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Dance Floor Justice – Hip Hop Hardcore EP

Bought this on a whim based on the nice logo / the fact that a lot of B-Boy hardcore is really wicked (Criminal Minds, Sonz of a Loop Da Loop, etc). It might not stand up to those acts, but this definitely a nice release. The B side features a decent piano remix by Terrorize (of “Just a Feeling” fame).

Dance Floor Justice – Ain’t Nuttin To It

9 Replies to “Dance Floor Justice – Hip Hop Hardcore EP”

  1. I picked up this record when it first came out. The guys who wrote it used to work at Fulcrum in Huddersfield. Nice guys and it was a wicked record store too!

  2. Nice this is definitely a gem.. Was just listening to some old hiphop and found the main vox from this, they’re from k9 posse “ain’t nothin to it”

  3. This is a bad tune! I used to have this unfortunately a lot of my records were stolen a few years back and this was among them, please post the other tracks from this EP


  4. Long nights in a home studio for this one… thanks for digging up… it’s been a while since i’ve listen to it..

    aka Lyrical J

  5. yeah man good times!! i still got the DAT!! lol

    i was the one who worked at fulcrum btw.

    thanks for the props.

    ed (dj scratch)

  6. Thanks for leaving a comment guys, great EP and I’ve been spinning it quite a bit since posting this. Did you release anything else back then, or end up doing any other tracks back then that never got released? Hard to believe this is a one off as the production and sequencing are rock solid.

  7. Yes Pete we made a few other tracks, jungle/dnb but they never got released. hip hop hardcore was the only 12 we brought out.

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