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Blog to the Oldskool Radio Archives on Mixcloud

I Finally went back and uploaded all previous BTTO radio shows to Mixcloud, for those who prefer that site to Soundcloud. Feel free to check them via the link on the right, or umm I guess the link in the previous sentence. As an added bonus, many of these have been tracklisted in-line and had start/end points set for tunes, so you can tell exactly what tune is playing when. If you find any which don’t have that which you want to really know, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll go back and try to do them.

2 Replies to “Blog to the Oldskool Radio Archives on Mixcloud”

  1. Thanks a million for posting the archives! My commutes will never be boring again.

    A word on the blog design – it’s really hard to find the “Mixcloud” link in this post because hyperlinks aren’t underlined. Are you able to either change the blog template or at least put clickable hyperlinks on a separate line for your readers’ conevnience?

  2. sure, I can change that will do over the next few days when I Get a chance to look through the CSS. I’m not good at that stuff so I still haven’t given the site the revamp it needs, any wordpress geniuses who want to hook me up w/ a more modern design (still using an old wordpress theme from, like, 1974 or something) pls get in touch!

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