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Ajax Project – Mach III EP

Getting back to what I said about posting more non-UK tracks on here since a lot of them may have been overlooked, here’s the first Icelandic Hardcore record ever. The first track (“Rufige”) is the most well known. it was made in collaboration w/ Goldie when he visited Iceland. Good variety and tons of samples, albeit one pretty dodgey one (you’ll know what I’m talking about when you listen to it). The second track is also nice, relentless beats and heavy synths.

Ajax Project Ft Goldie – Rufige
Ajax Project – 4 Windows

2 Replies to “Ajax Project – Mach III EP”

  1. well at least they didn’t sample the chorus of that song. did you know that ish was produced by Quincy Jones? craziness. also the first Icelandic hardcore record was probably the only Icelandic hardcore record I imagine.

    anyway prefer the 2nd track myself, ruffer & faster. as ever, thanks.

  2. one of my fav hardcore records ever! both those traks are killers on the dancefloor, they rocked me then and thay stiil rock now!

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