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Akustik Research – Original Silencer

Continuing with the serious tuneage posts, here’s a favorite on the Vinyl Addiction label. Vinyl Addiction is one of those jungle record labels with just a handful of releases, but where every single one is worth tracking down and where each fetches a pretty high price. Certainly not bargain bin tunes here.

Of the two Vinyl Addiction releases I’ve managed to nab over the years (this and the Love Dove Jay), “Original Silencer” is my favorite. Listen to the clip below and you’ll see why – once the intro fades out and the main beats kick, we’re treated to a tearin’ amen and fx sound VERY reminiscent of classic Dillinja, well sequenced and sounding great. Due to this, and the fact the studio mentioned on the label was also mentioned on a Dillinja release, I’ve seen some people (hey Ryan!) put forth theories regarding Dillinja’s involvement on the record. This got brought up in BCJ and was replied to by the artist behind the tune himself, Steve Kielty aka Survival/Banaczech/S.C.A.R. (Metalheadz).

So there you have it. Great track regardless who produced what or supplied what samples, definitely fun to throw in the mix / worth tracking down on wax. Now if only I could find the DJ Bizz record… anyone selling??

Akustik Research – Original Silencer

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  1. Hello buddy!
    Thank you very much for adding this great music. The blog is amazing. Congratulations!
    Can you upload more songs from the Vinyl Addiction label?
    All the best from Spain.

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