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E.K.U.D.C.M. – Dub Plate Business 2

I did a pretty lengthy post a while back on MC Duke, who did some great early hiphop on Music Of Life plus some excellent jungle tracks. Here’s one of the EPs I didn’t post, Dubplate Business Part 2. The other tracks on this EP don’t stand out that much, but this first track has some choice choppy beats and mad synths. This is a track I could imagine hearing in a mix and immediately wanting an ID for.

E.KU.D.C.M. – She Dance

3 Replies to “E.K.U.D.C.M. – Dub Plate Business 2”

  1. You crazy?

    This is his strongest ‘dnb’ EP by far! “On Dope” is an awesome jungle record, one of the best!!! and how can you deny the deep rolling intelligence of “Kashif”??

    “Just Sekkle” is indeed a good ‘un, do love the split jungle-tekno / jungle vibes on that. And “Ouiji Board” – used to hear that on Kool FM back in Dec 1993 quite a bit.

    Think the EP’s a listener, mate. Take another look!

    NB. Probably the cut down version of the album that was originally planned for Hard Disk – ‘Mad Worries’

  2. I like that one track a LOT, other tracks are OK but just don’t stand out for me.

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