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BTTO Radio – May 15th 2016

Here’s the sets from Sunday night… despite little planning and no central theme, I think these went quite well! One of my better sets in a while, minus the terrible micwork (dropping the mic loudly and obnoxiously joking with chatroom regulars on the mic… I cut out a bit of that from this upload). Tim’s set was really excellent, started at a slower BPM and picked up tempo nicely. I had a couple friends over hanging out listening to his set, and we kept being interrupted by a crazy tune coming on and either them or me wanting to know WTF it was….

Speaking of which, at Tim’s suggestion (sure, blame it on him…also because I couldn’t remember a few of mine!) no tracklists this time. Lots of nice surprises though, maybe a forthcoming 8205 bit in there somewhere 😉

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