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XTRO – Toys

As mentioned in a previous comment, here’s an obscure Juice Box Records EP that I love, but which not many people have heard. This release was by David Campbell, who did tracks under countless aliases as well as engineering several Klute albums . “Toys” features a breakbeat track on side A (though it’s programmed in a more techno style), and 2 great almost proto-wonky techno tracks on the B side.

Just checked discogs and this seems to be going for pretty cheap, I remember paying a lot more for this EP when I finally tracked down a copy than this a few years ago… the tunes were well worth it though!

XTRO – Untitled (Side A)
XTRO – Untitled (Side B2)

6 Replies to “XTRO – Toys”

  1. Thanks for these m8 havnt heard either of em before..looking forward to the digital pressure track!also looking for a jungle track by paul z its called talking to god,was a pretty obscure track from 1994 only ever heard dj randall and slipmatt play it..let me know if there are any tunes on mp3 u are looking for,there’s a chance i may have it on my hard drive.cheers,daryl.

  2. sorry no idea about that other track, I prob won’t be very good at spotting/sourcing random tracks but I just so happened to have that Juice Box thing.

  3. wow craziness man! that second tune sounds like Akufen-style glitch house a decade before the fact…

    big up man like dev/null as always.

  4. trying not to post entire EPs in the hope that people will track them down on vinyl / hit up the original artists if they like them.

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