BTTO Radio Today : Tim Reaper + DJextreme ( Guest Mix

June 26th, 2016 by Pete

For tonight’s BTTO Radio show, we have Tim doing an hour of the show, no theme but hopefully a few things from his excellent recent set at RUPTURE.

In addition, Tim will be playing a 1 hour guest mix from Phil aka DJextreme from Hardscore has always been one of my favorite oldskool sites (along with deepinside), and aside from posting classic sets, Phil has always posted many of his own mixes dating back almost as far (at least 97 if I remember right). In the most recent years, his mixes have taken a turn for the obscure which showcase a depth and knowledge of lesser known gems which few other people can claim to have!

The show airs usual time, 5pm est/10pm UK on

BTTO Radio June 12th 2016 (“Other Side of Anthems” Special)

June 15th, 2016 by Pete

Here’s the set from Sunday, rerecorded as I wasn’t happy with the nonstop chatter on top. I kept everything tracklist-wise 100% identical, including the few at the end which were chatroom suggestions from JJ, Postman and a few more people.

The theme of this show was: records containing huge anthems, except the tunes played here are the non-anthem tracks. As such, some tracks are still reasonably well known (personal favorites even), but a lot are underplayed and underappreciated due to being eclipsed by their anthem counterparts. Definitely a fun concept since, unlike the shows where we try to play beardy stuff no one has, these are records that a lot of people have, just tunes which might get a bit overlooked.

Tracklisting (Corresponding Anthem on the record listed in Parenthesis)

  1. Edge – Fl It [Edge] (“Compnded”)
  2. Top Buzz – Viola’s Delight (Instrumental) [Basement] (“Living in Darkness”)
  3. Neuromancer – An Unforgettable Feeling (“Pennywise”)
  4. Bukem – Enchanted [Good Looking] (“Music”)
  5. Pulse – Warning [Creative Wax] (“Stay Calm”)
  6. Johnny Jungle – I Like to Cry [Face] (“Johnny”)
  7. Krust – Resistor [Full Cycle] (“Music Box”)
  8. Cloud 9 – Call My Name [AAS Mix] (“You Got Me Burnin”)
  9. Metalheads – Knowledge [Synthetic] (“Terminator” or “Kemistry”)
  10. Jo – Imagine the Future [Awesome] (“R-Type”)
  11. 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse – We are the Future [Tone Def] (“Drowning in Her”)
  12. Mega City 2 – London to Essex [Extra Terrestrial] (“Darker Side of Evil”)
  13. Pure White – Jungle Rush [Lucky Spin] (“4 AM”)
  14. Original Unknown – The Touch [Ram] (“Valley of the Shadows”)
  15. Q Project – Night Moves (Alliance Remix) [Legend] (“Champion Sound Alliance Remix”)
  16. DJ Hype – Dreams [Suburban Base] (“Roll The Beats”)
  17. Pascal – Red Face [Face] (“Raw Basics Tango Remix”)
  18. Enforcer – Hellbound [Awesome] (“Dam Tuff”)
  19. Hyper-on Experience – Thunder Grip (Kaotic Chemistry Remix) [Moving Shadow] (“Lords of the Null Lines Foul Play Remix”)
  20. Tom & Jerry – Thriller [Tom + Jerry] (“Maxi(Mun) Style”)
  21. Bukem – Rain Fall [GLR] (“Horizons”)
  22. House Crew – Untitled [Production House] (“Superhero”)
  23. Engineers Without Fears – Rhythm [Production House] (“Spiritual Aura”)
  24. Deep Blue – Fantasy #3 [Moving Shadow] (“Helicopter Tune”)
  25. Skool of Hard Knocks – Don’t You Feel It [Grand Larceny] (“Kan U Feel It”)
  26. DJ Taktix – Deadly Pursuit [Back 2 Basics] (“The Way VIP”)
  27. DJ Gunshot – Black Magic [No U Turn] (“Wheel N Deal”)
  28. Remarc – Ice Cream & Syrup (Hard Mix) [Suburban Base] (“RIP”)
  29. DMS & Boneman X – Catch 22 [FX] (“Sweet Vibrations”)
  30. Cool Hand Flex – Rhythm Flow [In Touch] (“Melody Madness”)
  31. Krome + Time – Studio One Lik [Tearin Vinyl] (“Ganja Man”)
  32. DJ Hype + Ganja Max – Pum Pum Must Smoke Ganja [Ganga Recordings] (“Rinse out”)
  33. Subnation – Golden Hen [Mercyless] (“Scottie”)
  34. Capone – Soldier [Hardleaders] (“Massive”)
  35. Shimon – Within Reason [Liftin Spirits] (“Predator”)
  36. Renegade – Something I Feel [Moving Shadow] (“Terrorist”)
  37. Dillinja – Perfect Match [Deadly Vinyl] (“Deep Deadly Subs Remix”)
  38. DJ Nut Nut – Bloodclart Hour [Hard Step] (“Press Up”)
  39. Fallen Angels – Oh Yeah [IQ] (“Hello Lover”)
  40. Asylum – Desire [Metalheadz] (“Bass II Dark”)
  41. Krome + Time – Ruffneck Scouts [Tearin Vinyl] (“The License”)
  42. DJ Crystl – Paradise [Dee Jay] (“Let It Roll”)
  43. Urban Shakedown – Burning Passion [Urban Shakedown] (“Some Justice 95”)
  44. Babylon Timewarp – Changing [KVA / Mistermen] (“Durban Poison 95”)

BTTO Radio Tonight: “Other Side of Anthems” Special

June 12th, 2016 by Pete

BTTO Radio is back tonight on at the usual time: 5pm est/ 10pm uk / 11 CET. Tonight’s theme is those “other” tracks on EPs which featured a particularly big anthem or heavily played tune. Often these less popular tunes were the b-sides, sometimes though they were even released as the A side but were soon eclipsed by the flip. Either way, it’s safe to say they’re less popular and some may get missed due to the temptation of reaching for the other side. As usual, feel free to tune in live and jump in the chat to let us know when we’ve got it wrong 🙂

BTTO Radio – May 29th 2016

June 8th, 2016 by Pete

Here’s the sets from the Sunday before last… ehhhh, to be honest, these shows felt a bit off. Tim and I were meant to do 95->92 roughly in order and then 92->95, but the order fell away as did the strict year restrictions to a degree. Also, despite not saying a word to each other as to what tracks we were going to play ahead of time, Tim managed to play 3 or 4 of the ~30 tunes I had put aside to play second hour (all of them “must play” ones) in his first hour set. Kind of weird brain sync-up thing.

Originally I wasn’t even going to post these, but listening back there’s nice tracks in each and, hey, maybe some of you need a couple random mixes to listen to the middle of the week!


  1. DJ Biggs – The Hunter [Back 2 Basics]
  2. Flynn & Flora – New World [Independent Dealers]
  3. The Anthill Mob – Black Rushin'[Anthill Records]
  4. Cool Hand Flex – Wip Lash [De Underground]
  5. System X – Feel It [3rd Eye]
  6. Unknown – Unknown [Unknown]
  7. Smooth But Hazzardous – We Are The Creator [Sound Entity]
  8. DJ Mayhem – Let Me Tell You Something [Face Records]
  9. Warrior Bass – Future World (Utopia) [Future Vinyl]
  10. Jonny L – Wa-Oh [XL Recordings]
  11. LTJ Bukem – A Couple Of Beats [Good Looking Records]
  12. Subject 13 – To The Flow [Subject 13]
  13. Unknown 2 – Unknown
  14. Chemical – Sub Sector [Basement Records]
  15. Static Substance – Follow My Beat [Impact Records]
  16. Noise Factory – The Future (A-Sides Remix) [Strictly Underground]
  17. Mental Power – Dream Sequence [Formation]
  18. Worlds End – Get On The Floor [Liquid Wax Recordings]
  19. Mole The Dipper – Eye Of The Dinosaur (Remix) [Bear Necessities]
  20. Swift & Zinc – X Rated [Brain Progression]
  21. DJ Nut Nut – Ghetto Thang (The Dream Dub) [Rough Tone]
  22. Dark & Deadly – Eternity [Drum & Bass]
  23. Squarepusher – Dimotane Co [Rephlex]


  1. Kaotic Chemistry – Space Cakes (2 Bad Mice Remix) [Moving Shadow]
  2. Drastik Plastik – Stress [Drastik Plastik]
  3. Equazion – This Mutha F**ka [K.O.R.E.]
  4. Nebula II – X-plore H Call [Reinforced]
  5. T Power & The Sandman – Born 2 Dark [Soapbar]
  6. DJ Krome & Time – Final Destination [Suburban Base]
  7. Aeon Flux – Unconscious Thoughts [Deep Seven/Seventh Storey Projects]
  8. Modula Cix – Nah’ Mean Dread [Ground Level]
  9. House Crew – Euphoria (Nino’s Theme) [Production House]
  10. Younghead – Bad Bad Man [Reinforced]
  11. S&A – Volume 1 [Homegrown]
  12. Tom & Jerry – Cat Got Your Tongue [Tom & Jerry]
  13. Kalamitee – I Need [Rushin’ Records]
  14. The Sounds of Zapness – Vol 1 A [Planet of the Dancing Trees]
  15. Noise Factory – Futuroid [3rd Party]
  16. Unknown Artist – Who’s the Bad Man
  17. X-Amount Crew – Victory [X-Amount Crew]
  18. Swift & Zinc – Rockin with the Best [Brain Progression]
  19. Life – Move Your Body [Dark Science]
  20. DJ Fury – The Grinner [Biohazard]
  21. Unknown Artist (ID?) — King of the Jungle? [SIR002]
  22. Syuss & Reality – Tribal Instict [Justice’s Mix] [Flavour Trax]
  23. DJ Biggs – The Hunter [Back 2 Basics]
  24. The Hustler – Straight to Your Chest [Pharaoh]

Mad Bats – Wake the Town

May 30th, 2016 by Pete

OK, one more another mega obscurity. I promise I’ll get back to the slightly more well known stuff soon! Here’s something I found a few years ago while digging through non-UK oldskool jungle related listings on discogs (in this case, stuff from the US). I got it for a buck, had it in my sell pile for a while, then recently chucked it on the decks for one last listen while grabbing stuff for a recent record fair. For some reason, I kinda liked it in an odd way, so kept it for now… Honestly, I can’t fully justify that as there’s nothing too crazy happening here, just a classic reggae sample stuttered and some vaguely trancey synths with dnb-ish beats. But it is a nice combo and stuck with me a bit. Of course no idea about the artist, and the label put out all sorts of electronic stuff from house music to techno hardcore, acid, etc One thing I can guarantee is that almost no one checking this blog (short of Tykal) has probably heard this before, so here, give it a listen.

Mad Bats – Wake The Town

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

BTTO Radio Tonight: 95->92->95

May 29th, 2016 by Pete

Blog to the Oldskool Radio is back on tonight with both Tim Reaper and me spinning, typical time (5pm est/ 10pm uk / 11pm cet). I think we’re going to do the full range of 92-95 this week, with him first going backwards (95-92) then me slowly bringing it back to 95. No idea if this is going to work but, ehh, it’s something to try I guess??!! As usual I hope some of you lock in live and jump in the chat at

The First Instalment – Enity A1

May 24th, 2016 by Pete

Here’s an interesting mega-obscurity supposedly on Entity Records. I’ve only ever seen two copies before. Gotta say, it’s one of these ones where you can kind of understand why it didn’t get a full release, but still it’s a fun tune with some nice moments and an absurd amount of samples chucked in the fray. Some of those samples are pretty nice, like the little timestretch break layered with the beatboxing most likely sampled from Kaotic Chemistry “Illegal Subs”, or the “Dedicated to all those who like it hot” line from MC Moose. Some a bit more ropey, like the extended Alexander O’Neil “If You were Here” bit. Probably not going to jump to the front of anyone’s wantlist, but a fun tune for sure if you ever chance across a copy!

The First Instalment – Enity A1

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8205/BTTO Record Sale @ Together Record Fair

May 19th, 2016 by Pete

I’ll be selling records at the Together Record Fair in Cambridge, MA this Saturday afternoon, May 21st, 4pm – 8pm.
Hardcore/Jungle, Early Hiphop, House, Techno, Garage, all sorts of dance music really.
Some super rare things, but LOTS and LOTS more relatively cheap ($3-8) obscure things being sold for $1-3. Big discounts on bulk buys (take my records… please!!).
I’ve got about 7 crates cordoned off, about to start digging through and pricing stuff… wish me luck!!

For more info, click the pic above or go here:

Another Dimension – Twilight Zone (Key of Imagination Mix)

May 19th, 2016 by Pete

Here’s a long time favorite which still seems to be going for reasonably cheap, though the original is a bit harder to find. Strange since I definitely like the original, but this remix wins for me, no doubt about it. Nothing too crazy going on here element-wise. As you’d expect, you get the twilight zone theme music. Honestly, any other theme song might make this a bit of a novelty track, however this one obviously lends itself perfectly to a non-corny track due to the atonal nature of the synth just looping over and over while layers upon layers of classic BBK amens bang away in the background, flanging a bit at times. Eventually a nice pad breakdown hits with a bit of techno synth (sounds a bit like the “Surkit” synth, as used in Return to Atlantis?). Then back to business with the Twilight Zone synth + serious amens. Definitely one to grab, whether it be vinyl, digital or both.
Edit – Ooops, right before publishing this, I gooogled it and fnd Bay B Kane is selling it himself on some sites… best to buy it from him and check from the clip below!!

BTTO Radio – May 15th 2016

May 17th, 2016 by Pete

Here’s the sets from Sunday night… despite little planning and no central theme, I think these went quite well! One of my better sets in a while, minus the terrible micwork (dropping the mic loudly and obnoxiously joking with chatroom regulars on the mic… I cut out a bit of that from this upload). Tim’s set was really excellent, started at a slower BPM and picked up tempo nicely. I had a couple friends over hanging out listening to his set, and we kept being interrupted by a crazy tune coming on and either them or me wanting to know WTF it was….

Speaking of which, at Tim’s suggestion (sure, blame it on him…also because I couldn’t remember a few of mine!) no tracklists this time. Lots of nice surprises though, maybe a forthcoming 8205 bit in there somewhere 😉