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Concrete Junglist – Indian Posie Pan De Map

Here’s what will probably be a favorite of the x-mas/boxing day posts. This tune is taken from the B side of a rare and pricey ragga jungle EP, “Lick Him Inna Him Head”, which I found in a bargain bin for a buck or two some time ago. The A side is more of a traditional 94/95 dance floor slammer, definitely cool and nice for spinning. In contrast, this track has those elements but also throws in some tabla samples and what sounds like an attempt at indian percussion/melody. Lloydie Crucial did a number of massive jungle tunes, going back to this “Cow” sample one one I posted from 91 through to “Ribbon in the Sky”, surely one of the most recognizable small-label jungle classics out there.

Enjoy this tune and have a good post-xmas / boxing day!

Concrete Junglist – Indian Posie Pan De Map

4 Replies to “Concrete Junglist – Indian Posie Pan De Map”

  1. The same vocal as ‘the new style’, but I dont hink it was sampled from that as there’s a big chunk of the ‘bam bam’ riddim underneath.

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