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Another Dimension – Twilight Zone (Key of Imagination Mix)

Here’s a long time favorite which still seems to be going for reasonably cheap, though the original is a bit harder to find. Strange since I definitely like the original, but this remix wins for me, no doubt about it. Nothing too crazy going on here element-wise. As you’d expect, you get the twilight zone theme music. Honestly, any other theme song might make this a bit of a novelty track, however this one obviously lends itself perfectly to a non-corny track due to the atonal nature of the synth just looping over and over while layers upon layers of classic BBK amens bang away in the background, flanging a bit at times. Eventually a nice pad breakdown hits with a bit of techno synth (sounds a bit like the “Surkit” synth, as used in Return to Atlantis?). Then back to business with the Twilight Zone synth + serious amens. Definitely one to grab, whether it be vinyl, digital or both.
Edit – Ooops, right before publishing this, I gooogled it and fnd Bay B Kane is selling it himself on some sites… best to buy it from him and check from the clip below!!

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