Blog to the Oldskool Radio tonight on Jungletrain

August 24th, 2014 by Pete

Blog to the Oldskool Radio is on Jungletrain tonight, 5:00 pm EST/10 pm UK/11 pm CET. There’s a “special” guest tonight but I’m not supposed to say who, just tune in then to find out :)

Unknown Artist – Atlas

August 24th, 2014 by Pete

Time for another obscurer-than-obscure jam, here’s a tune I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone else play? This one’s a bit interesting since it’s supposedly a US plate from 93, though it sounds more like something from the UK circa 91. There’s certainly no info on the release itself so I’m not sure where the location and year came from, but if they’re accurate then those facts probably precluded it from being used in any uk mixes (since tracks were much faster and different by then). On its own, it’s a nice tune which straddles the techno-breakbeat divide nicely. Since there’s absolutely no info on this release, I’d really like to know if anyone has info on who released it / where the label was located? Feel free to post a comment here! Until then, check this track and grab it if you like it (still pretty cheap / easy to find).

Unknown Artist – Atlas

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Trek – Ultime Frontière

August 17th, 2014 by Pete

Here’s a hidden gem from 1995, a vibey jungle track which only featured on two different jungle comps (one on vinyl, one CD). No idea where the original artist was from, but it was mixed + engineered by Matt aka Optical of Ed Rush + optical fame. Definitely worth picking up as the comp it’s featured on only goes for a pound or two and features a number of other wicked (albeit released) tracks.

Trek – Ultime Frontière

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Jungle|Techno Mix (Jungletrain Aug 4th set rerecorded)

August 16th, 2014 by Pete

Here’s a set featuring tunes pulled for last Sunday’s Jungletrain show. The plugin I use to record the show crashed on Sunday night – kind of lucky for me since I wasn’t that into how the show turned out (better in idea than execution). Rather than rerecord as-is or give up on it, I spent a while messing around with the tune selection, coming up with a reasonable track order, etc.. pretty happy with this result! Overall the mix is deep, weird and techno-y: lots of 92/93 hardcore mixed with pitched up 90′s techno tracks, jungle techno, etc.

54 tracks / 108 minutes, plenty of personal fav underappreciated tracks packed into a relatively tight space. Hope people enjoy, this is definitely one I’ll be listening back to a fair bit.

Underground Frequency – Melodic Meltdown

August 14th, 2014 by Pete

Here’s an underrated track which has always gone for quite cheap, possibly due to the artist and label behind it not being hugely known. the “Melodic Meltdown” EP is a great 93 plate by the gents behind Hypno-Genesis, and as such is sort of the follow-up to their more well known “Induction of a Hypnotic State EP”. Since it’s one year later, this EP a bit less anthemy/xtc-ish, a bit heavier on the breaks… though there’s still some more uplifting 92 melodies popping in alongside the slightly deeper stuff. This track in particular might be more one for mixing than listening, as it’s pretty stripped down and straightahead compared to a couple of the others, but it’s the one I consistently spin so figured it’s best to post: stuttered breaks on the intro dropping into a nice bass+breaks combo, which leads to a melodic breakdown with a memorable (“melting”) synth part. It definitely highlights where a lot of producers were by the 93 era, still coming off more hands in the air 92 stuff, but not fully moved into the full on dark sounds of later 93 / 94.

Undeground Frequency – Melodic Meltdown

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Tim Reaper live mixlr set today at 5:30 GMT

August 13th, 2014 by Pete

Tim’s doing a set today on mixlr at 5:30 GMT showcasing all new tunes
he’s written in the past 2 months.. There’s a lot of them and they’re pretty wicked! Tune in if you’re curious to hear what he’s been up to while on social networking exile.

Blog to the Oldskool on Jungletrain tonight – 92/93 hardcore/jungle/techno

August 10th, 2014 by Pete

Blog to the Oldskool is on Jungletrain tonight, 5pm EST/ 10pm UK/ 11pm CET. No technicals this time, I promise :) Tonight’s show will be a mix of jungle techno tracks as well as jungle / techno blends: lots of 92/93 hardcore which is a bit more 4/4 and stompy (basement, homegrown etc), mixed with more straight ahead 92/93 stuff, mixed with pitched up 4/4 techno and acid. LOTS of chugging sixteenth notes. This show’s content is probably a bit of a harder sell than, say, “2 hour tearout jungle special”, but I’m hoping it’s cool and different from normal blog2 sets. If it sonds interesting feel free to spread the word, lock in, jump in the chat, suggest tunes, etc.

Acen + The House Crew – live in Canada ’93 videos

August 7th, 2014 by Pete

The House Crew just posted a few wicked videos on facebook of a show they played in Canada in 1993. Wicked stuff! It’s great how early Toronto seemed to adopt hardcore/jungle, probably why the Jungle scene itself went on to be so utterly huge there. For more information about that early scene there, feel free to check this article.

Radio Frontline Set – Aug 3rd 2014

August 5th, 2014 by Pete

Here’s what was meant to roughly be my set from Radio Frontline on Sunday. Unfortunately, Mixlr seemed to have a site-wide outage right around the time the show started… checking a number of stations it seemed to be affecting all of them, at least for me and everyone else I asked. Service was restored about 80-90 minutes into my 2 hour set time, so I hastily flung a few records on for 30 mins or so… Instead of just posting that mini set, I recorded this later in the evening.

This weeks show runs the gamut from 92-95, starting with weird crazy hardcore tunes, working through darkside and then up through 95/96 jungle. I also included a few special unreleased bits at the end, including a clip of the upcoming KVA002 release by Supertouch AKA Klute (definitely preorder that if you haven’t already!), and a sneak peak at one of the tracks on 8205-002 (to be announced soon!). The last track is a jungle tune written around 1995 which I think might have been slated for a major label release, according to some sleuthing by JJ of DeepInside. Unfortunately, the release was scrapped, with only a couple of the remixes released in the end.

01. Hhavok – Organic
02. L.S. Diezel – Rougher than a Lion
03. DJ Crystl – Drop XTC
04. Hellrazor Vol 1
05. Twin Bass – Prisoner
06. DJ Junk – Vol 5
07. Killersound – What is a Ragga Twin
08. Labello Blanco – ??
09. Richie Covers – Hypa
10. ??
11. DJ Lee – Want Your Love
12. Master Blaster Vol 1 (@45)
13. Essence of Aura – Destiny
14. Dark + Moody – 1A
15. Criminal Set – Time Lord
16. Slipmatt – Hear Me (DJ SS Remix)
17. Ruff & Tumble Crew – Innocence
18. Jim Polo – Dark Phantasy’s
19. Manix – X Factor (Director’s Cut)
20. DJ Trace – Lost Entity
21. Gin + Tonic – Let It go
22. 4 Hero – Journey From the Light
23. Space Cube – Inbound
24. Bizzy B + Cool Hand Flex – Come Back to Me
25. ??
26. DJ Infinity – Eternal
27. Dubtronix – B21
28. Acro – superpod remix
29. FBD Project – Classified Listening
30. DJ Redneck + Double 0 – Badman
31. DJ Fusion + Dextrous D – Arm of Orion
32. MC ID – Rare and Jazzy
33. DJ Krust – Priorities
34. A-Sides – The Bell
35. ??
36. Chimeira – Jacob’s Ladder
37. ??
38. Noodles + Wonder – Hold Me
39. ?? (Forthcoming 8205-002)
40. Supertouch – Beaten to a Pulp (Forthdcoming KVA-002)
41. Fort Knox – After Dark

Original DJ Vibes – Grown In the Jungle

August 2nd, 2014 by Pete

Here’s a great 94 jungle track by Original DJ Vibes, certainly one of the more underrated and prolific oldskool producers out there. Producing from the early 92 hardcore days (those first few EPs are quite crucial in my view), up through the 96 era, Original DJ Vibes (maybe named such due to the more happy hardcore leaning DJ Vibes who did tunes with Wishdokta?) put out a number of awesome releases on his label Active Recordings. This is a nice representative one: nothing too strange or out there going on in it, just a choice jungle tune which screams “jungle” through and through. Literally, there’s a voice saying “jungle” throughout! The beat programming and sample selection are quality, good structure plus some familiar samples (the classic “too black too strong” line from a Malcolm X speech as used in a bunch of tunes). Plus, like a lot of these Active Recordings releases, it’s pretty cheap and easy to find – definitely one to nab before you go off obscurity hunting for some 80 pound jungle rarity which probably sounds half as good as this.

Original DJ Vibes – Grown in the Jungle

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