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Capone – Massive

Here’s an alltime jungle anthem by some dude named DILLINJA… maybe you’ve heard of him??? I lost this record sometime while I was in college but managed to rebuy it a few years later. It’s the first release for Hardleaders and I can’t imagine a stronger start for a label. All the sample elements are totally standard for 95: amen + think break + time stretched ragga vocal. Instead, it’s the sequencing that makes it completely epic and an absolutely essential record. It’s since been repressed so it should be easy to find… so go grab a copy!

Capone – Massive . –  removed as now for sale on digital websites

4 Replies to “Capone – Massive”

  1. this tune is completely bad. have rinsed many times, as has everyone else 😀

    all about chopping the shit out of it live in ableton. or playing it at 138.

  2. also its all about watching a crowd of jungalists all freezing between the third and fourth beats all in time with each other without realising. so funny.

  3. Wow bin a fan of this site for years now and only just notice you have my all time fave vinyl I own posted up! I love blendin on the wheels of steel with this one the breaks are imence! Makes meel ave goosebumps everytime I play it! Big up the oldskool playaz 😀

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