Mad Ragga Jon + Stetly – Fall Down on Me

September 24th, 2014 by Pete

A year ago I posted a nice track by DJ Massive called “Fall Down”, which people sometimes mistake for another tune with the same sample.. well,this is that other tune. The Mad Ragga Jon version here is the more well known of those two and, dare, I say, a bit better (though the DJ Massive one is also nice for sure). Using the same Tramaine acapella as featured in plenty of other tracks like Force & Evolution “Fall Down on Me”, Mad Ragga Jon + Stetly “Fall Down On Me” also throws in some hammering amens, big sub bass, Sinnamon acapella bits (“let the freak..”), and a few twists and turns including some extended eerie timestretched breaks reminding me a bit of early Metalheads (the artist not the label). It’s definitely not a quick “get in, do one thing, get out” type track, but flows between a number of different parts, with the last section being extra stripped-down, moody, and ahead of its time.

Regarding the artists behind it: Mad Ragga Jon is best known for running the Mad House label as well as his wicked early Boogie Times releases. Supposedly he had a falling out with Sub Base early on, which possibly lead to the formation of his label or at least it pulling away from the Boogie Times family (I’m pretty confident this is documented somewhere and not just rumors, though I can’t remember where I read it now). The other artist on this track (Stetly) I only know for his wicked EP on Dance Bass with the Beat Mash Crew. It’s a shame these guys didn’t release many more tunes after this – M.R.J. did have a remix on a DJ Nut Nut EP, as well as engineering another record or two. There’s also a really choice unreleased track called “Crazy Daydreams” which may or may not be by him. I forget the latest in the search, but I think someone had reached out to him and he denied writing it, but other artists still claimed it was by him? Either way, there’s also an unreleased remix of “Fall Down On Me” supposedly (anyone got it? feel free to send it my way :)). Aside from those though, this EP is an serious must-have – not a bargain bin tune by any stretch, but not that expensive either and still cheaper than some new releases coming out on vinyl. Get to grabbing if you don’t have it!

Mad Ragga Jon & Stetly – Fall Down On Me

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Blog to the Oldskool Radio today – oldskool House/Techno/Acid set

September 21st, 2014 by Pete

Blog to the Oldskool Radio is today on, 5pm EST/ 10pm UK / 11pm CET. Figuring I’ll play some classic house + techno since I haven’t done that in ages. Maybe I’ll mix in some 90-91 hardcore as well. If this stuff is your bag feel free to lock in live and jump in chat as I doubt I’ll be posting this set / keeping track of the tunes (most likely grabbing them off the wall behind my turntables on the fly). Any thoughts one way or another feel free to chime in, still could play some hardcore or jungle if a few people really want that, but seeing as I’ve done probably a hundred oldskool radio sets by now and there’s more people than ever playing this kinda stuff, might be fun to switch it up for a show

Bad Bone & Tyrel – I Wanna Sex U Up

September 20th, 2014 by Pete

I haven’t posted a tune in ages, so yesterday I walked over to my crates and pulled a record entirely at random. I didn’t really like that first record though, so I grabbed the record next to it, which was this one. Here’s one of the countless fast and naughty jungle re-licks cranked out on Jet Star from that several year period when that style was all the rage, this being a ragga jungle re-mix of the Color Me Badd cheddar chart-topper “I wanna sex you up”. The beats are pretty frantic and heavy in this tune, but also pretty much just straight loops throughout – nothing innovative or unique going on there. I could see how fans of more intelligent and forward-thinking stuff from back then might not be fans of quick remixes like this one, but 20 years on I think there’s room for all sorts of tracks (at least in my collection) – from the deepest choppiest tracks, through to fun and utterly pandering slowjam remixes like this :)

This release seemed to be hard to find for a few years, but I’ve been seeing quite a few copies pop up as of late – 3 as of writing this on discogs. I wouldn’t exactly advocate breaking the bank for it, but it’s a fun record to nab if you happen across a copy.

Bad Bone & Tyrel ‎– I Wanna Sex U Up

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Blog to the Oldskool Radio – September 7th 2014

September 13th, 2014 by Pete

Here’s the blog to the oldskool set from last Sunday on jungletrain. I know I seem to post more of these sets than tunes these days, but this is my favorite one I’ve recorded in a while. Chock full of personal fav tunes, including some well known tracks (the opening Peshay, Liftin Spirits etc) as well as plenty of nerdy obscurities, plus a few exclusives including a forthcoming 8205 Recordings track. Lots of great stuff, check it out and leave a comment if you like it!

Tim Reaper – Blog to the Oldskool Radio August 24th 2013

September 8th, 2014 by Pete

It’s been a while, but, finally, here’s Tim Reaper’s set from 2 weeks ago on Jungletrain…. absolutely wicked selection of tunes! As usual on the BTTO show, Tim dug for proper obscurities and lesser known gems rather than going for bigger tunes – lots of CD only tracks, b-sides which nearly eclipse the A-sides, and even an 8205 dub. This mix might just be more BTTO-related than my sets as of late :)

No tracklisting yet, waiting to see if Tim wants me to post it. In the meantime, check the mix, like/share it and maybe he’ll get back to me sooner about the tracklisting. I’ve also got the set from last night (Sept 7th) to post, will be doing that a bit later this week.

Renegade – Jump

September 3rd, 2014 by Pete

It’s funny how, being in the States, there’s a lot of cool and ridiculously cheap tracks I end up missing out on because 1. I can’t find them here 2. I don’t make it to the UK much and 3. the cost to ship them over from the UK massively dwarfs the record cost itself. Most of these are available in big quantities for next to nothing on sites like discogs/ebay, but it always feels like a bit of a waste spending 99p on a tune combined with 8-10 pounds to ship it over here. Of course, it’s just as silly to spend that amount on postage for a 5-10 pound tune, but for some reason it doesn’t FEEL as bad, so plenty of classy tunes end up slipping through the cracks for me. This is one of those tracks. Thankfully, I finally nabbed a copy here in the US a few weeks ago, and I’m glad I did: It’s a solid 94-95 EP by the same artists behind N-Zo + Invincible – “Ease Yourself”. This one sounds pretty similar beat-wise, but with more layers and effects to the drums (always a plus for me) plus a Lethal Weapon sample in lieu of a melody. Nothing incredibly shocking or out of the ordinary, but definitely a fun banging amen tune for mixing. At under 3 and a half minutes it’s definitely on the short side, but at least there’s no melody to risk clashing with whatever you’re mixing it with.

UK people: feel free to nab this on the cheap, and bask in the glory of being able to get these awesome records without having to have them shipped halfway around the world (or waiting the better part of a decade for a copy to show up for sale on your continent).

Renegade – Jump

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Unknown Artist – Atlas

August 24th, 2014 by Pete

Time for another obscurer-than-obscure jam, here’s a tune I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone else play? This one’s a bit interesting since it’s supposedly a US plate from 93, though it sounds more like something from the UK circa 91. There’s certainly no info on the release itself so I’m not sure where the location and year came from, but if they’re accurate then those facts probably precluded it from being used in any uk mixes (since tracks were much faster and different by then). On its own, it’s a nice tune which straddles the techno-breakbeat divide nicely. Since there’s absolutely no info on this release, I’d really like to know if anyone has info on who released it / where the label was located? Feel free to post a comment here! Until then, check this track and grab it if you like it (still pretty cheap / easy to find).

Unknown Artist – Atlas

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Trek – Ultime Frontière

August 17th, 2014 by Pete

Here’s a hidden gem from 1995, a vibey jungle track which only featured on two different jungle comps (one on vinyl, one CD). No idea where the original artist was from, but it was mixed + engineered by Matt aka Optical of Ed Rush + optical fame. Definitely worth picking up as the comp it’s featured on only goes for a pound or two and features a number of other wicked (albeit released) tracks.

Trek – Ultime Frontière

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Jungle|Techno Mix (Jungletrain Aug 4th set rerecorded)

August 16th, 2014 by Pete

Here’s a set featuring tunes pulled for last Sunday’s Jungletrain show. The plugin I use to record the show crashed on Sunday night – kind of lucky for me since I wasn’t that into how the show turned out (better in idea than execution). Rather than rerecord as-is or give up on it, I spent a while messing around with the tune selection, coming up with a reasonable track order, etc.. pretty happy with this result! Overall the mix is deep, weird and techno-y: lots of 92/93 hardcore mixed with pitched up 90’s techno tracks, jungle techno, etc.

54 tracks / 108 minutes, plenty of personal fav underappreciated tracks packed into a relatively tight space. Hope people enjoy, this is definitely one I’ll be listening back to a fair bit.

Underground Frequency – Melodic Meltdown

August 14th, 2014 by Pete

Here’s an underrated track which has always gone for quite cheap, possibly due to the artist and label behind it not being hugely known. the “Melodic Meltdown” EP is a great 93 plate by the gents behind Hypno-Genesis, and as such is sort of the follow-up to their more well known “Induction of a Hypnotic State EP”. Since it’s one year later, this EP a bit less anthemy/xtc-ish, a bit heavier on the breaks… though there’s still some more uplifting 92 melodies popping in alongside the slightly deeper stuff. This track in particular might be more one for mixing than listening, as it’s pretty stripped down and straightahead compared to a couple of the others, but it’s the one I consistently spin so figured it’s best to post: stuttered breaks on the intro dropping into a nice bass+breaks combo, which leads to a melodic breakdown with a memorable (“melting”) synth part. It definitely highlights where a lot of producers were by the 93 era, still coming off more hands in the air 92 stuff, but not fully moved into the full on dark sounds of later 93 / 94.

Undeground Frequency – Melodic Meltdown

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