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February 27th, 2015

Greylox – Call the Cops

February 25th, 2015

When it comes to various oldskool styles 90-2000, it’s no secret that 1994-97 stuff has been getting a lot more shine these days. It used to be 92 was all the rage, then darkside seemed kind of trendy for a bit, now anything atmospheric / vibey is the one. That’s not to take away from any of these styles, I love them all and especially play a lot more 94-96 since it’s a lot easier to fling in a mix without outlandish key clashes etc. But lately I’ve been missing full on 92-for-the-sake-of 92 stuff. So here’s a few posts in that style. Nothing “Beautifully crafted”, just fun crazy rave-y tracks.

To start, this track is by Nick Power of the famous “Music Power” shop. Nick was an underrated producer who did a ton of good tunes, all of which were on smaller labels (including ones he ran himself). Of those tunes, this is probably one of the most sought after. I never bothered to buy it before since it was always pretty rare and pricey, and I always considered it more than a bit cheddar. But someone recently threw a copy of the later bootleg pressing in with an order I received (Thanks man!), so I gave it a few plays. Sure enough, it’s not a shabby tune. Solid samples, good sound even on the bootleg (ripped here). Really, it comes down to whether that “Cops” themesong bugs you or you think it’s kind of fun. It definitely seems like the sort of thing which might be corny or groan inducing at first, but if you hear it enough in a mix could get stuck in your head easily.

Nick Power has some interesting stuff to say about it on discogs:

This is a track i put together in an updated drum n bass style back in the day. Only 500 pressed to test the water, as i sent this to the producers of the USA TV show “COPS” in the hope that they would use it as a new ‘kooler’ theme tune, and that i would make 6 or 7 pounds. I never received a reply, and the track never got a general release.
I wish i had some left then maybe i could have made 8 pounds now at least.
Teknicks Dex was a tekno track that i put together in 2 mixes. So titled from Take Nick’s Decks. Touch ‘em and i’ll kill ya!!

Nuff said!! Check it out below.

Greylox – Call the Cops

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Tim Reaper – Blog to the Oldskool Radio Set, Feb 22nd 2015

February 23rd, 2015

Tim Reaper killed it on BTTO Radio yesterday!
Really nice show, lots of classy tunes, both well known and lesser known.


Source Direct – Approach & Identify [Source Direct]
Intense – Breathless [Creative Source]
ST Files – ST Files Pt. 1 [Flex]
Dillinja – Heavenly Bass [Logic Productions]
Tomba – Scape [Pufa]
Top Buzz – Livin’ In A Dream [Basement]
Essence Of Aura – Can I Dream (Remix) [Outstanding Productions]
Hackney Hardcore – Rudie (Sub Kick Mix) [Strictly Hardcore]
Ed Rush & Nico – Force Is Electric (Remix) [No U-Turn]
DJ Rus De Tox & Teebone – Southside Roll (Part 2) [Riddim Track]
Peshay & Roger Johnson – In My Soul [2000 AD]
Bug Kann & The Plastic Jam – Made In Two Minutes (Origin Unknown Remix) [PWL]
?? – ??
DJ Nut Nut – Forbidden Planet [Virtual Motion]
Appaloosa – Planet Claire [Recoil]
A-Zone – Safety Zone (White House)
Lee Cashin & Pooch – Vibe Out [Kemet]
Shimon – Within Reason [RAM]
Charlie Recall – Submerged [Section 5]
?? – ??
On Remand – Assault ’94 [Underworld Vinyl]
?? – ??
DJ Harry & Point Blank – Cape Fear (DJ Harry Mix) [Tone Def]
Orca – Sky Hook [Lucky Spin]
Sub-State – Move [Rogue Trooper]
System X – 2 In 1 Mix [3rd Eye]
DJ Crystl – Crystlize [Dee Jay]
Manix – When You Hold Me Close (92 Mix) [Reinforced]
Jeep Head – Close Encounters (Black Steel Mix) [Section 12]
Bizzy B – Rollin’ (Flex’s Twissup Mix) [Brain]
DJ Rap – Your Mind (Gimp & Steve C Mix) [Proper Talent]
Formula 7 & Ruffkut – Jodi’s Theme (94 Mix) [Quayside]
Stakka & K.Tee – Brockin’ Out [Liftin’ Spirit]
Smith Inc – Sty-le [Absolute II]
Vibes & Wishdokta – Midsummer Mist [Asylum]
Megashira – Mental Strength (Powaflex Remix) [INFRACom!]
The Source – One By One [Ruff ‘N’ Tuff]
Flynn & Flora – Revolution [Independent Dealers]
Conquering Lion – Inah Sound [X Project]
CO2 – Time Bomb [Deep Seven]
Skan – Not Sorry [24 Karat]
Rinca – Children Of The Ghetto [Ruff Guidance]
Nookie – Just Bring The Darkness [Phuzion Digital]
Studio Pressure – Relics (Natural Mystic Mix) [Certificate 18]
The Hempaholics & Gunsmoke – Court Case
Pascal – Hyperthermic [Frontline]
Eze-G – Hurt Me [Unatural Light]
Fast Floor – Sweat Shop [Smooth Recordings]
Equinox – ??

BTTO Radio Tomorrow (Sun Feb 22nd) w/ Tim Reaper on Jungletrain

February 21st, 2015

Blog to the Oldskool Radio is back tomorrow evening. This time, Tim Reaper is celebrating a fixed laptop by holding down the show in its entirety. Espect obscure gems, brand new unreleased tunes, exclusive tracks, etc etc. Really I have no idea what he’ll play but I’m guessing it’ll involve lots of tracks by those guys who had the big kickstarter campaign going for them this week.

Be sure to lock in then 5pm EST/ 10pm UK / 11pm CET on

Facebook Event:
Also, what would a Tim Reaper radio show be without the chatroom?? If you’re not in the chat at, you’re missing out!

The Winstons Amen Brother Donation Gesture

February 18th, 2015

Recently, someone posted a several year old interview with the singer of the Winstons regarding the “amen break”, from a BBC radio show.

(thanks to Monita / Skeleton recordings for reposting!)

In it, the singer gets asked how he feels about people using the break, and he mentions that despite the huge interest and response, by and large it’s NOT been a good thing for them: first at task is the feeling of having people using things without asking, which i one issue and much more open ended / I can see lots of different opinions on. However, much more importantly, he also mentions that the players on this record never got their due, either from the royalties of Amen Brother tune OR from the thousands and thousands of tracks which sampled it. In fact, the drummer who played that classic beat died broke and homeless in 2006!!

This is really sad and frustrating to hear – regardless of how you feel about sampling/ fair use / re-appropriation, I think EVERYONE can agree this sample is a special case which has truly helped define entire scene(s). There’s entire parties where 50% of tracks in the night involve finely diced versions of this sample. People have done documentaries about it, and spent years and years trying to reproduce it, study it, etc. Regardless of how much the artists are explicitly “owed” from all of that, I feel like it’s at least safe to say a shockingly large enough amount of disposable income has been thrown around on things connected to the sample, that it’s pretty awful that the artists didnt’ end up at least living comfortably and appropriately thanked for their contribution.

Unfortunately, since the drummer is now long since passed, there’s not much that can be done to really make things fully right. However, the singer (who didn’t play on the track but owns the rights) is still around, so Martyn Webster / DJ Destiny set up a gofundme to raise a nomninal amount to give to him. Maybe in the future there will also be something similar for the drummer’s kids, but for now I think this is a GREAT gesture to try to do SOMETHING for a person so directly involved in the creation of a killer sample, instead of everyone just shrugging their shoulders and continuing on as if that sample simply appeared out of nowhere.

Anyway, soap-box mode off. If you love jungle/tracks with the amen/sampling the amen for your own tracks/the winstons, maybe you want to kick some money towards this? Whether you’re an artist or a fan. No ones obligated but seems like a good thing to do.

new 8205 website & ltd US copies of “Dread Killer EP”

February 14th, 2015

Just a quick heads up that I threw together a new website for 8205 Recordings:

The site is pretty boring/basic, but it has all the important info for the label. I’ll be adding a “news” section soon, as well as whatever other relevant info I can think of.

The other news is that, if you check the webpage for 8205-002, there’s now a limited number< of copies of 8205-002 in the US for people looking to buy it here. These copies were shipped to me from the UK at a considerable expense, but the overall shipping cost per copy should be a lot less than if everyone bought it from the UK.

Initially I planned not to do this again this release, but Royalmail prices have been so crazy lately ($15-20 shipping for one record not out of the question), I wanted to give a cheaper option for anyone looking to buy it in the States. So if anyone over here has been waiting to buy this new release but hesitant because of the high postage price, you can now grab one (or two) here.

Please Note: We’re in the middle of a pretty brutal series of snowstorms here in New England, so I can’t promise next-day turnaround. As with last time, I’ll be doing runs every week or two, and will try to let everyone know when their record is in the mail. Also, these copies are for people with shipping addresses in the US only – Canada and elsewhere, it’s still cheaper to send them from the UK. Everyone outside the US can continue to get theirs from Seventh Storey Projects.

Chalke – Resurrection

February 14th, 2015

OK, been a bit slack on the individual tune posts so here’s an absolute c-l-a-s-s-i-c to make up for it. This is a one-off EP made famous by Bukem playing it in one of his Best Yaman tapes Hardcore vol 11. The flipside was also in a previous Yaman tape (Hardcore Vol 9), but I think this is the track that most people know and prefer. On one hand, “Resurrection” has got all the trappings of a 93 darkside gem – moody synths, horror movie samples (the aforementioned “Demon Resurrection” line from Evil Dead), and rolling amens. At the same time though, the track moves back and forth from outright horror movie style orchestral music to a more vibey, uplifting, deep sort of “darkside” sound – the kind which doesn’t sound “dark” in the traditional sense of the word, but more just deep and proto-intelligent and in contrast to fun bouncy ravestab pianofest stuff which preceded it in 92.

The only minor downside to this tune is the somewhat strange low fi nature of the beats (maybe “overblown” is the right word?), but the nice rolling nature of the beats fits the melody perfectly, and it’s a perfect example of vibes easily winning out over technical prowess or clinical production. And if you can’t suspend disbelief about a minor production issue in light of an overall great tune, oldskool probably isn’t the music style for you :) All in all, a big big tune I listen to and spin a lot, worth tracking down despite the moderately large price tag.

Chalke – The Resurrection

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Persian Prince, Bizzy B & D-Lux – The Lost DATs Volume 1

February 10th, 2015

Finally get to spill the beans about a really cool release done by Persian Prince, who I’ve posted about before here and here due to a number of wicked singles he did back in the day. For this EP, Persian Prince has tracked down some classic long-lost tunes on DAT, and pressed them in a super limited fashion – just 70 copies for sale. It’s the first in a series of releases he’s doing in this format, all of which are being done strictly for the love of the music. Despite the highly limited number (and high cost pressing so few), he’s keeping the release price quite low so any big fans of the tunes can grab it. Huge respect to him for doing this, I was lucky enough to receive a TP of this last month and have been playing it nonstop (even played it in a set in NYC). Hopefully some collab with 8205 might happen in the future, it’s been really great seeing an artist as keen as I am to get classic unheard tunes out there (with the added advantage that he was there actually writing some of these classic tunes back in the day!)

Now for the trickier part: how to get a copy. For this release, Persian Prince will be listing these for sale one at a time on discogs here. This is the easiest way for him to track stock for now and keep these manageable, so if you want one, my suggestion is to add the release to your wantslist and keep a keen eye out! I’ve got a feeling this one will go lightning fast.

Bizzy B, DJ D-Lux & Persian Prince – The Lost Dats 91 95 Vol 1

Note: There’s some serious painful digital glitching in the latter part of the clip above – nothing like this is on the released versions of these tunes. If I remember right the Persian Prince tracks might have a bit of it, but nothing unplayable like in the clip above.

Blog to the Oldskool Radio Feb 8th 2015: 1993-1996 Jungle

February 9th, 2015

Really fun show last night, thanks to everyone who locked in! Always good to have people in the chatroom keeping it lively, also got some nice requests made which fit the show well. Apologies for not getting to the PFM one on, I found out my copy of “wash over me” is pretty nasty sounding and needs a good cleaning.

I mostly played old stuff during this show, but there’s a few new tunes things sprinkled in, including a new one by Thumbzo, the Invisible Man “Unreleased History” EP, and the new Tim Reaper “Need Money For Laptop” Bandcamp EP which I mentioned a day or two ago. Made a few edits to take out the talk on top and faded out the last track but otherwise all there.


The Occupant – Planetary Affair
Basic Movements- Bubble and Whine
Temptation Project – Planetary Feelings (Drum and Bass Mix)
Unknown Face – Step Down
Noodles + Wonder – Dub Soup EP
Vision – The Unmistakable
Jonny L – Tychtonic Cycle
Krust – Poison
? – ? (no cat # just a lengthy matrix number)
Advantage – Breaks in Space
Eddie – Intelligent Drumer (Steve Gurley Remix)
DJ Ron – Mo Music EP
Brothers With Soul – Music is So Special
Digital – Take Me Away
Artinis – Inna Rhythm
Tim Reaper – Bring in the Chuck Beats
Invisible Man – Sunburst (Amens Last Stand)
Electric Aura – Oxygen
System X – Mindgames
Prizna – No Man No Bad (Grooverider Remix)
Undergraduates – Into the Future
Rogue Unit – Luv Dub
Splash – Rugged and Raw
Thumbzo – Jack That
007 – Time Travel
DJ Redoo – Bulldozer
New Age – Thunder
Sponge – Shabbutz
Octave One – Chill Out
M-Beat – Morning Will Come (G Moni Mix)
Renegade – Something I Feel
Jungle Neck – JN001
Original Substitute – Feel Free
Intensity – X files pt 2 EP
Koda – Dat Sound
DJ Devine + Essence – Ease Up
Rinse001 (Darkman)
Truper – Vol 1
Kaos Theory – Sooth My Soul

BTTO Radio tonight on Jungletrain, 5pm est/10pm uk

February 8th, 2015

Blog to the Oldskool Radio returns tonight on, 5pm EST/ 10pm UK / 11pm CET. No special theme tonight other than the fact that it’s been cold and miserable here in Boston for the past few weeks, and it’s supposed to snow all day today and tomorrow. So maybe some nice fun vibey jungle / dnb to raise the spirits? I don’t normally spin post 95 stuff but just played a fun set last Thursday for the 16th Anniversary of a Boston DNB night, so maybe I’ll throw some classic 97-99 in towards the end records in. Or Maybe Tim will take over the show partway through and play some of his new tracks / exclusives? Only way to tell for sure is to lock in 5 hours from now on, and to join the chat at