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February 6th, 2016

BTTO Radio is back tomorrow night, Tim Reaper and I both playing. Lots of fresh stuff this show! 5pm est/ 10pm UK on

Parallel – Untitled (Eeze the Pressure)

February 3rd, 2016

Here’s a nice Bay B Kane related track that I’ve been into as of late, which I think is a bit overlooked – I certainly overlooked it until recently.
Even on the EP it’s featured on, at least two other tracks (“How should I Start” and the “Let Me Feel It Once More” remix) are much better known. Still, this tune is fun and has been great to throw in mixes as of late. The primary melody and vocals are from Subliminal Aura “Ease the Pressure (Hypnotic Trance Mix)”, but with killer Bay B Kane breaks-n-bass added in as well as some more bleeps. Definitely a fun surprise if you’ve got this record for the first two tunes but want something different to play.

As always, big respect to Mel on this one! Aside from picking up this EP, you can also grab the official “return of bay b kane” reissue EP or a Ruff Guidance Records T shirt.

Parallell – Eeze the Pressure

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Persian Prince – Existance is Resistance releases

February 2nd, 2016

I know I don’t post much in the way of new releases here (mostly because StrictlyNuskool Blog do a great job of keeping up), but here’s some nice Persian Prince releases which sort of went under the radar. Unlike some artists/labels which get tons of hype and everyone seems to look out for, Persian’s stuff I don’t seem to hear as much about (despite or maybe due to it being super limited). Unlike a lot of artists and labels (including myself) which are very narrowly focused on jungle of a certain several-year period, Persian’s EPs feature run the gamut from jungle to UKG, breaks, house, and more. These aren’t unfocused genre excursions, he’s every bit as good at making UKG stuff as he is at jungle and some of those style tracks are quite rare and in demand now. Also, while that kind of variety might have been a bit of a hard sell 20 years ago when DJs were more sub-genre specialized, it seems there’s now a new generation of listeners and DJS who treat genre specificity as a problem of the past.

With Persian’s latest released EP, Don’t Deal Wid Violence, you get a number of styles running the gamut from breaks to hardcore to house. The title track is kind of a throwback breakbeat-y hardcore tune, a bit bleak with acid bits later on.

On the other hand, you also get “Khaab”, a house track which sounds a bit like Fingers Inc meets Farsi poetry to me:

Tracks like this are a personal fav for me because they showcase Persian Prince’s background (as the name indicates he’s originally from Iran) and show the same kind of synthesis of culture and influences which originally lead to the foundation of hardcore/jungle.

You can grab that release HERE

Another recent release is The Young Skywalker EP, which combines dubwise jungle with some classic sci fi movie samples.
“Disengage the Computer” is a nice rolling jungle tune with star trek samples aplenty:

In all honesty, the slightly updated, rolling dubwise jungle/dnb style isn’t my personal fav style, but I’ve seen firsthand how well it works on the dancefloor in the UK, and it’s definitely a serious scene of it’s own. People into that stuff woudl definitely be wise to grab this one HERE.

Devnull – BTTO Radio January 24th 2016

January 31st, 2016

Here’s last Sunday’s set… Tim didn’t want his set posted so just mine for now, but both sets were fun / thanks to everyone who tuned in live!!

  1. Kaotic Chemistry – Space Cakes (2 Bad Mice Remix) [Moving Shadow]
  2. DJ Spice – Under D’ Influence [Soapbar]
  3. Defender – Feel It (Bass) [Gyroscope]
  4. Rotating Heads – Dark Secrets (Original Mix) [Wide Eyed]
  5. DJ Mayhem – Metrix (The Remix) [Basement]
  6. Pilgrim & Ned Ryder – Must be the Music [Back 2 Basics]
  7. Side Effect – Destiny [Time Travel]
  8. DJ LJT Feat Kinetic – Unknown [Not on Label]
  9. Hedgehog Affair – The Pipe [Sound Entity]
  10. Chris Paul – Music Is My Life [Orange on Black]
  11. DJ Ash – Untitled
  12. DJ Transit – Music In Me (Hard Mix) [JD Connection]
  13. Amazon II – Deep in the Jungle [Aphrodite]
  14. Hopa & Bones – Ali Ba-Ba [In Touch]
  15. Skool of Hard Knocks – Right Bullet (Dancemaster Remix) [Kikman]
  16. EZ Rollers – Believe [Moving Shadow]
  17. VIP Crew – Special Request [Strictly Undeground]
  18. Sounds of Silence – Much Too Much (@ 45) [Inner City]
  19. Pure – Anything Test [Suburban Base]
  20. Simon Templar – Hungry Eyes [Road Busters]
  21. Jay J & Devious D – Time of Our Lives (Jungle Remix) [Ultrasound]
  22. Positive Mental Attitude – Rough N Tuff [Tech Itch Recordings]
  23. Unknown Artist – The Keep
  24. Unknown Artist – Untitled
  25. Tim Reaper – Dublinquents 003 TP [Dublinquents]

Devnull – BTTO Radio January 24th 2015 by Devnull / Blog To The Oldskool on Mixcloud

NRG – Domino

January 29th, 2016

Here’s a fun track for Friday.. guessing the only reason this wasn’t bigger back when released was that it came out in 94 but sounds very much 92 style… not just the uplifting pianos (which contrast nicely with the Cape Fear soundtrack music sample), but the low fi hiphop vocals bits, etc. In fact, it pretty much sounds like it could have come out of the exact same sessions as NRG classics like “Never Lost His Hardcore” or “Feel the Fury”. Not sure if that’s the case or not, but either way, I don’t think it ever got proper UK release and instead came out in a German label in a couple of different pressings. Definitely a fun grab if you’ve got the other NRG stuff (which most 92 fans do) but are looking for something less known with a similar fun sound.

NRG – Domino.mp3

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BTTO Radio & guest mix tonight

January 24th, 2016

2 sets going on today…. First, I’ve got a 1 hour podcast airing on my friends Scott’s show on Show starts 3pm EST/8pm UK, I think my set is on at 4pm / 9pm UK? More info here. Podcast will be up on itunes & other places afterwards. I recorded this set a month ago and really like it, LOTS of recent tracks / forthcoming / possible forthcoming stuff, alongside classic oldskool jams.

Next (actually immediately following that), BTTO Radio is back at the usual time 5pm est/10pm uk, with both Tim and I playing. The show is on as per usual, also as per usual feel free to jump in the jungletrain chat if you don’t mind putting your brain cells at risk.

Tim Reaper – BTTO Radio January 10th 2016

January 23rd, 2016

Here is a killer set from Tim I never posted! Full 2 hour set from him, lots of bangers… check it out to prepare for our show tomorrow at 5pm est/10pm uk on

Big thanks to Postman for the rip!


  1. Ramos & Vinylgroover – The Beast [Hectic]
  2. FBD Project – The Core [Bang-In Tunes]
  3. Bizzy B & Technochild – Obsessions [Brain]
  4. The Reece Project – Mind Trip [Liquid Wax]
  5. Johnny Jungle – Johnny (Slipmaster J Mix) [Dee Jay]
  6. CO2 – Time Bomb (Fuse Mix) [Deep Seven]
  7. Nick OD – Distance (Need You Now) [Reinforced]
  8. The Rude Boy Project – Scary [Symphony Sound]
  9. Noise Factory – Wheel Up [3rd Party]
  10. DJ Junk – Vol. 6 (Side B1) [Junk]
  11. A-Sides – 81bpm [Boombastic Plastic]
  12. Capone – Black Wax EP (Side A1) [Target]
  13. DJ Trace – You Smoke Crack Don’t Ya?
  14. DJ Distroi & Boykz – Darkside [Flyte]
  15. Smooth But Hazzardous – We Are The Creator [Sound Entity]
  16. Edge Of Darkness – Fantastic Voyage [After Dark]
  17. Smith Inc – Change [Absolute Zero]
  18. Equinox – ??
  19. Tom & Jerry – Programme 502 [Tom & Jerry]
  20. Mr Sensi & Tim Reaper – ??
  21. Tight Control – Ruffin’ It Up [Bear Necessities]
  22. Rotating Heads – Dark Secrets (Wishdokta Mash Up Mix) [Wide Eyed]
  23. Q Project – Night Moves (Alliance Remix) [Legend]
  24. Beyond The Future – Mystery Ride (Flatline Mix) [Paradise]
  25. Studio II – Who Jah Bless [Not On Label]
  26. Leon Mar – Sex Me (Amen Mix) [Leon Mar’s Bandcamp]
  27. Spacelink – Timezone (Unreleased Amen Mix) [Passenger]
  28. Higher Sense – People Of The Universe (Remix) [Moving Shadow]
  29. Source Direct – Shimmer [Odysee]
  30. Lee Cashin & The Lab Rats – Stoopin’ [Spotlight]
  31. DJ Krust – Metamorphisisms
  32. Adam F – Light Years [Lucky Spin]
  33. Strange Works – Niceness
  34. Mickey Finn & Aphrodite – AWOL (VIP Mix) [Ministry Of Sound]
  35. Axis – Solutions [Looking Good]
  36. Danny Breaks – Droppin’ Science Vol. 1 (DJ Harmony Remix) [Droppin’ Science]
  37. Frankie Paul & Buju Banton – Bring Yuh Body (Tom & Jerry Remix) [Street Tuff]
  38. Special K – Deep In Space [MaDMAn]
  39. Cutty Ranks – Original Ranks (Just Jungle Remix) [Jungle Fashion]
  40. M.I.D – Dreams (Revisited) [Offset]
  41. Advantage – Avalanche [X-Press]
  42. Digitech – Imperial Stix EP (Side B2) [Cybotron]
  43. Marvellous Cain – Hitman (Album Mix) [Suburban Base]
  44. Three Disciples – Snaggal [Flex]
  45. Little Matt – Phat + Phuturistic (Part 2) [Bear Necessities]
  46. Jack ‘n’ Phil – Don’t Beg 4 Love (Pure Basement Mix) [Basement]
  47. Midas – Imperial March (Remix) [Slammin’ Vinyl]
  48. Ravers Choice – Vol. 2A [Ravers Choice]

Tim Reaper – BTTO Radio January 10th 2016 by Devnull / Blog To The Oldskool on Mixcloud

Paul Z – One Small Step

January 22nd, 2016

With all the focus on jungle lately, it seems LOTS of tunes are going way up in price, not just the rare/in demand ones. For instance, Paul Z’s great EP “Open Mind” seems to be totally sold out on discogs as of writing this. Still, it’s nice that there’s plenty of other tunes like this which are still kicking around for a pound or two. This EP is a bit later than “Open Mind”, and has more of a steppy feel at its base (due to the later year), but still lets loose with nice amens after a while, plus heavy sub and those classic moon landing samples. Not gonna cure cancer or change music as we know it, but some nice really fun stuff to throw in the mix! Big respect to Paul Z wherever you are.

Paul Z – One Small Step

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Future Viper – Creatures of the Drum pt 3

January 19th, 2016

Normally when I wait this long between tune posts, I try to post something super rare or in-demand or otherwise special. Dunno if this qualifies, but at the least it’s an odd tune which nobody checking this blog has heard before (well, before I played it on BTTO Radio Dec 27th). Certainly wasn’t getting rinsed by Jungle Royalty bitd at massive raves, hehe.

Future Viper, aka Oliver Kirwa, was more of a hardcore and gabber producer, as well as developing some quite cool looking C64 games. This is the only jungle track on the EP, and despite digging for “out there” stuff like this I may have never found if my buddy Crugga didn’t chuck it into an order for me (knowing how much I love odd tunes like this). It’s definitely a jungle track track through and through – chopped amens, subby bass, bleeps heavily reminiscent of YMO (maybe sampled from them?), alternating with a dark ominous bell tone. Nice clean production too. Still, there’s something a bit “off” that makes it not really work as a jungle tune – maybe it’s the super bouncy happy sound of that YMO-ish part. Either way, quite interesting and cool to hear for those who think they have “heard it all”!

Future Viper – Creatures of the Drum 3

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BTTO Radio December 27th 2015

January 14th, 2016

Catching up on old archived sets… last weekend of the year was actually quite nice so figure it was still worth chucking up. Both my and Tim’s set had strong tracks, and had quite a few people in the chat (as you can hear from all the annoying shouts in the start of my set).
Dev/Null Set


  1. Foul Play – Re-Open Your Mind ‘95 [Moving Shadow]
  2. Urban Wax – Take Me Up [Liquid Wax]
  3. Macka Brown – Slow Down VIP Instrumental
  4. Paradox – Pray [Xpressive]
  5. DJ Invincible – Flying [Not on Label]
  6. Ruff with the Smooth – Twisted Girl [Basement]
  7. Sully – Helios [Astrophonica]
  8. Hyper-On Experience – Disturbance (Tango Remix) [Moving Shadow]
  9. Virtigo – Chemical Warfare [Underworld Vinyl]
  10. Code K – Ryde n’ Slyde [Whitehouse]
  11. Helen T – Somthing Special [IDM]
  12. Future Viper – Creatures of the Drum [Influence]
  13. International Rude Boyz – Drum Programme Remix [Formation]
  14. Dubtronix – Feelin [Heavy Duty]
  15. R Lally – Dead Homies (Uppercut Crew Mix) [Not on Label]
  16. Twisted Minds – Advanced Consciousness [Mole]
  17. Roz – U Can Be My Lover (Dub Mix) [XL]
  18. Unknown Artist – Oh Yeah
  19. Alias – Jamming [Fresh 86]
  20. Plaid – Angry Dolphin [Clear]
  21. The JB & Ascend – Let it Go [Edit] [Back 2 Basics]
  22. Merlin – Encounters [Renegade Recordings]
  23. Unknown Artist – Here Comes
  24. Babylon Timewarp – Changing [KVA]
  25. Megashira – Mental Strength [Infracom!]
  26. [Simpsons sample from youtube because people were joking about last tune’s sax]
  27. Russ & De Tox – Selectors Roll VIP
  28. Voyager – Eastern Promises [Lucky Spin]
  29. Total Science – Rotation [CIA]
  30. Steve C – Tranquility [Hyper Records]
  31. Unknown – to ID in a forthcoming mix
  32. Dr Know – Make Me Feel [Deep Red]
  33. Unknown Artist – Untitled [Not on Label]
  34. Tim Reaper – 4×4 Flex
  35. Electronic Experienced – No 303 [Basement]
  36. A-Sides – String Tips [Boombastic Plastic]
  37. Vibes & Wishdokta – Gun n Bass [Impact]
  38. Cristophe – Cristophe 1 [Bandcamp]
  39. Darren H & Punisher – All Massive [Boom Tunes]
  40. Tin Tin – Volume 1 [Homegrown]
  41. ? – ? [8205]
  42. Phantasy + Smooth – Vol 1 [Sound Entity]
  43. Missing – Slipstream [Pterodactyl]

Devnull – BTTO Radio December 28th 2015 by Devnull / Blog To The Oldskool on Mixcloud

Tim Reaper Set:


  1. Eze-G & Badd 102 – Dub Exodus
  2. DJ Phantasy & DJ Gemini – Ruff Beats (Remix)
  3. Studio Pressure – Presha
  4. Mole The Dipper & The 3D Crew – Hit ‘N’ Run
  5. ? – ?
  6. Bizzy B & Technochild – Give It All You Got
  7. Basement Phil – Flying (The Deeper Side Mix)
  8. DJ Rap & Aston – Jeopardy (Desired State Mix)
  9. Voyager – Desire (Dave Wallace Remix)
  10. DJ Crystl – Untitled (Live EP)
  11. Jonny L – I’m Leavin’
  12. Intense – The Dreamer
  13. Sacred – Boom It Up
  14. Lemon D – Feel It
  15. Skool Of Hard Knocks – Kan Ya Feel It
  16. DJ Krust – Poison
  17. Cool Hand Flex – Mercy Mercy
  18. Mixrace – Dirty Amen
  19. 2 Player – Extreme Possibilities (Wagon Christ Mix)
  20. Fallen Angels – Frequency
  21. Drumdriver – Chestnatty
  22. Taone & Datman – Nile Prophecy
  23. Dubtronix – Fantasy (GE Real Remix)
  24. DJ Rescue – Untitled (Side A)

Tim Reaper – BTTO Radio December 27th 2015 by Devnull / Blog To The Oldskool on Mixcloud