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Sniper – Face

This is a nice tune I’ve kept off the blog since I figured I’d eventually chuck it in a mix… may still put it in my next (non jungletrain) mix, but figure it’s a nice one to share since it’s cheap, underplayed AND absolutely lovely. Spotlight was an awesome label (sublabel of Basement) which put out a variety of good EPs by some lesser known but great artists. Releases like the Bassline Tune, which I already posted, an EP by Spatts of Criminal Minds, etc. In this case, the artist name might be unfamiliar, but the artists behind it aren’t: Roger Johnson, someone who didn’t produce too many tunes (mainly stuff on Basement and assorted labels) but who was a VERY influential and popular DJ in that era, alongside Scott-Free, of “Street Fighting” EP on Basement / The White Lightning EP (done alongside Ron Wells), etc. This is a B-side gem for sure – the beats aren’t too crazy, pretty steppy and subdued, in a proto-post-97 style almost. But the melody is great, as are the vocals which I hope sound a bit familiar if you check this site often.

Sniper – Face

As I said, this one is easy to pick up cheap second-hand. While you’re at it, check out The BASEMENT RECORDS online store for some fresh merch and reissues/releases. I’ve spent quite a bit with them past few months, dunno if I can keep it up but the merch I’ve gotten so far is excellent and of good quality (that hooded sweatshirt w/ the red inner lining is extra nice!!)

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