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EX+HP Testpress

Just a quick release update: I checked with the plant, and The Exodus & Head Pressure “Dreadkiller” testpress should be arriving for my and Seventh Storey Project’s approval sometime over the next couple weeks… as everyone knows, MPO is heavily backed up but I haven’t heard anything specific about delays to our order yet (fingers crossed!!). In the meantime, today is the last day to preorder The Dreadkiller EP and still be entered to win one of two test presses we’re giving away. A few people have hit me up regarding black vinyl copies of the record – these test presses will be the only black vinyl copies, so if you wanted one of those you might as well preorder to give yourself a chance of getting one. PREORDER HERE.

2 Replies to “EX+HP Testpress”

  1. Once the vinyl has sold out on all your releases wouldn’t it be in your interest to release the ep’s on digital download. That way you would help oldskool enthusiasts who dont have access to decks etc and you would be making more money.
    I tried vinyl, couldn’t get on with it so went back to cd’s and legally downloaded wavs, mp3s

  2. Yeah not out of the question with this release, planning on discussing with the artists. Vinyl is first and foremost but def not against digital by anymeans, just not where I’m putting the focus right now

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