface Weekender this weekend. This trip, I decided to chuck a tiny portable record player in my bag, so I could play and even rip records during any down time.

Well, it’s Sunday night and despite being in London it seems there’s not much going on, so here’s one of the nice tracks I’ve grabbed so far on this trip. The sound might be a bit worse than usual but, based on my tiny headphones, it seems OK to me.

I’m not going to pretend that this Scratch C EP is the best release on Pharaoh – there’s actually a few which are far better. For one, the classic Lethal Kemistry “Yaga Yung” EP is just mental and a must-grab (I’ve never found a cheap copy myself, still looking for one). However, that one is also next to impossible to find, wheras this is a nice somewhat overlooked tune which can be had for next to nothing whenever. I found my copy for 3 pounds and was happy to grab it. The breaks may be a bit straight and loopy, but the bass is heavy and there’s nice vocal and music bits throughout (including that classic bell melody from The Invisible Man – “The End”). The two mixes are similar I think one has more vocals than the other. A nice EP for ragga jungle fans tired of playing the same anthems.

Scratch C & Shaka Black – Dread Ah Star

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Blog to the Oldskool Radio tomorrow, March 8th

March 7th, 2015

Blog to the Oldskool Radio is back tomorrow, 5pm EST/9pm UK/10pm CET on
I’ll be spinning solo this week, earlier stuff than the past few months. 92-93 is a bit of a tougher sell compared to later jungle, so hop in the chat / spread the word if you dig those tunes! Definitely some real beardy/interesting/rare stuff to play, but I’ll also try to grab some more fun well known tunes between now and then.


Thumbzo – Jack It

March 7th, 2015

I really try not to post much “new” stuff but I think this warrants sharing. Thumbzo has been kind of an “unsung hero” for online hc/jungle for a long while now – doing great mixes of 92-96 style stuff (plus some house/techno sets) with really nice, solid, listenable selections. Nothing obscure-for-the-sake-of-obscure, nothing anthem bashy, just lots of great stuff. Unfortunately, in the current state of things where everyone and their mom is a dj / too many bosses not enough workers / etc, it seems there’s not much support for straight ahead, well selectored sets played by normal dedicated people. I try to remember to lock to his sets on jungletrain (every other saturday, 12:30-14:30 UK Time), though they’re at a rough time for people in the US. Sometimes it seems like his shows do quite well/there’s lots of people locked in, but I don’t see people talking about his sets on forums / sites like this enough, so… consider this a promo push :)

This recent tune by him is nice 95-96 type stuff, though a bit updated / not trying desperately to sound purely 94-95 I think. Warpy bass, crisp amens, a few twists and turns along the way. Good stuff which is fun to mix and free to download.

Also, here’s a bunch of older sets from him to go back and check:

DJ Cherokee – Headstrong

March 1st, 2015

Here’s a nice never-before-released tune from 92 which I saw posted a few places (b2vos, discogs)… definitely worth nabbing while it’s available. Originally the artist wanted to do a limited vinyl press, unfortunately I don’t think the demand was what he wanted. As mentioned in the last post, 92 stuff doesn’t seem to be as popular as it was just a few years ago, with a lot of people focusing on later jungle. Still, this is a wicked track, and I’d definitely buy a copy if it ever made it to vinyl. For now, the artist has graciously provided WAV downloads, so I suppose anyone really committed to vinyl can get a dub cut.

There’s also a more recent remix he did, still sounding nice and in-line with the original (not a corny breaks revamp or anything hehe):

From the Discogs Listing:

Headstrong was written and produced by the DJ Cherokee (from Bolton, UK) in 1992.
Equipment: Technics SL1210, Ensoniq EPS 16+ Keyboard/Sequencer.

This track was never properly mastered or recorded for release.

However, it was played live on the Staffordshire radio station “Signal Radio” weekly show The Meeting of Minds hosted by New Dawn promotions, as well as on the Manchester dance station “Sunset 102″ hosted by Sami B.
Stu Allan also appears to have been given a copy (probably on tape) that was played on the Manchester radio station “Key 103″ that he hosted.

In addition, live performances were given at “Coco Savannah’s” in Stockport and at “Rockworld” in Manchester on the regular New Dawn promotions nights hosted at those venues.

The recording still resides with DJ Cherokee, as a digital master.

A Remix of the original was created in 2015 and has been added as an additional track to this entry.

Includes samples from:

Kelly-G Perfect Rhythm – Soul Fusion (Piano stutter)

NJoi – Mindflux (Bassline sample)

Neon – Waves (Wave sample)

Further info by the artist on discogs forum:

Some people might know that years ago back in 1992 I made a track that was never released but was played a few times live and on a couple of radio shows that were hot on the underground/rave scene. Recently, I had someone trace this back to me from some old radio tapes, and ask about getting hold of a copy (thanks to Sean). As a follow-up to conversations I’d had with some other people from ‘back in the day’, the interest made me think about doing a remix as I have most of the original samples, and I remembered the approach I took to making the original track in terms of the patterns, layers and sequences.

I am in the process of working on a remix and thinking of releasing the track as a AA 12″ on heavy vinyl. Original on one side and the Remix on the other. The Remix is pretty close to the original, in the old-school style but has some slightly reworked breaks and sequences (simply to get the track to flow a little better). Right now I’m really happy with how the remix is coming along after just a couple of days working on it.

If anyone would like a copy, please add the original to you want list! Depending on numbers, I will try to provide at a very good value (TBA) and let you know when it is available – I’m thinking within a few weeks if all goes well.

Hope this touches your inner hardcore spirit :P
DJ Cherokee

Best… Thing…. Ever…..

February 27th, 2015

Greylox – Call the Cops

February 25th, 2015

When it comes to various oldskool styles 90-2000, it’s no secret that 1994-97 stuff has been getting a lot more shine these days. It used to be 92 was all the rage, then darkside seemed kind of trendy for a bit, now anything atmospheric / vibey is the one. That’s not to take away from any of these styles, I love them all and especially play a lot more 94-96 since it’s a lot easier to fling in a mix without outlandish key clashes etc. But lately I’ve been missing full on 92-for-the-sake-of 92 stuff. So here’s a few posts in that style. Nothing “Beautifully crafted”, just fun crazy rave-y tracks.

To start, this track is by Nick Power of the famous “Music Power” shop. Nick was an underrated producer who did a ton of good tunes, all of which were on smaller labels (including ones he ran himself). Of those tunes, this is probably one of the most sought after. I never bothered to buy it before since it was always pretty rare and pricey, and I always considered it more than a bit cheddar. But someone recently threw a copy of the later bootleg pressing in with an order I received (Thanks man!), so I gave it a few plays. Sure enough, it’s not a shabby tune. Solid samples, good sound even on the bootleg (ripped here). Really, it comes down to whether that “Cops” themesong bugs you or you think it’s kind of fun. It definitely seems like the sort of thing which might be corny or groan inducing at first, but if you hear it enough in a mix could get stuck in your head easily.

Nick Power has some interesting stuff to say about it on discogs:

This is a track i put together in an updated drum n bass style back in the day. Only 500 pressed to test the water, as i sent this to the producers of the USA TV show “COPS” in the hope that they would use it as a new ‘kooler’ theme tune, and that i would make 6 or 7 pounds. I never received a reply, and the track never got a general release.
I wish i had some left then maybe i could have made 8 pounds now at least.
Teknicks Dex was a tekno track that i put together in 2 mixes. So titled from Take Nick’s Decks. Touch ‘em and i’ll kill ya!!

Nuff said!! Check it out below.

Greylox – Call the Cops

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Tim Reaper – Blog to the Oldskool Radio Set, Feb 22nd 2015

February 23rd, 2015

Tim Reaper killed it on BTTO Radio yesterday!
Really nice show, lots of classy tunes, both well known and lesser known.


Source Direct – Approach & Identify [Source Direct]
Intense – Breathless [Creative Source]
ST Files – ST Files Pt. 1 [Flex]
Dillinja – Heavenly Bass [Logic Productions]
Tomba – Scape [Pufa]
Top Buzz – Livin’ In A Dream [Basement]
Essence Of Aura – Can I Dream (Remix) [Outstanding Productions]
Hackney Hardcore – Rudie (Sub Kick Mix) [Strictly Hardcore]
Ed Rush & Nico – Force Is Electric (Remix) [No U-Turn]
DJ Rus De Tox & Teebone – Southside Roll (Part 2) [Riddim Track]
Peshay & Roger Johnson – In My Soul [2000 AD]
Bug Kann & The Plastic Jam – Made In Two Minutes (Origin Unknown Remix) [PWL]
?? – ??
DJ Nut Nut – Forbidden Planet [Virtual Motion]
Appaloosa – Planet Claire [Recoil]
A-Zone – Safety Zone (White House)
Lee Cashin & Pooch – Vibe Out [Kemet]
Shimon – Within Reason [RAM]
Charlie Recall – Submerged [Section 5]
?? – ??
On Remand – Assault ’94 [Underworld Vinyl]
?? – ??
DJ Harry & Point Blank – Cape Fear (DJ Harry Mix) [Tone Def]
Orca – Sky Hook [Lucky Spin]
Sub-State – Move [Rogue Trooper]
System X – 2 In 1 Mix [3rd Eye]
DJ Crystl – Crystlize [Dee Jay]
Manix – When You Hold Me Close (92 Mix) [Reinforced]
Jeep Head – Close Encounters (Black Steel Mix) [Section 12]
Bizzy B – Rollin’ (Flex’s Twissup Mix) [Brain]
DJ Rap – Your Mind (Gimp & Steve C Mix) [Proper Talent]
Formula 7 & Ruffkut – Jodi’s Theme (94 Mix) [Quayside]
Stakka & K.Tee – Brockin’ Out [Liftin’ Spirit]
Smith Inc – Sty-le [Absolute II]
Vibes & Wishdokta – Midsummer Mist [Asylum]
Megashira – Mental Strength (Powaflex Remix) [INFRACom!]
The Source – One By One [Ruff ‘N’ Tuff]
Flynn & Flora – Revolution [Independent Dealers]
Conquering Lion – Inah Sound [X Project]
CO2 – Time Bomb [Deep Seven]
Skan – Not Sorry [24 Karat]
Rinca – Children Of The Ghetto [Ruff Guidance]
Nookie – Just Bring The Darkness [Phuzion Digital]
Studio Pressure – Relics (Natural Mystic Mix) [Certificate 18]
The Hempaholics & Gunsmoke – Court Case
Pascal – Hyperthermic [Frontline]
Eze-G – Hurt Me [Unatural Light]
Fast Floor – Sweat Shop [Smooth Recordings]
Equinox – ??