Ruff Stuff – Ear Drum / Kunfu

November 20th, 2015

Been a while since I posted some rare tunes, so here’s something a little special – an (I think) unreleased dub I grabbed a while back and just posted on discogs and youtube. Both tunes are decent in my opinion, not top favorites but pretty good and with some nice elements for sure – solid 95-96 jungle stuff through and through. I’m pretty sure they’re unreleased, though feel free to correct me on that. Also, I’m guessing these are from 1995-1996, but again, happy to be corrected.

Guessing it’s the same Ruff Stuff as on Booby Trap Recordings? any info welcome! For now, enjoy the tunes:

BTTO Radio – November 15th 2015

November 18th, 2015

Here’s the sets from Sunday (forgot to record mine so it’s a rerecord, doh!). Bit of an odd show on two fronts. Tim prerecorded his set due to possibly having a conflict, managed to get home in time to play live instead, only to accidentally fall asleep due to exhaustion from Rupture & subsequent festivities. Oops! Because of this, I streamed Tim’s set, but for some reason the usual chat client wasn’t working so I had to use the web-based one. This ended up crashing 30 or 45 minutes into Tim’s set, but rit didn’t give any indication about this – I just assumed people weren’t very talkative this week :) Finally, with just 15-20 minutes left of my show, I realized the problem, got back in the chat and a number of people were in there wondering where I had been during the shows. So apologies for anyone that tried to jump in the chat and didn’t get a reply for our sets! Hopefully all these technicals will be sorted by next Sunday and we’ll be back to live shows with live chat etc.


  1. Roni Size – All The Crew (VIP) [Breakdown]
  2. Zero B – Lock Up (DJ Crystl Remix) [Counterforce]
  3. Unknown Artist – Untitled
  4. Hornchurch Hardcore – Volume 1 [Dark Age Recordings]
  5. Tekniq – The Voyager [Formation]
  6. 4Hero – Universal Love (Metalheads alternate remix) [Reinforced]
  7. The Joint – The Joint [Suburban Base]
  8. DJ Taktix – The Way (Shadow VIP Mix) [FFRR]
  9. Wicked Like We – ? [UK Black]
  10. Asend – Can’t Hold Back (Back 2 Basics Re-Touch) [Second Movement]
  11. G-Flex and the Bandit – Call of the Drum [SOUR]
  12. Layla – Gotta Find Love (Goldie Remix) [Inferno]
  13. Dubtronix – Time is Right [Renk]
  14. Hard Drive – Hold On
  15. Unknown Artist – Untitled [Vinyl Distribution]
  16. Dillinja – Perfect Match [Deadly Vinyl]
  17. DJ Scoobie – Wait 4 The Bass [Strictly Underground]
  18. Liftin Spirits – Giggle N Rush [Liftin Spirit]
  19. Danny Breaks – Step Off (Splash Remix) [Droppin Science]
  20. ??? – ???? [poss forthcoming 8205?]
  21. ??? – ???
  22. Dream Team – The Ride (DJ Harmony VIP)
  23. Tomorrow – Make it Alright [Ruff Element]

Devnull – BTTO Radio November 16th 2015 by Devnull / Blog To The Oldskool on Mixcloud


  1. Marvellous Cain – Killer [Breakdown]
  2. Dextrous – Subliminal Boogie [Pterodactyl]
  3. DJ Ron – New School Beats [VIP champagne Bash]
  4. Hardware – Nightstalker (VIP Mix) [Breakdown]
  5. M6 Crew – The Basher (VIP Mix) [Jumpin & Pumpin]
  6. Origination – Maracas Beach [Desert Storm]
  7. Sy Ense – The Elements [Species]
  8. Steve Gurley – Sensual Sacrifice [Mutant Sound System]
  9. Herb E – Light (Darwin Mix) [Quality Price]
  10. Dillinja – Baby Your [Breakdown]
  11. Sophisticated Bad Boyz – Feel the Music (DJ Phantasy Remix) [Breakdown]
  12. Kosh & ST Files – Soundtrack [Volume]
  13. Studio Pressure – Presha III (Ray Keith Dubplate Version) [FFRR]
  14. Garnett Silk & Chuckleberry – Talk [Desert Storm]
  15. Motherland & Hanson – Distant Drums [Jumpin & Pumpin]
  16. EZ Rollers – Spin Out [Volume]
  17. Foul Play – Chrysalis [10 Inch Press]
  18. Chaos & Julia Set – Use of Weapons Vol 1 (Unreleased Mix) [Rogue Trooper]
  19. System X – Mindgames (Cool Hand Flex Remix) [Definite]
  20. Carlito – Cascade [Moving Shadow]
  21. Roni Size & DJ Krust – Tribetoon [Mo Wax]
  22. Lee Cashin & Pooch – Vibe Out Remix [Avex Trax]
  23. Remarc – Virtua Cop (Jungle Mix) [Breakdown]
  24. Doc Scott – Tokyo Dawn [Good Looking]

Tim Reaper – BTTO Radio November 15th 2015 by Devnull / Blog To The Oldskool on Mixcloud

Blog to the Oldskool Radio Tonight

November 15th, 2015

BTTO Radio is back tonight (Sunday). There will be sets by both me and Tim, with his being a “compilation” special (tunes exclusive to compilations). I’ll probably do a little bit of that myself, coupled with random other nice jungle stuffs.
The show airs 5pm-7pm EST/ 10pm – midnight UK time on Chat available on – feel free to pop in and say hi, make track requests, etc!

Blog to the Oldskool Radio tonight

November 1st, 2015

BTTO Radio is back tonight (Sunday) – Tim’s DJ equipment is being repaired, so all 2 hours are by me tonight. Nothing different planned, maybe a bit of a “Halloween come-down” episode with a (not too dark) darkside to start, moving into 94-96 jungle stuff? Def a few special things to throw in the mix, also open to track suggests on the FB group or here!

As usual, the show airs 5pm-7pm EST/ 10pm – midnight UK Time on Chat available on – feel free to pop in and say hi, make track requests, etc.

Dev/Null & Tim Reaper – BTTO Radio October 18th Sets

October 22nd, 2015

Finally, the stream ripping software is back working, so here’s Tim and my sets from Sunday.
Fun stuff here! A hefty chunk of my favorite happy hardcore tunes, and some great darkside from Tim.

Pete’s Tracklisting

  1. Sunshine Productions – Above the Clouds [Just Another Label]
  2. EPS & Sir-Lecta – In 10 City [Highly Offensive]
  3. JDS – Classified [Not On Label]
  4. DJ Massive – Slammin’ [Hardcore Vinyl]
  5. Slipmatt – SMD1 A [SMD]
  6. DJ Kev – Vol1 A [Happy Trax]
  7. Red Alert & Mike Slammer – U are the one [Slammin Recordings]
  8. DJ Pooch – Vol 1 A [Cut and Run]
  9. Heartless – Lifted [Heartless]
  10. Shogun Assassin – Let the Music [Entity]
  11. Just Another Artist – Rhythm [Just Another Label]
  12. Urban Shakedown – Some Justice ‘95 (4 Beat Remix) [Dub]
  13. Ruffage – Paradise [Phase 4]
  14. DJ Demo & Harlequin – Serious Soundz [Corrosive Recordings]
  15. DJ Reckless – Freedom To Dance [Reckless Records]
  16. Jon Doe – On a Chill Tip [Not On Label]
  17. DJ H – Love Is [Prolific Heights]
  18. DJ Force & Evolutoin – Raining Smiles [Kniteforce]
  19. Unknown Artist – Ooh Alright [Burning Bush Communications]
  20. Dimension 5- Energizer [Prophet Records]
  21. Overdubb – Eruption [Impact]
  22. Remarc – Help Me [Dollar]
  23. Destruction – Rollin Stock [Urban Core]
  24. Ravers Choice – Keep Rushin [Ravers Choice]
  25. Higher Level – Makes Me Feel Good [Zodiac]
  26. Love Nation – Musical Foundations (Austin Remix) [Just Another Label]
  27. DJ Ham – Higher (DJ Force & Evolution Remix) [Just 4 U]
  28. DJ Ganja Brain – Sounds of Summer [Not On Label]
  29. Trixxy – Mentasmission [Blatant Beats]

Devnull – BTTO Radio October 18 2015 (happy hardcore) by Devnull / Blog To The Oldskool on Mixcloud

Tim’s Tracklisting:

  1. Dubtronix – Screwface (GE Real Remix) [Sub Assertive Sounds]
  2. Steve C & DJ Monita – Full Cry [Skeleton]
  3. Silver Fox – Unknown Assailant [Three Scars]
  4. Ed Rush & Nico – The Force Is Electric (Remix) [No U-Turn]
  5. Green Buddha – The Chamber [Kickin]
  6. DJ Junk – Vol. 7 (Side A2) [Junk]
  7. Pugwash & Probe – The Tomb Pt. 2 [i-d]
  8. DJ SS – New Breed Of Ravers [Formation]
  9. FBD Project – The Core (Neil Trix Remix) [Bang-In Tunes]
  10. Bounty Killaz – Lay Back [Creative Wax]
  11. Chaos & Julia Set – Atmosphere (Sub-Base Field Mix) [Recoil]
  12. Cybernetic Empire – Ozone Storm (Remix) [Paradise]
  13. Techno Bros – Dribbling Babies [Basement]
  14. DJ Trace – Definition Of Living (Amen Mix) [Dub]
  15. Peshay – On The Firm [Reinforced]
  16. Krome & Time – Virtual Reality [Suburban Base]
  17. Flex & Hype – Do Or Die [De Underground]
  18. The Invisible Man – The Beginning [Timeless]
  19. Wishdokta – Visitation [Aries Music]
  20. Andy C – Something New Pt. 2 [RAM]
  21. Skanna – Heaven [Skanna]
  22. DJ Fokus – Chill Out [Blueprint]
  23. Equinox – ??
  24. Mole The Dipper – Eye Of The Dinosaur (Remix) [Bear Necessities]
  25. Bizzy B – S.E.L.F [White House]
  26. Plasmic Life – Death Trip [Brain]

Tim Reaper – BTTO Radio October 18th 2015 (darkside) by Devnull / Blog To The Oldskool on Mixcloud

Fusion & Dexterous D – Arm of Orion

October 14th, 2015

Here’s a tune I know nothing about, but have played on the blog2 radio show a few times over the past couple years. It’s a nice amen track that sort of borders the line between dark and vibey. Not sure about the artist behind it, other than he might have been connected to Bizzy Brain (Brain Recs) camp since he did a record on there. Either way, it’s not a total bargain bin tune but comes along fairly cheap on occasion, so keep an eye out!

DJ Fusion & Dexterous D – Arm of Orion

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BTTO Radio October 4th Archived Stream

October 9th, 2015

Here’s last Sunday’s radio show, just in time for the weekend. Thanks to everyone who locked in live, it was a really fun show this time!

Tim and I flipped a coin to see who should go first, I picked “heads” so it ended up being me:

A video posted by Pete (@petedevnull) on

My stream ripping software broke (again) but luckily Mr Sensi was recording the sets, so thanks to him for providing this stream rip! (and Alan/Postman for pointing us to it)

Devnull & Tim Reaper – BTTO Radio October 4th 2015 by Devnull on Mixcloud

DJ Kev – Happy Trax Vol 2

October 6th, 2015

In preparation for Tim and I doing another darkside-meets-happy set (this time w/ me doing the happy stuff), here’s a happy favorite from quite early in the genre (93). I wish I could take credit for dredging this up myself, but I’m pretty sure it was in some Easygroove set or another, no doubt mixed with a german gabber track or ridiculous darkside tune. The elements here are simple but effective: an extremely loopy amen (no choppage here), a classic rave piano, that 28 gun bad boy fx sound, and a vocal snippet from Echo Minott – Murder Weapon (which received 2 volumes of its own jungle remixes on Jet Star), looped up in a catchy manner. That and MASSIVE bass which sort of helps you appreciate the skeletal nature of the tune (all the more room for that sub to break through). Another nice aspect of this tune is that the whole thing gets in and out quickly – the same few elements could have been tedious if this had been drawn out to, say, 6 and a half minutes, but at under 4 minutes it’s just long enough to mix properly but not long enough to get boring. A nice cheap fun bargain!

DJ Kev – Happy Trax Vol 2 B

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Blog to the Oldskool Radio Tonight (Sun Oct 4th)

October 4th, 2015

Blog to the Oldskool Radio is back tonight. You know the score:
Tim Reaper.
93-96 or thereabouts tuneage this week.
5pm EST/10pm UK
chat here

Hope to see some of you locked & in the chat!

Akustik Research – Original Silencer

September 28th, 2015

Continuing with the serious tuneage posts, here’s a favorite on the Vinyl Addiction label. Vinyl Addiction is one of those jungle record labels with just a handful of releases, but where every single one is worth tracking down and where each fetches a pretty high price. Certainly not bargain bin tunes here.

Of the two Vinyl Addiction releases I’ve managed to nab over the years (this and the Love Dove Jay), “Original Silencer” is my favorite. Listen to the clip below and you’ll see why – once the intro fades out and the main beats kick, we’re treated to a tearin’ amen and fx sound VERY reminiscent of classic Dillinja, well sequenced and sounding great. Due to this, and the fact the studio mentioned on the label was also mentioned on a Dillinja release, I’ve seen some people (hey Ryan!) put forth theories regarding Dillinja’s involvement on the record. This got brought up in BCJ and was replied to by the artist behind the tune himself, Steve Kielty aka Survival/Banaczech/S.C.A.R. (Metalheadz).

So there you have it. Great track regardless who produced what or supplied what samples, definitely fun to throw in the mix / worth tracking down on wax. Now if only I could find the DJ Bizz record… anyone selling??

Akustik Research – Original Silencer

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