Elis Dee feat Tera – Can’t Believe It’s Real

May 23rd, 2015

Here’s a personal favorite from 1993. Ellis Dee really killed it from 92-95: the Ellis Dee Project, Rhythm Section stuff, those Whitehouse + related jungle eps. This is one of my favorites, done in conjunction with Tera aka Tobie of Serial Killaz. It was quite hard to pick a side to post – the flip is a choice extremely dark and moody 93 amen track. But this tune’s got to be the one – the break and feel are just a bit more distinctive and it sits nicely between either dark or melodic tunes.

Using the same sample as Potential Badboy – “Work the Box” (possibly sampling from it? someone please clue me in) but adding more elements on top including a little nice melody and a vocal sample saying “I, I can’t believe it’s real, I can’t believe it’s happening”. It’s pretty overlooked in comparison to some of his other 93-95 singles which can fetch a bit of cash, so well worth nabbing if you like your 93s.

Ellis Dee Feat Tera – Can’t Believe It’s Real

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Dev/Null – BTTO Radio May 17th 2015

May 22nd, 2015

Big thanks to everyone who has checked and liked Tim’s radio show from last Sunday. It was a great show and seems people are loving it!! Almost afraid to post mine now since it’s a bit weirder and much more grimy sounding, but here you go – an hour of TONS of unknown or underplayed stuff (alongside a few big jams), this time with full tracklist as per chatroom request. No mystery “?” tunes to be posted later. I hope people enjoy, as usual if this is your bag please feel free to like/reshare/spread the word.

  1. Alien & Monster – Prophecy 95
  2. DR S Gachet – Remember the Roller [Labello Blanco]
  3. Da Untouchablez – Beat Dis [Yes]
  4. Steve C & Tracker D – Tranquility [Hyper]
  5. Foul Play – Beats Track [Moving Shadow]
  6. DJ Levi – Untitled 1
  7. Voyager – Knowledge [Lucky Spin]
  8. Richie Covers – Jungle Rush 94 [Blue Ocean]
  9. DJ Vibes – Get Hi [Asylum]
  10. Pilgrim & Sammy – Life on Cyber Side [Three Scars]
  11. Notorious – Feel Love [Production House]
  12. Dangerous Liasonz – Danger Ride [Safari Sounds]
  13. Pascal – Meantime [Tearin Vinyl]
  14. Luger – Pass Agent [Leaf]
  15. Dem 2 Ruff – Untitled
  16. DJ Sphinx – Feel Good [Treble X]
  17. Eternal Bass – Deep Sensation [Volatile]
  18. Wild Pitch – Wilderness 2
  19. Bay B Kane – Dark Zone [Whitehouse]
  20. Dark Energy – Black Strategy [Underground Resistance]
  21. Dubtronix – Feelin [Heavy Duty]
  22. P-Funk – Expandin Minds [Frontline]
  23. Kut D – Time to Get Serious [Heavy Duty]
  24. Swift + Zinc – Krazed [Brain Progression]
  25. Neil Trix & Danny Mills – Pearls [Bang-In Tunes]
  26. Primary Motive – Unknown
  27. Darkest Knight & MC Duke – Just 4 U (Vocal Mix) [Hard Disk]
  28. Akustic Research – Original Silencer [Vinyl Addiction]
  29. 1: This tune recorded off an ancient cassette tape so sound is still a bit rough… more info on it soon!
    2: Thanks to Gorn for pointing this one out


    Devnull – BTTO Radio May 17th 2015 by Devnull on Mixcloud

Tim Reaper – Blog to the Oldskool Radio May 19th 2015

May 19th, 2015

Sunday’s radio shows were quite fun, and I managed to record them both this week. Here’s Tim’s show from the first hour – he played a fine assortment of 93-95s, including some really well dug more common tracks, some serious obscurities and a couple unreleased tunes. Good stuff Tim!


  1. Maestro – To The Edge Of Panic [Certificate 18]
  2. Noise Factory – Can You Feel The Rush [Ibiza]
  3. Ruff II Rugged – Envious (Killer Drums) [Production House]
  4. Secret Motion – Lose Her (Representations Of Beatz Mix) [Labello Blanco]
  5. Smith Inc – Change [Absolute Zero]
  6. DJ Crystl – Paradise [Dee Jay]
  7. DJ Trace & Ed Rush – Untitled
  8. Skool Of Hard Knocks – The Bommer [Sonic]
  9. Flynn & Flora – Flowers [Independent Dealers]
  10. JB & Asend – Let It Go [Back 2 Basics]
  11. Mad Dog – Rumblism (Remix) [Underdog]
  12. Ravers Choice – Vol. 1A [Ravers Choice]
  13. Unknown Artist – Vol. 3A [Street Beats]
  14. Vivid Dreams – Rise Up [Deconstruction]
  15. Cool Hand Flex – Melody Madness (Roni Size Remix) [De Underground]
  16. DJ Solo & DJ Aura – Gone Clear [Flavour Vinyl]
  17. DJ Harmony – High Rise
  18. DJ Flatliner – Just Stop [Liftin’ Spirit]
  19. Original Vibes – Fever (Do It Right) [Spinnin’ Vynal]
  20. Source Direct – The Cult (The Initiation Test) [Razors Edge]
  21. Ninja Man – Jungle Move (Remarc Remix) [Street Tuff]
  22. Just Intelligence – How Many Ways [Strictly Underground]
  23. Dillinja & Bryan Gee – Bad Man (Amen Mix) [V]
  24. Jonny L – Sam [XL]

Here’s the mixcloud version:

Tim Reaper – BTTO Radio May 17th 2015 by Devnull on Mixcloud

Ice One – Jungle Groove

May 9th, 2015

As mentioned in yesterday’s tracklist, here’s an “unknown” tune from the last Blog to the Oldskool set. It contrasts nicely with that first tune (Dom + Roland “bells”), which is just an amazing, well produced classic jungle tune that is well known and somewhat in demand these days for very good reason (you don’t see copies of D+R #2 for sale online often) In comparison, this tune is about as far to the outer regions of nerdiness / anorak diminishing returns as a tune can get. I found it by complete accident in a Boston record store recently. Pretty uneventful record scrounging day with no scores, had to watch in horror as some random college kid dredged up a great condition original press of Steve Poindexter “Work That MF” for $3 in a crate I hadn’t gotten to yet. Ouch. As a last ditch attempt to buy something, I saw an interesting yellow label 90’s looking record in the dollar bin. Mid 90’s Italian instrumental hiphop? Might as well, at the very least there’d be some decent breakbeats on it. I got the record home and, lo and behold… jungle track on B1:

Pretty skeletal tune, super crusty sounding breaks, a few samples (The “hippity hop” gets quite grating but the breakdown and beats etc are fine), etc. As is the point of the whole record, very much just a beats track for mixing etc, not a long-lost criminally underrated jungle masterpiece. Still, it’s kind of funny that even sometimes when you can’t find jungle records, jungle records can find you.

Since this whole EP is available for sale digitally through Amazon, Itunes, and streamable on Spotify etc) I’m not posting a direct link. Here’s the discogs link though, in case any of you collect mid 90’s instrumental hiphop or want to be the second dj ever to play it in jungle sets on vinyl:

Ice One – Fat Beats Vol 1

Blog to the Oldskool Radio – May 3 2015

May 8th, 2015

Thanks to everyone who locked in on Sunday. Here’s a hasty rerecord of the set done right before I refiled the records… I didn’t want to put the original up because I was blabbering on the mic a lot, giving shouts and IDs for all the unknown tracks. Per feedback gathered on customer response forms, tried to go a bit deeper into nerdier obscurities this week, but there’s plenty of big favorites like that starting D+R tune, Tom + Jerry, Mind Games, Stay Calm remix, etc. Hope people enjoy it!


Dom And Roland – The Bells
Ice One – Jungle Groove
Fugitive – Mind Games
DJ Hype – Doomed to Fail
Candyman – You Are the One
Rev P – Rhythm Process
? – ?
Mad Bones Vol 5 Feat TDK – Doping
Original Vibes + Hellrazor – Future Beats II
Flex – Rude Boy
Unknown Artist – Untitled (Whitelabel)
Wriggler – Untitled (Whitelabel)
Unknown Artist – Shelter (Lucky Spin STU-16)
Smokey Joe – Shining (Original PLB Mix)
Missing – A Stitch in Time
Unknown Artist – Specialists EP
Project One – Silly Games
Dr Know – Make Me Feel
2 On a Tip – Madd
Formula 7 – Montzuma
Ellis Dee & Swan-E – Untitled 10”
? – ? (sorry gotta wait to grab a better condition copy of this since mine is battered and it almost never shows up for sale).
DJ Gunshot – Black Magic
Centurions – She’s Dead Now
DJ Pulse – Stay Calm (Bouty Killaz Remix)
? – Don’t Cry
? – ?
The Locator – Day By Day
? – ? (id needed on this)
Tom + Jerry – On & On
Zone 6 – Eternal
DJ Redoo – Crusher
Big Bud – Faceless
Rhythm For Reasons – The Love Statement
Swift + Zinc – Refuze
? – ?

Here’s the mixcloud version for those who prefer that site:

Blog to the Oldskool Radio – May 3rd, 2015 by Devnull on Mixcloud

Warlock – Classic Mixes

May 4th, 2015

Warlock (Rag & Bone, ex Kickin Records staff if I remember right?) hit me up recently about a bunch of classic mixes he posted on soundcloud. Finally got around to checking a few and they are sick! Definitely worth a listen, plan on soundtracking my work commute with these for the next week or so.

All 8 mixes can be downloaded together in one giant ZIP here:

Blog to the Oldskool Radio Archives on Mixcloud

May 3rd, 2015

I Finally went back and uploaded all previous BTTO radio shows to Mixcloud, for those who prefer that site to Soundcloud. Feel free to check them via the link on the right, or umm I guess the link in the previous sentence. As an added bonus, many of these have been tracklisted in-line and had start/end points set for tunes, so you can tell exactly what tune is playing when. If you find any which don’t have that which you want to really know, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll go back and try to do them.

Blog to the Oldskool Radio tomorrow 5pm est/10pm uk

May 2nd, 2015

Blog to the Oldskool Radio returns tomorrow evening on Jungletrain. Pretty sure I’m going solo this week (Tim, you around?), 93-95 on the menu. Originally I was going to do a “Known vs Unknown” special featuring big classic tunes paired with super unknown obscurities. But I started pulling a few tunes earlier toda and realized I was finding too much enjoyable stuff that fell somewhere in-between. So instead it’s more freeform 93-95 selection, known unknown and semi-known but with a heavy focus on unknown/anorak tracks since someone was asking for more of those last two shows. As usual, even though it’s late def check it live and jump in the chat if you want to hear shouts / get track ids for some extremely obscure tunes / etc.

Blog to the Oldskool Radio airs Sunday May 3rd, 5pm EST/ 10pm UK on http://jungletrain.net.

DJ Solo & DJ Aura – Gone Clear

April 27th, 2015

Here’s another cool grab from my UK trip…. an under-the-radar single on the under-the-radar label Flavour Vinyl, which I assumed was connected to Flavour Trax (SY-Uss + Justice, Harlequin, etc) but in retrospect probably isn’t. DJ Solo is better known for his Production House output (Darkage, aka the “junglist!” tune) and his later tunes on Good Looking tunes as Axis. He and Aura also did a single on Mo Wax around this time which I’ve never heard, but it’s definitely on my to-grab list.

As for this track, I can see why it wasn’t a hugely in-demand chart topping polished hardstep anthem of the time, but it does tick a lot of checkboxes for me. Unlike other 96 tunes which were getting quite steppy and simplistic drum-wise, this track throws about a billion breaks at you all heavily layered up, providing some of the looseness of earlier era hardcore tunes but in a slightly later context. I’m always a big fan of this approach – the result might not be the most razor-sharp or sonically pristine, but it’s really fun to listen to the various layers of drums interacting.

Aside from the breaks, this track also features massive subby bass, effective background atmospherics, and (the cincher) one of my personal favorite vocal samples:

Just an amazing sample from an amazing scene in an amazing movie (if you like spaghetti westerns). That line was also used in Bounty Killaz – “Bounty Killaz” off their first EP, in case anyone recognizes it but can’t remember where. All in all, for 99p this is defnitely a cool one to nab, big respect to Solo and Aura!

DJs Solo And Aura – Gone Clear

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Pathfinder – Chartist EP

April 25th, 2015

Here’s an interesting single I picked up at Notting Hill Gate MVE on my recent UK trip. I couldn’t find any audio online, so rather than just ripping one tune I ripped and posted all 3 tracks on YouTube (embedded below), might post one of the tunes here later when I decide which one. I believe this EP is from Switzerland, or at least the vocalist Riddimflirt is (the only other single I see by him on Discogs is a swiss dancehall single). I’m not going to lie and pretend this is a long lost ragga jungle masterpiece, but it IS definitely a fun grab and pretty cool overall!

The A side, “Chartist”, has simple loopy beats, growly bass and a nice bleedy melody/pad combo (probably the best part). On the flip, “Get the Willies” follows a somewhat similar formula, brief ragga vocals repeated intensely but with some nicer breaks and programmed beats on top which almost resemble the “Shack up” breakbeat (but they aren’t). “Fast Credit” starts off sounding the most like a normal classic uk ragga jungle track, sounding quite convincing until partway through where a distorted acid line breaks in which gives it more of a euro feel. I dunno, in this day and age where most everything seems to be posted online and well known, it was cool to find a record like this which I had no clue about, hope some of you like it.

Pathfinder – Chartist [Discogs]