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Ha Rei Ha – Jungle Melody (Jungle Mix)

I’ve been on a bit of a bhangra jungle kick lately, though more the concept than the implementation – a lot of the tracks I’ve heard so far are pretty lacking in the jungle execution. That Indian Posie tune by Lloydie Crucial is great though, and I like this one a fair bit (which I’ve uploaded to youtube, though it’s set to unlisted for now so only people who check this blog get to see it). Here the MC’ing could be a bit better (or omitted altogether), but the breaks and music are all solid. It kind of just fades out the end, but that’s OK. Aside from this tune, there’s at least one other decent jungle track on this (an amen tune), though again the MC’ing isn’t my favorite. Still, kind of interesting record, and I’m literally the only person with it in my “haves” on discogs right now, so that must count for something, right?? (to me it does, not to anyone else).


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  1. typical ’95 styley on the drums and bass but yeah when I read bhangra I was expecting something a little more energetic and also a sitar? haha big up blog to the oldskool

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