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Twinhead – Twinhead EP

Here’s a wicked EP I scored for 10p after digging an entire cutout bin basement… great record, too bad it took half a day to find along w/ 1-2 other nice bits in thousands and thousands and thousands of less exciting records. Most people prefer the “U Said U” track, which I already had on the original white label 2 tracker… the version on that EP samples Alyson Williams “Sleep Talk”, presumably without permission as those vocals were removed and replaced with session vocals for this Cue Records release. Unfortunately, the session recreation vocals pale in comparison to the originals(don’t they always?) and make that track a lot weaker on this release. Because of that, I’m instead posting “We Gonna Go”, a great track identical on both versions of the EP. “We Gonna Go” mixes perfectly with Jonny L “Hurt U So”, to the point that you can double drop them (piano hitting at the start of the second chorus of “hurt u so”) and let them play out 50/50 for the remainder of “hurt u so” with practically no cutting or mixing.

I believe Twinhead repressed this EP off the original plates in 2007 limited to 150, they were selling it on discogs for a while but it may be out of print again. Still, check there and see if it’s available, the original pressing seems to also go for cheap nowadays.

Twinhead – We Gonna Go

8 Replies to “Twinhead – Twinhead EP”

  1. first let me start by saying how awesome your site is!i to share a love for this music and have done for 15 years now and still cant get enough..u have posted some wicked tracks on here and i log in daily to see what the next treat is u have in store!as im not sure how else to contact u i have left this as a comment i think,anyway i am looking for a track by digital pressure..its called watch dis space and is from 1993,if u are lucky enough to own this track id be most grateful if u could post it on ur site as ive looked high and low for it and cant find it anywhere!if you know the track i mean im sure u will agree that it is an awesome tune and i think digital pressure is an alias for a guy called gerald?anyway no worries if u dont have it,i appreciate all the hard work u put in to run this site…keep up the good work!!thanks, daryl.

  2. thanks, I will defo post that track some time soon.. it was on my wantlist for a while and just grabbed a copy on the cheap along w/ a bunch of other stuff.

    In the meantime, I’ll try to post another Juice Box obscurity before that, probably in a few days.

  3. Hello mate, I agree a great track from back in the day this one, I used to have an original pressing of this but it got lost somewhere along the line.
    Your site is great, I am loving some of the old tracks you have posted here.
    I host and oldskool radio show on on Thursdays 10pm GMT

    wont be back on for a couple of weeks as I have ISP problems at the moment.
    here’s a link to have a listen to some of my previous shows/mixes

    feel free to post any of them on your site.

    I have request if you have it I’ve been looking for

    the track is Some harmony (Hardmix) by Suspicious minds on J4M records.

    please post this up if you have it. I would be most grateful

    cheers mate keep up the Excellent work

    Dj Scottie B

  4. i have the suspicious mind track on mp3 mate if its any use to ya?if u want it let me know were i can post it and ill send the link.daryl.

  5. daryl can you upload the track to mediafire, it’s free, then send me the link, cheers mate

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