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Zeno Zip – Mind Games

Here’s a cool 92 one-shot release by a one-shot artist. Nothing too mad, just nice hooky samples bordering on novelty but still within reason for me, plus good changeups and solid production for a 92 one-off EP. If I remember right, this was on my wantlist for quite a few years, nowadays it seems a lot cheaper than it used to be but it’s still not a bargain bin track. I guess more people are seeking out the rarest stuff and the more atmospheric jungle style tunes, so some 92 whitelabel type releases like this get overlooked. Shame since both sides are belters – the flip has a catchy hiphop sample and some fun programming, but this is the one for me. Aside from standard hardcore stabs and breaks, you get vocals from Ecstasy – “Don’t Play Me”, and of course the cheddar vocals from Ultravox – “Hymn”. No idea on the artist behind it, anyone got some info? Regardless, a good solid 92 obscurity to keep an eye out for.

Zeno Zip – Mind Games

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