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Tag: mixes

Warlock – Classic Mixes

Warlock (Rag & Bone, ex Kickin Records staff if I remember right?) hit me up recently about a bunch of classic mixes he posted on soundcloud. Finally got around to checking a few and they are sick! Definitely worth a listen, plan on soundtracking my work commute with these for the next week or so.

Thumbzo – Jack It

I really try not to post much “new” stuff but I think this warrants sharing. Thumbzo has been kind of an “unsung hero” for online hc/jungle for a long while now – doing great mixes of 92-96 style stuff (plus some house/techno sets) with really nice, solid, listenable selections. Nothing obscure-for-the-sake-of-obscure, nothing anthem bashy, just…

DJ Exodus 95 Hart FM Mix on Hardscore

DJ Extreme recently posted this great mix by DJ Exodus from Hart FM. The tracklisting is wicked – lots of slightly lesser known tunes alongside some huge classics, including my personal faovrite, Trace’s part 2nd remix of “Babylon”. 01 Barrington Levy ‎– Here I Come (Jungle) – Greensleeves (x2) 02 Jonny L – I Won’t…