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New (Old) Release Roundup

OK, this has been long in the making, been slack about writing about new releases since it’s usually not my thing but, due to delays w/ the next 8205 release(s) getting sorted, at the very least I should give props to some of the other great labels putting out stuff.

First up is a new Invisible Man Release – The Journey. This is a wicked tune which I’ve played once or twice on b2os radio, which is finally seeing the light of day on wax alongside another released-but-hard-tof ind track of his.

Speaking of 7th Storey, here’s a nice EP of “New Oldskool” which I’ve got a track on…. don’t mind that though, it’s actually a damn good record!! Great tunes by FX, Fringe and Breakbeat Scientist, it’s one I’m confident I’d be excited about even if my track wasn’t on here.

In the “so good I’m practically angry I didn’t find these tunes first” category, here’s an absurdly good EP by Green Bay Wax, featuring 4 unreleased Darkman tunes from 95. Really really sick tracks on this, Kid Lib really hit a gold mine being in touch w/ this guy. It’s kind of crazy to think there are still tracks like this sitting around on DAT (Any producers reading this from back then, do get in touch if you have any stuff like this as I’m still trying to sort next 8205 releases!)

Next up, a track by Sy which is a lost classy Basement-esque jam. I’ve played it a few times but sad to admit, all I had was an old mp3 of it from some digi site years ago. Here it’s been remastered with a track by the label owner Jedi on the flip.

Though these tunes are new, this Hungry Tiger remixes EP contains some excellent jams including a remix by this sites own Tim Reaper. One to grab for sure!! (I’m buying my copy today)

Likewise, gotta give a shout to my jungletrain schedule neighbor, Code / Subtle Audio for this release on his sublabel BUSTLE BEATS. Ace modern subvert central style DNB stuff, reminds me a bit of Mendalayev. Basically any dnb track that has #choppage and #edits as tags is probably going to be up my alley, and this is no exception.

Two more jungletrain compatriots, MartianMan and Double O feature on this EP, still waiting to nab a copy but really heavy stuff:

I’d also post the Equinox release on that label which absolutey killed it, but that’s sold out as far as I can tell – prices already rising on Discogs!! Might want to nab before it gets too much.

Here’s a release I think went under most people’s Radar, not sure how I even remember how I found it… a hitherto unreleased album from Loggi (SOUR, Emotif), written back in 95 when major labels had dollar signs in their eyes for this “jungle” stuff, which never saw the light of day until now. There’s a couple of more percussive less melodic tunes on this which sound really good, definitely planning to play a track next show:

Arguably the best jungle album of all time in my view, (I’m sure some will disagree but you’re wrong) T Power’s “Self Evident Truth” is getting a digital remaster/ digital release. No plans for vinyl but T Power has mentioned how much better it sounds now, and this is a guy who knows his engineering so it’s definitely worth picking up. Still on preorder only, but it’s “name your own price” starting at $1. Don’t cheap out though – even though it’s digital, if you’re like me you’ve already gotten more more than $10-20 worth of plays out of this album over the years, so here’s a chance to kick a little something back to the producer!

Well, that’s not everything, but I think that’s quite a few of them? If anyone is seeing this and angry i haven’t included their release, please keep in mind this is being done completely off the top of my head, so let me know what I’ve missed and maybe I’ll feature more at a future date. There’s also some wicked stuff coming soon from the Hard Store both digital and vinyl wise, can’t seem to find links for it yet but another one of my favorite jungle albums is about to get a repress…. more word on that soon!

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