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Warlock – Classic Mixes

Warlock (Rag & Bone, ex Kickin Records staff if I remember right?) hit me up recently about a bunch of classic mixes he posted on soundcloud. Finally got around to checking a few and they are sick! Definitely worth a listen, plan on soundtracking my work commute with these for the next week or so.

All 8 mixes can be downloaded together in one giant ZIP here:

3 Replies to “Warlock – Classic Mixes”

  1. Oh hell yeah Pete! Just started listening to June 1991 side A starts off with Altern 8- Infiltrate 202 so I’m hooked in…

  2. Thanks for sharing this! Top DJ.
    I used to listen to Warlock, along with Skie, Transit and Jinx etc on PULSE FM! I have an old Warlock tape somewhere, lots of good stuff well mixed like Nebula2, Rufige, HiFi Power, Funky Junky and The Light Ep.
    Will put on my Soundcloud at some point.

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