[8205-001] Mixrace - Dirty Amen / Express Yourself

8205-001 features two tracks produced between 1993 and 1994 by the production duo of Dev Pandya (Paradox) and Dave Davies (DJ Trax). In a scene where artists and sonic fads come and go at a breakneck pace, Dev and Dave have been two constants for over 20 years now. Both artists have continually pushed their own personal take on jungle/dnb, building a solid foundational sound which gets to the core of what matters in this music: quite literally, drums (breakbeats) and bass.

These two tunes, written following the Mixrace Moving Shadow EPs but before Dave & Dev's "Brown and Dangerman" releases, showcase some of the critical elements that make this sound theirs: choppy breakwork, deep punchy bass, and serious, serious, vibes. “Dirty Amen” is the deeper of the two, with a sombre female vocal dropping into classic 93 style amens. On the flip, “Express Yourself Rmx” ups the ante, combining diva vocals with hard hitting stuttered breakbeats.

Released: May 19th, 2014
Mastering: Macc / SC Mastering
Pressing Size 200 copies
Availability SOLD OUT

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