Jungletrain Radio Jan 25th 2014 – One-off label special

January 24th, 2015 by Pete

Blog to the Oldskool Radio is back tomorrow evening on jungletrain.net, 5pm EST/10pm UK/1pm CET. Tim Reaper and I will be playing an hour each doing a “one-release label special”, featuring all the labels which popped up, put out one wicked release then sadly disappeared. Seems like a solid idea to me, though the fac tis I haven’t even started pulling tunes yet so I have no idea what kind of stuff this will feature, or if I’ll have to resort to full on white label aka “no label” releases. But I’m guessing it’ll all be 92-96 range, with Tim complaining about the 92-93 tracks while I’m playing them.

Lock in then, and don’t forget to jump in the chat

RJ – Oriental Sunrise

January 24th, 2015 by Pete

Here’s an cool tune from the Boogie Beat / Hi Pois’n camp which has been stuck in my head a bit recently. Despite being from 93, it’s got nice crunchy 92 style production, with flanged/short delayed beats (think + “fools gold” aka the stone roses edit of hotpants), and a melody which I’m guessing is either from a video game or this cheesy looking new age album (can’t find clips to confirm). Overall this EP is fun and worth nabbing, not as sharp and pristine sounding as some of the big label stuff of the time but it retains that raw energy that much of the good 92/93 stuff seems to have. RJ also did another single on Boogie Beat which I’ve never heard, and a wicked EP on Labello Blanco which I’ve never managed to nab / don’t see for sale much.

RJ – Oriental Sunrise

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8205-002 Update: E+HP “Dreadkiller” EPs in stock/shipping

January 23rd, 2015 by Pete

Good news: 8205-002, the Exodus + Head Pressure “Dreadkiller” EPs have arrived! According to Simon at Seventh Storey, they’re sounding just like the test press, no colored vinyl funkiness (phew). I’d say more about them, but, being in the States I’m still waiting for my final copies and don’t want to go on about them until I’m hearing them first-hand.

For people who preordered – about half the preorders were shipped earlier today (thanks Simon!), the rest will ship before the end of the weekend.
For those who didn’t preorder, there’s still some copies available for purchase on the Seventh Story Projects site. Not sure for how long though, best to jump on that if you want a copy!

White Lightning – So Many Tears

January 20th, 2015 by Pete

Here’s a nice vibey number by Ron Wells (aka Jack Smooth of Basement Recs fame) and Scott Free (who did a wicked EP on Basement called “Street Fighter” or “Street Fighting” if I remember right). It’s not one of Smooth’s best known tracks, and it’s somewhat removed from his earlier more “jungle techno” style, but it’s a great tune nonetheless: lush 94-95 style tuneage using vocals from Satoshi Tomiie “Tears” (I think? can’t check now) coupled with hot pants breaks and dreamy synths. Well worth grabbing!

White Lightning – So Many Tears

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Blog to the Oldskool Radio January 13th: 1994-1996 Jungle

January 15th, 2015 by Pete

Here’s a hasty rerecord of the set Sunday evening – the original was clipping and somehow got the first and last 3-4 tracks cut off. This version is exactly the tunes played in the same order, minus a few extra ones ta the end. It actually sounds a little worse than when it was first spun since that one was more off-the-cuff, this was done hastily before work and I was rushing to get it done, so tracks come in faster and looser than they should. On the plus side, you get 2 hours of tunes consolidated down to 90 minutes. Big thanks to everyone who tuned, in especially people in the Jungletrain chat (Recoil, Tim, Code, JahRich, etc), keeping me busy multitasking during the show. If you like 94-96, this is one to check for sure – fun selection of classics and well known tunes with some nerdy ones.


The JB – Back 2 Life
Immortal Minds – Flux
SMF – How Many Ways
? (white label)
Dread Bass – Baby Tears
FBD Project – She’s So
Unknown artist – My Sound (HD7)
Foul Play – Beats Track
Charlie Recall – Here’s My Gun
Babylon Timewarp – Charging
Bones + Natty – Pow
The Nu Groove – Phantasy’s Original Mix
L Double – Your Love
Macka Brown – Slow Down
Dubologist – The Curse!!! (Original Dub)
Omni Trio – Torn
Model + HLS – Tense
Urban Jungle – Back in the Days
Black or White- Open Your Heart and Listen to
Shock C & DJ Ellis The Menace – Crazy Feelings
New Jack Pimps – Water Jelly
Flytronix – Fly Step
Fallen Angels – Oh Yeah
The Dude – Wild Trip
Lennie De Ice – Grave Digger
Formula 7 & Ruffkut – Jody’s Theme
Lick Back Organization – Manik Music
Drum and Bass – The Feeling (Dubplate)
Droppin Science – Vol 1 Remix
DJ Rap & Outlaw Candy – Intelligent Woman
Original DJ Vibes – Warm & Easy
Artinis – Inner Rhythm
Deep Blue – Fantasy #3
Dillinja – I Got You
The Sentinel – Heavy Vibes
The Misusers – X-stasy
Logic of Smith – “Barry” “Terry” (Light Mix)
Skool of Hard Knocks – Everybody (Back 2 Basics Remix)
Radioactive Kids – Prescription Underground
T Power – Police State
Bizzy B – Prophecy

In-Side – Walking Around… Definite Steps

January 13th, 2015 by Pete

Along the lines of my International Hardcore jungle mix I posted a while ago, here’s a really unknown Swedish track. Aside from Dragonfly (who has everyone beat), this is probably the earliest Swedish breakbeat/hardcore track I’ve heard. As such, it’s pretty rough around the edges, but it’s got a great collection of fun and beyond-classic samples, without sounding like a cheap megamix. It sort of encapsulates that “grab a bunch of parts of tunes you think are wicked, chuck em in a sampler and see what happens” ethos that helped form the basis of hardcore. In this track, those samples include:

  • Horns from the Stalag Riddim (used in Tango – Tango Project)
  • Vocals from Black Box “Everybody Everybody” acapella (as used in Noise Factory “Set Me Free”)
  • “Yeahhhh” sample from Afrika Bambaataa “Planet Rock”, as used all over the place
  • Drum fill from ???? (some classic dancehall I think?), as used in Top Buzz’s Anthill Mob remix and many more tunes

Plus familiar bleeps and stabs, solid breaks, etc. In-Side went on to do a couple more nice hc/jungle tracks in 94/95, his tunes on Nordik Rave and the Fluid Sampler EP are quality.

In-Side – Walking Around Definite Steps

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Logic of Smithy – “Barry” “Terry”

January 12th, 2015 by Pete

It’s been a long time since I posted a tune, so here’s a seriously rare obscurity… some might say obscure-for-the-sake-of-obscure :) It’s a bit of a novelty single, using samples from the Harry Enfield show in a manner similar to classic first-name-shouted tracks like Johnny Jungle “Johnny”, Subnation “Scotty”, and Remarc “Ricky”. Despite that, the tunes are decent, especially the “Light” mix. The two B side mixes were both produced by UK Tribe, who did some OK singles on their label Ava Aura.

What surprises me most about this EP is that it’s a full picture sleeve release, with color label etc. No one-off hasty test press or promo business here! With that in mind, I’d think that they must have pressed at least 1000 or more of these. And yet, I’d never heard of this EP or seen any copies for sale up until a single copy went on discogs last year (via Craig/Crugga). Googling for it didn’t turn up any old results either. Every now and then a single will “slip through the cracks” liek this despite being somewhat plentiful, not getting propery listed simply because no one wants to bother adding it. But usually stuff like this still shows up in some form – on other sites, mentioned somewhere, etc. The fact that this one never did, leads me to wonder if either the pressing was cancelled, or somewhere in the world there’s a big cardboard box or two filled with hundreds of copies of this. If anyone knows the deal, please fill me in

Logic of Smithy – Barry Terry

Finally, out to everyone in the Beautifully Crafted Jungle facebook group, where I posted a short clip of this record and watched the “wants” on discogs jump almost instantly from 2 to 15. Good to see some people are still trying to track down vinyl in this day and age :)

Blog to the Oldskool Radio tomorrow on Jungletrain

January 10th, 2015 by Pete

Sorry for the long delay… going to write a bunch of posts today and stagger them over the next few weeks, so definitey add the blog to the oldskool twitter or facebook page if you want to be informed.

Anyway, Blog to the Oldskool Radio is back tomorrow night on Jungletrain. It’s been a month since I’ve done a set (Tim hosted the show 2 weeks ago). I’ve got lots of fun stuff to play I’ve never played on the show before, both recent acquisitions and stuff I found hiding in my collection.

As usual, the show runs 5pm EST/ 10pm UK / 11pm CET on http://jungletrain.net. As usual, I’ll try to post a set sometime in the week after but it’s always extra fun when people tune in live and chat in the chatroom, so if you got nothing better to do Sunday evening, lock in for a bit and say hi!

Formula 7 & Ruffkut – Jodi’s Theme (94 Remix)

December 24th, 2014 by Pete

Merry Xmas everyone! Here’s a nice 94 tune which has been stuck in my head lately. It snuck under my radar for a long time, until it was re-ID’d for me and I realized I already had it but had only ever checked the first side. Nothing super strange or “out there”, just everything you’d come to expect from a solid 94 track – nice intro breaks, female vox, pads, leading to a vocal breakdown and heavy amens. Formula 7 has done a lot of other great underrated tunes, both versions of this are definitely worth nabbing. In the meantime, check this remix and have a great holiday / good new year.

Formula 7 + Ruffkut – Jody’s Theme

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Blog to the Oldskool Radio Dec 14th: A-Z of 93 special

December 17th, 2014 by Pete

Here’s my set from Sunday’s show, rerecorded without the annoying banter and mic feedback. Also because my stream ripper crashed (as usual).

27 tracks in 58 mins, all from 93, all vinyl, mixed in alphabetical order by artist name. A lot more classics this time, not much nerdy stuff!


4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse – Drowning in Her
Acro – Skylab
Bounty Killaz – Silent Voices
Criminal Minds – One Way System
Digitech (Dillinja) – Imperial Stix
EQ – Void Of Xtasy
Foul Play – Screwface
Gappa G + Hyper Hyper – Information Center
Hyper On Experience – Thunder Grip
Intense – White Doctor Groove
Johnny Jungle – Flammable (Original Mix)
Kev Bird + Wax Doctor – On a roll
Lemon D – Parazone
M-D-Emm – Energy Rush (Unity FM Mix)
Noise Factory – Come Inside
Orca – Rain of Drums
Pilgrim + Ned Ryder – Face of the Deep
Q-Bass – Funky Dope Track
Remarc – Help Me
Studio Pressure – Jump MK 2
Tom + Jerry – All Alone wid Dog Face
Underworld – The Rising
Vertigo – Caution
Whitehouse Crew – Anonymous
Xenophobia – Rise of The Phoenix
Young Free Radical – Slipstream
Zookeeper’s Revenge – Earth Shake

Hopefully Tim’s A-Z of 94 set will follow. Tim, get off your butt and (re)record it!!