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DJ Massive – Final Conflict

I’ve posted plenty of stuff by DJ Massive before, both the DJ Massive C one (aka Alan from Elementz of Noize) and Roy Lasprilla. Not 100% sure which one did this. UPDATE: Roy Lasprilla has confirmed he did it. Either way, this is another quality EP under that name, this time in a 1995 ragga jungle style and on Conqueror (best known for their Lemon D and Dillinja releases). There’s nothing shocking in play here, just a wicked steppy intro (great for mixing) coupled with ragga vocals, dropping into a well engineered amen and weighty bass. The production is a bit harsh for a 95 tune, sounds a bit more 94 than 95 to me…. but since I love both 94 and 95, that’s definitely not a bad thing. Not as cheap as other stuff posted here but still more of a moderate priced tune these days than some 80 pound Jet Star or Slam! release. Definitely worth checking out, as are the rest of the “Dance Hall Massive” EPs

DJ Massive – Final Conflict

(removed as for sale on another site now)

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