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Blog to the Oldskool Radio – May 3 2015

Thanks to everyone who locked in on Sunday. Here’s a hasty rerecord of the set done right before I refiled the records… I didn’t want to put the original up because I was blabbering on the mic a lot, giving shouts and IDs for all the unknown tracks. Per feedback gathered on customer response forms, tried to go a bit deeper into nerdier obscurities this week, but there’s plenty of big favorites like that starting D+R tune, Tom + Jerry, Mind Games, Stay Calm remix, etc. Hope people enjoy it!


Dom And Roland – The Bells
Ice One – Jungle Groove
Fugitive – Mind Games
DJ Hype – Doomed to Fail
Candyman – You Are the One
Rev P – Rhythm Process
? – ?
Mad Bones Vol 5 Feat TDK – Doping
Original Vibes + Hellrazor – Future Beats II
Flex – Rude Boy
Unknown Artist – Untitled (Whitelabel)
Wriggler – Untitled (Whitelabel)
Unknown Artist – Shelter (Lucky Spin STU-16)
Smokey Joe – Shining (Original PLB Mix)
Missing – A Stitch in Time
Unknown Artist – Specialists EP
Project One – Silly Games
Dr Know – Make Me Feel
2 On a Tip – Madd
Formula 7 – Montzuma
Ellis Dee & Swan-E – Untitled 10”
? – ? (sorry gotta wait to grab a better condition copy of this since mine is battered and it almost never shows up for sale).
DJ Gunshot – Black Magic
Centurions – She’s Dead Now
DJ Pulse – Stay Calm (Bouty Killaz Remix)
? – Don’t Cry
? – ?
The Locator – Day By Day
? – ? (id needed on this)
Tom + Jerry – On & On
Zone 6 – Eternal
DJ Redoo – Crusher
Big Bud – Faceless
Rhythm For Reasons – The Love Statement
Swift + Zinc – Refuze
? – ?

Here’s the mixcloud version for those who prefer that site:

Blog to the Oldskool Radio – May 3rd, 2015 by Devnull on Mixcloud

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