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Bad Bone & Tyrel – I Wanna Sex U Up

I haven’t posted a tune in ages, so yesterday I walked over to my crates and pulled a record entirely at random. I didn’t really like that first record though, so I grabbed the record next to it, which was this one. Here’s one of the countless fast and naughty jungle re-licks cranked out on Jet Star from that several year period when that style was all the rage, this being a ragga jungle re-mix of the Color Me Badd cheddar chart-topper “I wanna sex you up”. The beats are pretty frantic and heavy in this tune, but also pretty much just straight loops throughout – nothing innovative or unique going on there. I could see how fans of more intelligent and forward-thinking stuff from back then might not be fans of quick remixes like this one, but 20 years on I think there’s room for all sorts of tracks (at least in my collection) – from the deepest choppiest tracks, through to fun and utterly pandering slowjam remixes like this 🙂

This release seemed to be hard to find for a few years, but I’ve been seeing quite a few copies pop up as of late – 3 as of writing this on discogs. I wouldn’t exactly advocate breaking the bank for it, but it’s a fun record to nab if you happen across a copy.

Bad Bone & Tyrel ‎– I Wanna Sex U Up (mix 1)

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