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BTTO Radio Sets August 7th 2016

BTTO Radio is back tomorrow, August 21st at 5pm EST / 10pm UK on Both Tim and I are playing stuff more on the darkside of things. In the meantime, here’s the sets from the last show. I really dug Tim’s set and it’s got a fair bit of play (from me and others). I also really dug my own set (which is a bit unusual), it hasn’t got a big response but it’s nice to play back a set of my own and have few if any cringe moments 🙂 Hope I can keep that momentum going with tomorrow night’s sets!

By the way, I might live stream the second hour of the Jungletrain show tomorrow, so if you’re going to be around and want to see awful footage of my turntables with records being put on them and cued up over and over, check out the Blog to the Oldskool Facebook Page which I’ll be streaming from.


  1. Phyzix & Tricks – Meridan [Not on Label]
  2. Concept 2 – Lifeline [Liftin’ Spirit]
  3. Richie Covers – Jungle Rush 94 [Blue Ocean]
  4. Melodious – Bongo [Syrous]
  5. Dennis Brown – Jungle Deb [Ghetto Rock Records]
  6. Tom & Jerry – Maximum Style [Tom & Jerry]
  7. Jones Girls – Getting on With Jungle (Mix 3) [Jet Star]
  8. Kemet – Learning From My Brother [Kemet]
  9. Smokey Joe – Echo Chamber [No Smoking]
  10. DJ SS – Tribal Gathering [Formation]
  11. Jonny L – Tychonic Cycle [XL]
  12. Suburban Knights – State of Art [Intelligent Music Company]
  13. Unknown Artist – Champion
  14. Just Jungle – Rolling Gats [Trouble On Vinyl]
  15. Ellis Dee & Tera – Can’t Believe It’s Real [Silent Justice]
  16. Electronic Experienced – More IQ [Basement]
  17. Sub Zero – Hardcore Shit [Starseed Communications]
  18. Darkman – Escape from the Planet of the Zombie Droids [Sapho]
  19. R-Type – Love Is Blind [Hyper]
  20. Unknown Artist – Message From Jah
  21. Skool of Hard Knocks – Bommer [Sonic Recordings]
  22. Funky T – Drive the Bass [Saigon]
  23. Skool of Hard Knocks – What U Got [Area 51 Recordings]
  24. Marvellous Caine – Hitman [IQ]
  25. 😉


  1. Jacob’s Optical Stairway – Harsh Realities [Reinforced]
  2. Trax & Brown – Battle Of The Soul Drums (Trax Mix) [Moving Shadow]
  3. DJ Crystl – Untitled (Live EP) [Lucky Spin]
  4. Code Of Practice – Infiltrate [Certificate 18]
  5. G-Force, Ils & Juice – Give Me More [Mistermen]
  6. DJ Mowgly – Take A Pull Upon Me Spliff… [Digital Hardcore]
  7. DJ Matt & Dr P – Legend [King Of The Jungle]
  8. DJ Pulse – Warning [Creative Wax]
  9. Innervisions – Southern Comfort [Basement]
  10. Peshay & Roger Johnson – In My Soul [2000 AD]
  11. Sonar’s Ghost – ??
  12. DJ Gunshot – Black Magic [No U-Turn]
  13. Skanna – The Greatest Thing [Skanna]
  14. Digital – Niagra [Metalheadz]
  15. Adam F & Slipmaster J – Sea Of Destiny (Remix) [Higher Limits]
  16. Dem 2 Ruff – Nice Tune [Not On Label]
  17. DJ Fallout – Major Respect [Bitch]
  18. Boogie Times Tribe – My Soul (Roni Size & Krust Remix) [Suburban Base]
  19. DJ Spinback – In Effect (Remix) [Legend]
  20. Tim Reaper – Ecospheres
  21. Bass Influence – All Massive [Impact]
  22. Universal Love – Killer Whale [Strictly Hardcore]
  23. Souljah – Fade 2 Black [Hardleaders]
  24. DJ Ham & Poosie – Thinkin About U [Kniteforce]

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