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2 UK Festivals w/ oldskool acts coming up

For people in the UK, here’s a couple festivals you probably already know about… but just as a reminder:

Bloc Weekender has Dynamix II (!!!), Egyptian Lover(!), Altern-8, 2 Bad Mice & Bizzy B

Bangface has LORY D (!!!!!!!), Renegade Soundwave, Congo Natty, Altern-8, Bizzy B, probably a few more people I forgot.

I don’t have an image for the bangface weekender one, so here is the BANGFACE WEEKENDER 2009 LINEUP. I went to the 2008 Weekender and it was a great time, well worth the UK trip.

Really disappointed I’m not going to either of these, I couldn’t sort out the chalet situation at either. The few people I know going to them are either playing or guestlisters, and all chalets are pretty much sold out. Ah well, someone check them out and let me know how the acts mentioned above are.

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